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By Geoff Metcalf

April 12, 2006

We have all heard the bromide, �if you can�t dazzle �em with brilliance�baffle �em with b.s.!� THAT is essentially what Congress (literally and figuratively the antithesis of Progress) is doing on the immigration issue.

If ever anyone did the right thing for the wrong reasons it was Minority Leader Harry Reid. His torpedoing of the agreed to compromise legislation both sides agreed would have gotten between 60 to 70 votes was a product of mean spirited myopic pettiness. Nevertheless, the net/net of Reid�s obfuscation was a good thing.

Cicero is reported to have observed, "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within�He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist."

Aztlan dreamquesters preach out breeding the Anglos. They hope to win their objective not through force of arms, but through attrition and population density.

Congressman Tom Tancredo said, �Today is a good day for America. The Senate � in a rare moment of clarity � rejected its amnesty-now, enforcement-later approach to immigration,�

Whoa! It was good the bill didn�t slide through. However, this was not �a rare moment of clarity.� Clarity would have eschewed the 300 original amendments and even the 20 or so that survived. Clarity would have kept it simple.

Politics and policy seem to function like oil and water. They are mutually exclusive constants.

Both partisan factions are trying (and failing) to craft a compromise that will appease mutually exclusive agendas�and THAT dog ain�t gonna hunt.

It is impossible to pander to the Hispanic majority AND base constituencies.

GOP wimps want to accommodate the unyielding in vain hopes of stroking votes.

In Act I of �As You Like It,� Shakespeare has Rosalind say, �Treason is not inherited.� No, it is not, but the environment for it is inculcated with traditions and loyalties anathema to an oath of citizenship.

Not all Hispanics want open borders, amnesty and get out of jail free cards for illegals. Yet neither the defenders of the indefensible nor the gutless appeasers seem capable of recognizing the empirical evidence.

Reprehensible elected officials who are anxious to violate their oaths of office to accommodate a perverted ethnic pride should be charged, tried and sentenced for their perfidy. Likewise their unintended co-conspirators should meet a similar fate.

California seems to have a disproportionate number of hypocrite oath breaking elected officials (Anthony Villagarosa, Joe Baca, Art Torres et al).

The key point the pols willingly and anxiously flee from is the legal point. The operative word here is �illegal�. The offending immigrants are not �undocumented� they are ILLEGAL. They have broken the law to gain access to this country. ANY program, legislation, or finesse, which rewards those who have broken the law with the gift of legal U.S. citizenship, is flat out WRONG.

Our borders are a dysfunctional disaster�and a danger zone offering easy infiltration to a wide variety of �bad guys.�

No one knows how many illegals there are in our country. However, whether it is 9-million, 14-million or more, rewarding them or rationalizing their crimes is wrong.

It was wrong when Reagan did it, and it is wrong as proposed by legislators and the administration. Amnesty was, is and shall always be WRONG. It is like the schoolteacher who wants to medicate an unruly student with psychotropic drugs�not to help the student but to make their job of class control easier.

Those legal immigrants who suffered through the ponderous process to attain legal citizenship are not supporters of shake and bake amnesty. Venial politicians who support legalization of illegals are largely doing so to build a base, which they can exploit for perceived political gain.

Tancredo said, �If the Senate is serious about sending real security legislation to the President�s desk this year, it must take a different approach.� However, he assumes facts not even close to being in evidence. The Senate is not serious about security legislation.

They are serious only about getting elected and pandering to the perceived wants of a specific constituency.

The border-security proposals that were shot down by the Senate this week would have added a bunch of stuff we need like breath:

  • 15,000 new Border Patrol agent
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras to watch the border
  • Built miles of strategically placed fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Created tough new penalties for human smugglers
  • Expedited removal of terrorists and gang members from the United States.

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Democrats refused to allow consideration of several Republican amendments, including one that would have barred U.S. citizenship for any illegal alien convicted of a felony or three misdemeanors or who had ignored a court order to leave the country.

The political challenge the pols are hiding from is being forced to decide between security and immigrant votes.

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Aztlan dreamquesters preach out breeding the Anglos. They hope to win their objective not through force of arms, but through attrition and population density.