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By Geoff Metcalf

May 20, 2006

California, the land of fruits and nuts, lionized, marginalized, lauded and lampooned, has exceeded even their epic propensity for excess.

Once upon a time, �gay� meant happy, cheerful, pleased, and contented. Today the definition conjures a different meaning�professional victims, proletyzing homosexuals, mean-spirited, fanatics�

Once upon a time, the traditional view of Victorians was, �Do whatever you like, so long as you don�t do it in the street and scare the horses.�

Once upon a time when closet doors cracked open, the 98% of America who are heterosexual were instructed to be �tolerant� of homosexuals. Live and let live. Eventually, we were told to be �accommodating.� Never have so few compelled so many to do so much to so many.

Twenty years ago I facetiously suggested that if reality didn�t mitigate trends, homosexuality would become mandatory. Hey, I was just kidding!

California Senator Sheila Kuehl has mastered the art of using power to corrupt. Kuehl�s brigade of feminazis and emasculated bleeding hearts liberals have been unable to change public opinion so they are now preparing to legislate their agenda.

California legislators are mainlining incrementalism with steroids.

Dissatisfied with the public�s refusal to embrace the gospel according to the Castro district in San Francisco, two bills moved out of the Senate to grease the skids for insinuation of propaganda into schools.

Hey, it works for the Islamaist with Madrasses proselytizing and inculcating their messages into Arab youth to prepare them to be the suicide bombers of tomorrow�

Since the gay agenda has routinely and consistently been rejected by the masses, they seek a major paradigm shift. Unable to win hearts and minds, they now want to mandate their propaganda by law.

California public schools will become the gay community�s madrassas.

Parents rejecting this latest legislative brain flatulence have few options.

1. They can pull kids out of public schools� and their taxes will still be used to fund the abhorrent curriculum.
2. They can home school their kids. Superior in many ways but frankly not everyone has the time or talent to do it.
3. They can leave the state for more sane environs�and many will.

Two bills, SB1437 and SB1441, made it out of the State Senate and will probably sail through the Assembly.

  • The first mandates the promotion of homosexuality in all public schools and prohibits any negative teaching about homosexuals or those of any non-traditional sexuality.
  • The second creates �special rights� for those of any non-traditional sexuality, including freedom from "discrimination." This isn�t about equal rights�it creates superior rights.

The California Family Council notes, �Existing law prohibits school instruction or activity that reflects adversely upon persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap, national origin or ancestry. This bill would add sexual orientation to that list. It also requires schools to teach children about the contributions of gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgendered persons to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States. The bill says governing boards must adopt materials that "accurately portray the cultural, racial, gender, and sexual diversity of our society..."

Governor Schwarzenegger (who has been an inconsistent disappointment to many) will have the opportunity to veto these bills, and he SHOULD. However, predicting this governor�s anticipated behavior is kinda like predicting New England weather.

There are a great many reasons the Governor �should� veto these bills. Failure to do so will result in the revisionist creation of new textbooks that will be overtly pro-gay�and the impact will roll out of California to proselytize the gay message nationally.

Currently California law prohibit �discrimination against any person because of race, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability in any program or activity conducted, operated, or administered by the state or by any state agency.� That�s not apparently good enough. SB 1441 adds "sexual orientation" to those laws, and massages the definition of discrimination to include a �perception� that a person has any of these enumerated characteristics.

�Perceptions� are arbitrary and capricious�very much like the Khuel crowd.

It is a foregone conclusion the gutless State Assembly will rubber stamp these two onerous bills. The only hope (and it�s a slim one) is that Schwarzenegger will veto these bills.

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Arnold has already alienated much of the GOP base. Since he got his clock cleaned in the last initiatives disaster he has been sprinting to the left.

Despite his RINO credentials, Schwarzenegger remains California�s best (albeit flawed) hope. If he doesn�t veto this gay agenda power grab, no amount of Hollywood glitz or glib one-liners will save him from being defeated by a gaggle of �girly men.�

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Governor Schwarzenegger (who has been an inconsistent disappointment to many) will have the opportunity to veto these bills, and he SHOULD. However, predicting this governor�s anticipated behavior is kinda like predicting New England weather.