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By Geoff Metcalf

November 10, 2004

"Some people just don't want to be confused with facts that contradict their preconceived opinion or prejudice." -- Geoff Metcalf

Despite the overwhelming facts and abundant evidence that mainstream America (the REAL statistically documented 'mainstream') do not embrace the gospel according to the middle aged sixties counter culture...the river 'Denial' runs fast and deep.

Over 60-million people (60,480,957) voted for President Bush's reelection...51% of those voting.

For the first time in 16 years America has demonstrated a for real consensus.

However, the strident, sycophant left (with the counter intuitive religiosity of Islamist terrorists) refuses to accept the empirical reality that their message/dogma does not resonate with America. For liberal democrats the righteousness of their failed messages is a matter of religious/political faith.

Arguably, the numbers would have been even more demonstrative had the alleged mainstream media not proved to be malfeasant, prejudiced, and biased in their reportage.

Former President Bill Clinton and a gaggle of practical (if not reasonable) democrats recognize a paradigm shift is necessary. If the Democrat Party is to survive and go the way of the Whigs, they need to do 'something' to drag the party closer to what most Americans want and need.

Politics is basically sales: Someone has a want/need. You offer something to fulfill that want or need. After you have overcome any objections to buying, you ask for the order and close.

Democrats have consistently failed to overcome objections (overt and hidden) and their 'assumptive close' assumes facts not in evidence.

Rather than accept the realities of the post election situation report, defenders of the indefensible are crafting a gaggle of excuses.

* Over 60 million people are just STUPID?
* A Clinton cabal orchestrated by Carville, Lockhart, Begala et al sabotaged Kerry?
* Karl Rove conspired with Osama bin Laden?
* Karl Rove conspired to set up Dan Rather?
* Karl Rove conspired with aliens from the planet Sirus in the Andromeda quadrant?

The reality is John Kerry was the wrong candidate, with the wrong messages, at the wrong time...and he did a horrific job running a campaign.

Meanwhile, according to 'Variety', the left's Poobah of Propaganda and manipulated bovine scatology, Michael Moore, intends a 'do over' of his failed cinematic coup. Moore 'failed' if his objective was to oust a sitting President in wartime. From a business perspective, despite the warts and blemishes, the Moore crockumentary was a huge success. But the "cha-ching" of the box office was not enough. "Fahrenheit 9/11 and �" will attempt to massage facts into a Mooreish revisionist 'new reality'. Regardless of any stated political objectives, the corpulent one gets another bite at the box office apple.

He of the massive ego and girth claims, "51% of the American people lacked information...they weren't told the truth." Go figure, like a broken clock he's kinda sorta right a couple of times a day.

100% of the American people lacked all necessary information in the last election.

* Will Moore get John Kerry to sign the Standard Form 180?
* Will he answer the questions about the 'revised' DD 214?
* Will he answer the questions about the multiple Silver Star citations?
* Will he address the status of Kerry's multiple discharges?
* Was Kerry even legally eligible to be elected to ANY office prior to the 2001 Clinton granted 'Honorable Discharge'?

Enquiring minds want to know...

Moore obviously doesn't give a rat's derriere about 'truth' but no doubt he and his Miramax buds see potential for another lucrative trip to the well.

Mainstream media is NOT mainstream.

The bias, prejudices, and mean spirited manipulation of information exceeded even the routine accepted standards of the nattering nabobs.

It was not accident, or oversight that ALL wire service coverage, and subsequent network focus on former President Bill Clinton's Hamilton College speech in Utica, New York omitted a significant fact that contradicts the preconceived opinions and prejudices of the gilded media elite.

Clinton said, "Gay marriage was an overwhelming factor n the defeat of John Kerry."

Only the 'Observer Dispatch' in Utica quoted Clinton dissing the Massachusetts Supreme Court for pouring gasoline on a smoldering ember.

"With one decision of one Supreme Court, all of a sudden we have a constitutional amendment designed, I think, to whip people up, to inflame them, make them stop thinking about other issues."

Underscoring the myopia of Kerry campaign (he was in Vietnam you know), reportedly, Clinton had urged Kerry to come out in support for at least 'some' of the eleven state proposals reaffirming traditional marriage laws. However, despite Kerry's claim he opposes gay marriage, he flat out rejected the good advise Clinton offered.

Meanwhile, republicans continue to light candles and pray that democrats continue to cling to failed policy, anachronistic rhetoric, and political suicidal tendencies.

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Arguably, the numbers would have been even more demonstrative had the alleged mainstream media not proved to be malfeasant, prejudiced, and biased in their reportage.