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By Geoff Metcalf

October 13, 2003

The erosion of our constitutional republic has been a function of liberal socialist incrementalism. You can actually graph the attrition of constitutional principles. The move towards a Hamiltonian hybrid of socialism has not and could not be an 'event'. It has been (and continues to be) a 'process'.

Some people think our socialist path began with FDR. I used to think that the fork in the road was 1913 and the Wilson administration. Then I came to believe it really started with the Lincoln administration around 1863. But the reality is the process began almost with the birth of the nation. Some of the more famous incremental usurpations include the Alien And Sedition Acts of 1790, the Smith Act of 1940 and the McCarran Act of 1950, and for sure, the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran two outstanding pieces which although not related, synthesis a stark reality. Daniel Henniger's "To Find the Center, Turn Right" ninger/?id=110004146 and Johnathon V. Last's "War? What War?" 110004144

Mr. Henniger suggests the California Recall results and "Schwarzenegger's election signals a seismic political shift." He makes some wonderful observations but whereas he says, "As of Tuesday's reordering in California, I think the definition of political "moderate" has shifted seismically to the right." I think he is half wrong.

Perception is reality, in politics and most everything else. The perception of political terms like "moderate", "liberal", and "conservative" have been codified and managed by a mainstream media and popular culture mavens. However, the perception was not (and is not) the reality.

Despite the best/worst efforts of the Jennings/Brokaw/Rather cabal as enablers for the New York Times/Washington Post/L.A. Times sycophants; America has eschewed the conventional wisdom propaganda for some time. The mainstream may NOW just be getting the memo.

Henniger noted, "Back in Washington, where nothing much ever changes, pundits still cite Nelson Rockefeller (a name with no meaning to most voters now) as the quintessential Republican "moderate."" Hell, Louisiana is about to elect a dark skinned Rhodes scholar whose parents were born in India. Go figure�. He was born the year I went on active duty (1971).

Despite the Davis/Clinton mantra of the Recall being a tool of the nefarious "vast right wing conspiracy", 26% of blacks and 41% of Hispanics voted republican in California. Women voted 57% for the republicans. Right-wing conspiracy? Not Even!

The California results were not a statistical anomaly but further evidence of a trend that probably was first evidenced with Rudy Giuliani in 1993. Revisit the Red and Blue map of the 2000 presidential election and look at the county-by-county graphic representation of the country. THAT is reality. America IS more "moderate" than either the liberal democrat extreme OR the conservative republican extreme. THAT is the reality of governor-elect Schwarzenegger.

The Johnathon V. Last piece was about why Hollyweird ignores War as a topic for exploitation. He attributes three reasons: Political Correctness; Global business dynamics; and Politics. But I think he buried the lead. POLITICS is the primary visceral determinant to why the Hollywood elite doesn't embrace War on Terrorism films.

They could and would contribute to our national security goals and still make money. However, the prospect of in anyway contributing to national success is so overshadowed by the deep-seated, unbridled antipathy for the administration they cling to their counter intuitive fear and loathing.

Mr. Last quoted a Hollywood type who said, "Hatred of Bush is a big factor�It's his (Bush's) war, not their war, and none of them wants to be seen as toadying to the president."

I have often observed that some people just don't want to be confused with facts that contradict their preconceived opinions or prejudices.

Brigades of single issue true believers (gun control/gun rights, pro-choice/pro-life, big government/small government, et al) get so wrapped around axles of dogma they become incapable of compromise.

The American Media elite flat out refuses to acknowledge and accept the abundance of empirical evidence thrown in their face.

America is the classic dialectic. We are not Thesis. We are not Antithesis. We are, have been, and will be a Synthesis, which is uniquely American.

Governor-elect Schwarzenegger will not please the left OR the right. However, if he proves true to his commitment, he will please and serve the vast majority of "moderate" reasonable constituents. And we could all be better for it.

� 2003 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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"Governor-elect Schwarzenegger will not please the left OR the right. However, if he proves true to his commitment, he will please and serve the vast majority of "moderate" reasonable constituents. And we could all be better for it."