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By Geoff Metcalf

July 11, 2005

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!" --incorrectly attributed to Edmund Burke but still appropriate.

Several years ago I asked Dennis Miller if 9/11 had been an epiphany for him. He said, �Sure! I�m just amazed it wasn�t an epiphany for EVERYone��

In the wake of the recent London bombings I asked ABC�s Aaron Ketersky if it had been an epiphany for Brits. I was shocked to hear, �Not necessarily.� According to Ketersky, the folks he talked to in London felt it was �their turn�it was something inevitable�in fact they were preparing for it.� How appallingly �civilized�.

If simultaneous fatal bombings are not sufficient to precipitate anger and revulsion and a �Let�s roll!� type battle cry, there is more than just a cultural disconnect in evidence.

Apparently the �stiff upper lip� British resolve of the days of Germany�s Blitz has metastasized into a laissez fair �life goes on� myopia. Maybe if it had been the French who bombed the plaque off the teeth of London in pique for having lost the 2012 Olympics the UK would be more annoyed? Islamist terrorists don�t apparently merit antipathy comparable to centuries old Franco-British feuds.

London was not targeted because Tony Blair supports George Bush in Iraq or in the war on terror. London was hit because they are �western� and do not subscribe to the perverted gospel according to al Qaida and their ilk.

If England went the way of France and Spain and John Kerry it wouldn�t mean Jack-spit to the Islamist.

Three sophisticated bombs were detonated in the London Underground within a minute of each other. It was classic al Qaida style. Although the al Qaida connection has not been verified, what occurred July 7th in London IS what they do�and HOW they do it.

Even the casual observer can comprehend the detonations were by synchronized timers and not martyrdom wannabe suicide bombers. A double-decker bus (a virtual tourism symbol for London) blew up an hour after the initial synchronized explosions. The explosions were so destructive authorities have been unable to identify a single body. Analysts are examining fingerprints, dental records and shredded flesh for DNA analysis.

Rather than righteous indignation and annoyance at the inconvenience to their commute, Londoners have every justification to go sling-blade on the bastards:

  • Issue a Brigade of double-0 licenses to kill
  • Unleash the SAS
  • Militarize soccer fans�.

When America suffered the epic tragedy of 9/11, there was that brief period crystallized in Charlie Daniels� �In America� in which he sings, �We�ll all stick together, and you can take that to the bank�the cowboys and the hippies and the rednecks and the yanks��

There was that marvelous (albeit abbreviated) period in history where EVERYone wore their patriotism on their sleeves�literally. American flags and red, white, and blue were as ubiquitous as pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

It didn�t last long, and sadly, it may require ANOTHER monumental catastrophe on American soil before it is rekindled. However, that the Brits are not, or have not nationally responded to 7/7 is both puzzling and counter-intuitive. What does it take to spark a Dennis Miller like British epiphany?

Historically, England has treated Ireland and Scotland worse than they have their growing Muslim immigrants population and allies.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was crucial to address terrorism�s underlying causes, which he identified as �deprivation, lack of democracy and ongoing conflict in the Middle East�. BULLFEATHERS!

If deprivation were eliminated, democracy installed and the Israelis and Palestinians suddenly decided to make nice, it wouldn�t alter a tittle the unbridled, unreasonable, hatred Islamists hold for anyone and everyone (so-called �moderate Muslims� included) who does not subscribe to, support, and live their dysfunctional perversion.

Blair says, his countrymen �are simply not going to terrorized by terror.� Cool! So what ARE you going to do about it Tony? Dante wrote in �The Inferno, "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.''

You can�t appease these terrorists. You can�t bribe them. You can�t negotiate with them. The terrorist goal is not merely to �terrorize�. Their goals and objectives include killing you and anyone unlike them. They want to destroy your economy, your culture, and the very essence of whatever it is you are.

They are �Borg��unreasoning, unrelenting, uncompromising, and evil personified.

All countries claiming to love and support freedom and liberty need to join in a war of annihilation.

  • Terrorist need to be killed or locked away forever.
  • Any and all financial resources they have access to need to be shut down.
  • Madrassas, which inculcate their virulent gospel of hate, need to be identified and isolated.

Failure to do so is to contribute to the next 7/7, 9/11 or worse.

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Maybe the British should challenge the terrorists to a soccer match and let the fans do what the country apparently doesn�t have the temperament or stones to do�..

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