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By Geoff Metcalf

July 26, 2005

"Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them;" -- Frederick Douglas

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson is pimping for implanted microchips. Big flipping deal! Sigmund Freud advocated cocaine. Freud was an early advocate of cocaine, recommending it for a great many ailments, physical and mental, including, of all things, heroin addiction; latter, he reluctantly (and begrudgingly) admitted that this was perhaps not the wisest thing he ever did.

Thompson reportedly plans to promote sub dermal biochips, by having one implanted in his arm.

Thompson�s promotion, linked no doubt by his joining the board of directors of VeriChip, is an abomination.

I�ve been complaining about sub dermal biochips since 1998. In addition to itching and moaning on the radio about the dangers of implanted biochips I have written tens of thousand words explaining the evisceration of the very concept of privacy. �Privacy�the very concept of privacy�becomes an anachronism�.

There is a long list of alleged �benefits� of biochip implants. And like the list of �benefits� Freud touted for heroin and cocaine, they are wrong.

Implanted biochips can help locate downed pilots, kidnapped children and escaped prisoners. They can also track political adversaries and target location and movements, and function as a virtual �lojack� for people.

The classic mantra is, �Hey, it is �voluntary���yeah, for now�the standard retort to critics is, �If you don�t have anything to hide what do you care?� Yeah, kinda like, �we�re from the government we�re here to help you.�

The Incrementalism finesse starts by mandating biochips for specific publics. First they implant prisoners, then high value military assets, then the entire military, then government workers, then anyone receiving government money�

Eventually, when more people have implants than don�t�they no longer are �voluntary� but mandatory. THEN, the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat class has total control.

Incrementalism, unintended (or intended) consequences, abuse of power under the color of authority, metastasizes into a cancer that eats at the very essence of freedom and liberty. That is a very bad thing!

Only some 2,000 medical chips have been implanted worldwide to date, and two hospitals in the U.S. are already equipped to scan them. However, they are just getting started.

Last year the FDA approved the chip. By that time more than 1,000 chips had been implanted in patients in Mexico. And nearly 200 people working in Mexico�s attorney general�s office were implanted with I.D. chips to access secure areas containing sensitive documents.

Scott McDonald of the Website Scan This News has warned: "All movement, transactions, and interactions can be recorded and monitored once everyone has their own unique identifier. Every detail of a person�s life will be finally accessible to authorities through the widespread use of implanted chips.�

Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush wrote, "It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own."

I am not the Lone Ranger decrying a Brave New World devoid of privacy. However, here's what Scott suggests:

"OK, there'll be some opposition at first. There'll be those who'll put up a small amount of resistance. Some will holler: 'The Constitution this, and the Constitution that.' But only those social misfits, kooks, and rebels with something to hide will hold out strongly. Little will they know, the very act of objecting, in itself, will suffice to 'identify' them as troublemakers. They can then be arrested and force-chipped as part of the booking process! Besides, most Americans -- after they've been reminded of all benefits and services they will sacrifice if they refuse -- will soon acquiesce. This is how it worked when Congress enacted laws to coerce parents into numbering their children at birth. A few grumbled for a short while. But, once the threat of no longer being able to claim their children on tax returns set in, they got right in line down at the Social Security Administration and had their children numbered."

Kiss my Airborne fourth point of contact! If you fail to subscribe to the gospel according to McDonald you are a �social misfit, kook, and rebel�?

The key goal and objective of the tyrant is to CONTROL. Whether it is gun control, smoker control, tax control, or control of the ability to freely move, control is the objective.

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Resistance is not futile�it is mandatory.

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Implanted biochips can help locate downed pilots, kidnapped children and escaped prisoners. They can also track political adversaries...