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By Geoff Metcalf
December 12, 2009

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him.
The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.
--Will Rogers

Sen. Harry Reid has redefined the concept of "exaggeration for effect" with his latest whiney screed. Move over Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Reid has co-opted race baiting as a new Democrat leadership tool.

According to the Majority Leader of the Senate, ANYone who does not agree the health care gospel according to Barack and the dems is the same as those who previously supported slavery. Really!?! Anyone who disagrees with Dingy’s dogma is synonymous with those who resisted the Civil Rights Act of 1957? Of course personifying duplicity, he failed to note it was Sen. Strom Thurmond, then a Democrat, who unsuccessfully tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act and (again in an apparent oversight) it was in fact Republicans who led the charge against slavery. Go figure.

Reid's rhetorical ramblings threaten to make strident opposing voices, like Ann Coulter, sound like Mother Theresa...and that is going some.

Apparently (based on Reid’s assessment) over half of his home state of Nevada are among those he claims would support slavery and oppose the female vote. 53 percent of Nevadans oppose the Obama/Reid solution to health care and only 39 percent of his constituents support his plan. Opposition within the Democratic part is climbing (up from 15 percent in October to 23 percent in the latest poll. Yet Harry remains in the growing minority who fail to accept facts that contradict his preconceived opinion and prejudice.


I have too often complained about the petty partisan rancor that masquerades as politics. “Foremost on the list of pet peeves and chronic annoyances is the constant, perpetual, adversarial excrement storm of left against right, Democrats against Republicans, and Liberals versus Conservatives that successfully maintains discord in our DISunited States of America. Legitimate policy differences notwithstanding, the acrimony and mean-spirited blood sport tactics of American politics are sufficient to gag any self-respecting maggot.” However, as bad as it has been (and the mudslinging has been real bad) Reid and Pelosi have routinely ratcheted up both the volume and vitriol. Both form and substance have escalated like CGI movie effects and James Bond movie chases.

The very concept of reasoned (and reasonable) debate and political compromise has been reduced to ashes in the Reid-Pelosi scorched earth tactics. Even party faithful (like Mary Landrieu from Louisiana) have to be bought and paid in full measure…with a cherry on top.

As if race baiting isn't enough Reid even accused health care dissenters to those who opposed women's suffrage. Really, he said that….Okay, let's see: racism; sexism…how about accusing dissenters of hating kids, family, the military, seniors and God?

Yeah, that’s the ticket...those who reject Obamacare in principle must be anti-family, pro-abortion, anti-military and anti-God. Naaaw that won't work...might blow back and attract attention to those pols who in fact, by demonstrated actions, votes and rhetoric ARE anti-family, pro-abortion, anti-military and anti-religion...

Senate Republicans (who apparently didn't get the memo) called Reid's comments "offensive" and "unbelievable." What they fail to acknowledge is that “offensive and (once upon a time) “unbelievable” have become the new standard for the democratic leadership. This bomb throwing, over the top, rhetorical rubbish is no longer 'abnormal' but the business as usual standard for verbally bludgeoning anyone, anywhere, who dares to presume to articulate language that is not pre-packaged, homogenized and pre-approved by the power elite.

Many years ago, a politician told me that the House was populated with “politicians” whereas the lofty Senate contained “statesmen”. It is a very nice fantasy and perhaps once upon a time may have been more than wishful fiction. However, “statesmen” do not resort to race baiting.

Meanwhile, notwithstanding the protestations to the contrary from Obama, Reid, Pelosi et al, 80 percent of all Nevadans (including 67 percent of Dems) really believe the Obamacare package, with its estimated cost of nearly a Trillion dollars, is going to require tax increases. Duh!

Once upon a time (during the presidential campaign) Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class while still making health insurance universal.

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I have frequently bemoaned the perpetual ‘us’ verses ‘them’ whizzing matches which passes for political debate these days. Politicians (and those who presume to speak for them) need to temper partisanship with reason and eschew stupidity masked as team spirit. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to also engage the brain before popping the clutch on the mouth either.

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Reid's rhetorical ramblings threaten to make strident opposing voices, like Ann Coulter, sound like Mother Theresa...and that is going some.