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By Geoff Metcalf

November 6, 2006

There are various forms of the disease, which the victim is unable to say �No.� Some of these forms are more serious than others, and often lead to electrocution or marriage.... --Robert Benchley

John Kerry, notwithstanding his Ivy League pedigree and wealthy patron wife is a boor. �Boor: A person with rude, clumsy manners and little refinement.�

Despite (or perhaps because of) his Franco affinity (both with language and attitude) John Kerry has consistently demonstrated he was, is, and apparently destined to remain a jerk.

Many have written about Kerry�s latest gaff in a long litany of having placed his tongue over his prominent eyeteeth so as not to see what he was saying. However, there is a consistency to both the form and substance of Kerry comments that �almost� makes Al Gore sound glib.

Christopher Hitchens writes: �One could have assumed that Sen. John Kerry, who has reason enough to wake up whimpering and biting his knuckles when he reflects on past embarrassments, had learned this lesson. He's almost spoiled for choice in the matter--from the cringe-making "reporting for duty" to the sickly discovery that he had been part of a "band of brothers" rather than a bunch of killers, to the phantom "Christmas in Cambodia."

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal writes: �Kerry's apology isn't really an apology at all. Here's a shorter summary of it:

1. What I said wasn't really what I said.
2. I'm sorry if you misinterpreted what I was saying by taking it at face value.
3. Republicans suck.

Why it is so hard just to say, "I'm sorry for what I said"?

Those subscribing to the most conspiratorial of conspiracy theories might conclude that John Kerry is really Karl Rove�s October Surprise Manchurian Candidate. Republicans have to be salivating over the next Kerry (or dare they wish) Al Goreisms.

Most of the usual suspects have the tradecraft to stay in the shadows and if not score points, at least not make mistakes. Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi have and probably will refrain from saying or doing anything especially egregious until after the election. However, John Kerry just can�t help himself. His pathology compels him to gargle his foot.

Hitchens� most recent piece was titled �The Patrician and the Grunts.�

�And out of the syntactic chaos� Hitchens concludes, �came the impression that Mr. Kerry thought only a dumb jerk could end up in uniform in Iraq.�

Taranto notes, �The reason Kerry's comments have had such resonance is because many observers have long suspected that he has not abandoned, or even moderated, the antimilitary and anti-American views he espoused back in the early 1970s.� [Read]

"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown," Kerry wrote.

I disagree (and facts in evidence support my position). [Read] Duty, Honor, Country are more than just words. They are a foundation of principles�principles that are more important than fame, fortune, or life.

It is the same stuff that compelled the framers to write, "�with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

Several years ago I wrote, �The overwhelming majority of veterans loathe John Kerry. The reasons vary. Some hate him for his treasonous conduct pimping for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Some hate him for what they view as self-aggrandizing hyperbole. Some hate him for his arrogance, pretension, and unlikeability.� That hasn�t changed, and Kerry has never provided even a small reason for nay Sayers to falter.

However, for sure, his arrogance, pretension and �unlikeability� remain major factors that Kerry seems incapable or unwilling to correct or even acknowledge.

It defies reason that this guy still clings to his �Jones� to run again for the oval office. Republicans have to be burning candles and saying novenas that the Democrats suffer more brain flatulence and actually allow this bozo to run again.

Contrary to his self described perception of Kerry as a �nuanced�, sophisticated and �textured� mind, his long political history and performance suggest he is loutish, myopic, and ham fisted�John McCainish without the charm?

The bipartisan gaggle of anti-Kerry finger shakers is truly eclectic and a joy to behold. It includes Dem bloggers, GOP pundits and even the curmudgeonly, erstwhile Don Imus (and probably his alter ego the Reverend Billy Sol Hargis).

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Les LaFave writes, �It's not exactly Schadenfreude � which is regret with secret glee. So he asks if there is such a thing as Freudeschaden? �which would be open glee with secret regret...? I have no idea what one would call open regret with open glee?

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John Kerry, notwithstanding his Ivy League pedigree and wealthy patron wife is a boor. �Boor: A person with rude, clumsy manners and little refinement.�