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By Geoff Metcalf

October 31, 2004

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!" -- Edmund Burke

Notwithstanding routine protestations to the contrary, America's mainstream media is on a 'Jones' to undermine a President in wartime, and collude with leftists to assist a candidate, who not only gave aid and comfort to the enemy 30 years ago, but also was their pawn.

New documented archive evidence proves that John Kerry was either a knowing co-conspirator with the communist Vietnamese (while he was still subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice), OR he was a "useful idiot". Regardless of which of the available options is true, he is certainly 'Unfit for Command' ANY level.

CBS was quick (premature articulation?) to pick at a phony scab sparked by fabricated documents. Political and personal bias synthesized to conspire with CBS to create a critical self-inflicted wound. Dan Rather says, 'Whoops!'....Kinda.

The New York Times (reportedly beating CBS to the punch) splashed a bogus story about 380 tons of missing Iraqi munitions. When NBC and an Army officer directly involved refute the bogus claim, the graying lady looks at her shoes (possibly seeing the reflection of Jason Blair) and shuffles her feet.

Meanwhile, a for real blockbuster story languishes beyond the view or attention of most Americans because 'it might be too controversial and influence the election'? Huh!?!?

I recently interviewed Dr. Jerome Corsi (co-author of 'Unfit for Command') and Scott Swett (founder of and learned they can't get ANY big time media (including the presumed defenders of the truth at Fox News) to touch the product of their documented research?

Et tu Rupert? Maybe Fox was too busy with lawyers and cost benefit analysis of protecting their Marquee product...or have finally become intimidated my name callers?

Regardless of the reason, Fox News is as guilty of this sin of omission as the mainstream media they routinely vilify.

Newly discovered documents (hiding in the ocean of data in archives) reveal a very direct and symbiotic link between John Kerry and the Vietnamese communists. No wonder the POW community is outraged (

This stuff 'should' overshadow
* Questions about Kerry's hyperbolized daring do in Vietnam
* His 'revised' DD 214
* His multiple Silver Star citations
* His alleged less than honorable discharge and subsequent Carter/Clinton do-over...
* Or even his billionaire heiress du jour's piles of money and abrasive verbiage.

This is HOT...and the media (even the once dependable Fox News) is too chicken excrement/scared spitless to even try to discredit it?

The documents from 1971 were found in the Texas Tech Vietnam archives in Lubbock, Texas.

They reveal the Vietnamese communists were not just 'talking' but were in fact guiding and directing the American antiwar movement. They used meetings in Paris between their delegation to the Paris Peace talks and American antiwar activists to direct (not advise) efforts in the U.S.

In the summer of 1970 John Kerry reportedly met with Madame Binh, the Viet Cong's chief negotiator in Paris. He subsequently returned to the U.S. to push for Madame Binh's '7-Point Peace Plan'. He made his pitch in Washington. D/C. in July 1971.

Kerry didn't use the Binh 7-Point Plan as a 'guideline' for his recommendations...he used (and implemented it) as an Operations Order...complete with Surrender, Admission of Guilt, Reparations, the whole magilla. [Read: Hanoi's American Puppets?]

Everything Madame Binh instructed Kerry to do, he DID. He did so either as a complicit co-conspirator, or as a 'useful idiot' decide.

CBS, CNN, The New York Times et al seem to have to compunction about reporting on fabricated urban legends if or when it is in consonance with their preconceived views, opinions and prejudices. However, if or when corroborated documentation, which is irrefutable, emerges that undermines their biased agenda, the silence is deafening.

Corsi and Swett have tried to share the details and documentation of the story with EVERYONE in the media...and with the exception of some talk radio and Internet venues... this story is anathema. Why?

PLEASE check out for the documentation and contact everyone you can to ask WHY is this significant information being denied the American people?

The New York Times
The Washington Post And your elected members of Congress.

John Kerry should not be elected to ANYthing...Ambrose Bierce once observed, "The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff." Amen!

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Regardless of the reason, Fox News is as guilty of this sin of omission as the mainstream media they routinely vilify.