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By Geoff Metcalf

January 13, 2006

Watching the Judge Samuel Alito Senate confirmation hearings should be sufficient to cause any self-respecting maggot to gag. The mean spirited, cruel vitriol of Senators Kenney, Biden, Durbin, Leahy et al exceeds even congressional standards for acrimony.

In the wake of making the nominees wife cry we should probably expect the frustrated democrats to start pulling wings off flies and stealing toys from children.

Despite the mean spirited, petty, partisan grousing on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the current Supreme Court nominee, the conventional wisdom is Judge Alito WILL be confirmed to replace Justice Sandra Day O�Connor�and it is right and proper that he should.

The usual suspects on the left are scared spitless�

Alito has (not surprisingly) said he would maintain an open mind if/when faced with the inevitable question of abortion. Sen. Dick Durbin said the nominee�s work product and testimony suggested otherwise, with a �mind that sadly is closed in some instances.� HELL-O?!?

The Durbin diatribe is classic �pot calling the kettle black� stuff. If there was every a group who just flat out did not want to confused with ANY facts that contradicted their preconceived opinions and prejudices it is the Democrats on the Judiciary committee.

Alexander Theroux, a novelist, poet and essayist, observed, �Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery, but all snobbery is about the problem of belonging.�

  • The ever-present denial of the Democrats is that they don�t belong.
  • They don�t belong to the majority (which still galls them).
  • They don�t belong to mainstream thought.
  • They flat out �Don�t get it!�
  • They are so self satisfied with their dogma they are incapable of acknowledging they don�t resonate with �most people�.

Sen. Chuck Grassley is right when he said, �Your critics are grasping at any straw to tarnish your record�� Duh!

Smarmy rhetoric notwithstanding, the bottom line here is the Dems don�t like Alito and don�t want him confirmed. He is a Republican (strike one), he is a constitutionist (strike two), and he is a Bush nominee (strike three).

However, the empirical reality is (and despite the itching and moaning they have to know this) he WILL be confirmed. Failing evidence he has had an illicit sexual relationship with a gay, black, Jewish, handicapped young boy or has been covertly performing illegal abortions he gets confirmed.

The �loyal opposition� (which is anything but) has even resorted to crashing parties. A recent press event was interrupted by desperate democrats whining for another opportunity to impose their bulk in front of cameras. Smarmy Schumer, distressed Durbin, Corpulant Kennedy and �Leaky� Leahy shouldered their way into a pro-Alito event to scrape at scabs and kick over rocks. Their pitiful charges about some Princeton club Alito belonged to turned into an abbreviated tempest in a teacup.

Recognizing that eventually, inevitably, Judge Alito WILL be on the Supreme Court, it is beyond counter intuitive for Senate libs to continue their perpetual screeds.

Politics is �supposed� to be the art of compromise. These sycophant-snarling democrats just don�t recognize the potential consequences to their pettiness. And (sadly) the myopic republicans are too �lofty� to exploit the obvious and exact a cost.

�Leaky� Leahy said, "A number of us have been troubled by what we see as inconsistencies in some of the answers." Bullfeathers! There are no inconsistencies�and saying it doesn�t make it so.

Durbin tried to get Alito to �rule� that Roe v. Wade was �settled law� and he failed.

The Dems are throwing stuff at the wall in the hope that �something� might just stick�maybe? I don�t think so�

The latest manufactured kerfuffle over membership in some Princeton club has eve caused Joe Biden to again reveal the depth of his duplicity. Biden has now dissed Princeton as a university despite previous comments that were hugely laudatory.

The American Bar Association (which according to the democrats is �supposedly� the gold standard�when it agrees with democrats) is satisfied with Alito. However, for the usual suspects this is another classic case of �facts that contradict a preconceived opinion or prejudice�.

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Somerset Maughm once noted, �Hypocrisy is the most difficult and nerve-racking vice that any man can pursue; it needs an unceasing vigilance and a rare detachment of spirt. It cannot, like adultery or gluttony, be practiced at spare moments, it is a whole-time job.�

Granted liberal democrats are well acquainted with the vices of adultery and gluttony (Kennedy has proven to be uniquely adept at both vices). However, the disingenuous duplicity of their hypocrisy is really something to behold.

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Watching the Judge Samuel Alito Senate confirmation hearings should be sufficient to cause any self-respecting maggot to gag.