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By Geoff Metcalf

May 1, 2006

�They are illegal and ought to be suppressed. I would never countenance that which recognizes their legality.� --President William Howard Taft on Boycotts

My grandfather came to this country through Ellis Island. He arrived with seven brothers and a sister. The sister was the surrogate matriarch and impressed on her brothers two imperatives about their new life in America: 1) Learn the language; 2) Get a job.

My mother, aunts and uncles frequently regretted they were not allowed to speak Italian in the home. However, that was an important distinction for that generation of immigrants. They came to the U.S. to become Americans�not hyphenated Americans�not American-�Lite�, but citizens of the greatest country on the planet. My grandfather�s generation was seeking �opportunity� and they seized it with desperate hands and embraced it fully. They didn�t expect or seek preferences. They were goal oriented and committed to inclusion and assimilation. To that generation American citizenship was a great prize to be won and cherished. They endured prejudice, discrimination, and came to accept it as just another of life�s challenges�like bad weather and the common cold.

That entire Ellis Island migration was a remarkable collection of extraordinary individual stories of determination and accomplishments. Sadly, it was also in many ways the antithesis of today�s 9 to 14 million illegal aliens. Two recent events crystallize most of what is wrong with the contemporary immigration debates.

1. California�s State Senate actually endorsed a nationwide boycott by illegal immigrants (as always the operative word being �illegal�). Myopic, gutless Democratic Senators approved what strike organizers claim will close down major American cities from coast to coast. The fiscal impact of the boycott will do more to hurt immigrants than an armed division of bigots.

2. The introduction of a Spanish version of the national anthem, �Nuestro Himno� or �Our Anthem� was supposedly recorded to show solidarity with illegals. However, even Hispanic radio audiences agreed it will be seen as an insult. ��instead of helping the situation it could actually make it worse. That the flag, the country�s national anthem are sacred. You shouldn�t touch them. You shouldn�t change them.� Said Victor Martinez of radio station LaLey and Radio Mex. There is a serious empirical disconnect here that will have that Ellis Island generation no doubt spinning in their graves.

California�s Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, in a disingenuous, duplicitous attempt at defending the indefensible said, �It�s one day�for (illegal) immigrants to tell the country peacefully, �We matter�(we�re) not invisible.� What she did not say was the boycott is irresponsible, and will result in very real negative fiscal consequences for schools, business, governments, and individuals.

The �form� of a national boycott may strike a resonate cord with the rent a mob crowd and certain publicity starved celebrities and celebrity wannabes, but the �substance� of the boycott will hurt. The hurt, however, will not strike at the demonized �Anglo� but will leave a wound that can and will only be attributed to organizers and participants of the boycott.

American philosopher Charlie Daniels hit the nail on the head when he called the boycott brain flatulence �a huge public relations mistake�when the first thing you do when you set foot on American soil is illegal, it is flat out wrong.�

The boycott and demonstrations are not intended to mitigate a wrong. The boycott and demonstrations are a mega �neener-neener� / flipping off of what the 60s hippies would call �the establishment� but in reality is everyone not joining the lawlessness.

Gutless, spineless, testosterone challenged politicians are worse than the most strident Aztlan dreamquester.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is classic. He has been pouring gasoline on the immigrant fire for years. However, the first modern era Latino mayor of L.A., MEChA/ACLU/�Progressive� darling, won�t be in town for the rallies. Although he promised to be with �his people� screeding against the Anglo, he has bailed, leaving �his people� �a ship without a captain.�

Where will the high school drop out former gangbanger turned political Kong be? He will be in Dallas, not rallying his MEChA brothers, but meeting with National Football League officials about maybe bringing an NFL team back to L.A.

Meanwhile la-la land is expecting two to three million people will flood the chronically clogged streets of Los Angeles.

The mayor�s office said he never promised to be present. Organizers say �did to�...�did NOT���Did TOO!�

Every school district in California is entitled to a certain amount of money per student, known as the revenue limit. It is based on its average daily attendance and other factors. The average revenue limit for elementary districts (which include middle schools) is about $5,000 per student.

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No one can yet estimate how much Monday�s boycott will cost but I hope someone DOES.

Meanwhile, THE most significant element of all the rhetoric remains, the counter intuitive inertia of rewarding and enabling illegal conduct.

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Gutless, spineless, testosterone challenged politicians are worse than the most strident Aztlan dreamquester.