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By Geoff Metcalf

August 24, 2004

John Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter says, �John Kerry is a fighter and he doesn�t tolerate lies from others�� AMAZING!

So the duplicitous serial hyperbolizer expects EVERYone to tolerate and embrace HIS lies, but when confronted with FACTS that contradict his preconceived opinions, prejudices, and fictions, he throws a hissy fit THAT is �chutzpah�! It also appears to be the Democrat Party way.

Remember the excrement storm over Manny Miranda and the files GOP staffers found on the Senate Judiciary Committee computer. The outrageously egregious sin was the CONTENT of the memos (which outlined partisan strategy for using the committee to undermine both pending litigation and President Bush�s judicial nominations).

The Democrats, unable to defend the indefensible, attacked Republicans for having discovered the Dems sin. And the complicit mainstream press and weak-kneed GOP wimps (like Orrin Hatch) fired Miranda?

John Kerry is a liar, a hypocrite, and rapidly becoming a clone of the Jon Lovitz SNL character Tommy Flanagan of Pathological Liars Anonymous�� yeah, yeah, THAT�S the ticket!�

  • The Cambodia claim�not true.
  • The exaggerated �enemy fire��not true.
  • Kerry�s own DD214�suggests �tweaking�.

According to a recent CBS poll (hardly a charter member of the �vast right wing conspiracy�), Kerry is losing support among veterans big time. The Swift Boat Veterans are having an impact.

In the three weeks since the Boston Democratic convention, Kerry's lead among veterans has plummeted by 19 honking points. Kerry now trails President Bush in this key demographic 55 to 37 percent.

John Kerry myopically chose to make his four-month service Vietnam the foundation on which to build his palace.

However, his staff has now been forced to admit the Senator had been inaccurate, (whoops) when he claimed on multiple occasions to have spent Christmas Eve of 1968 in Cambodia while (he also said) the U.S. government was lying about his presence there. Even his �Band of Brothers�.

Kerry's DD 214 lists a Silver Star with a combat �V� (for valor). Huh? The �V� is never awarded with the Silver Star�it would be redundant. However, the actual wording on Kerry�s DD 214 (see before they �modify� it again) is: �SILVER STAR WITH COMBAT �V�.�

�One former Vietnam War POW who has �three SSs, and there was no V for any of them.� Countless other Silver Star recipients all say the same thing. Why? Because, among other reasons, it would be redundant to award a Silver Star for �gallantry� (the statutory term) and then embellish it with a �V� for valor.� Holzer writes. [Read, John Kerry's Musterious Combat "V"]

Kerry�s atypical late-August maneuvering underscores the closeness of the race for the White House and comes as polls show the first hint that the questioning of Kerry's medal-winning service in the Vietnam War are taking a political toll.

One poll found that more than half the voters questioned had seen or heard of an ad by Swift Boat Veterans For Truth that accuses Kerry of lying about events that earned him five medals in Vietnam a generation ago. The University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey also found that 44 percent of self-described independent voters found the ad very or somewhat believable.

Kerry claims Bush was relying on front groups to "do his dirty work." Wait a flippin� minute! Assorted Democrat 527s from to godfather George Soros have spend some $60 Million trashing President Bush. Now that a group of Veterans seek to expose Kerry�s duplicity accepts money from Republican independent donors, all of a sudden Bush is symbiotically linked to Kerry bashers. NOT EVEN!

I have frequently noted (and I have been claiming since February that the various veterans groups would eventually contribute to a big Bush win in November) that the RNC and Bush-Cheney (although they will certainly benefit from the work of p.o.-ed veterans who consider John Kerry a small dollop of pond scum masquerading as a man) MUST bend over backwards to avoid any and all contact with Kerry bashing veterans. They HAVE�and WILL.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters, "I do think that Senator Kerry losing his cool�� Duh! Talk about understatement. A thirty-year fiction is being revealed. Kerry is a cornered rat�and acting the part.

Now the Kerry campaign has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging the group behind the ad was illegally coordinating its efforts with the Bush-Cheney campaign. BULLFEATHERS!

McClellan also accused the Kerry campaign of sanctioning the same type of attack ads by outside groups that it is accusing the president of approving. And he is right!

"I mean, where has the Kerry campaign been for the last year while more than $62 million in funding through these shadowy groups have been used to negatively attack the president?" he asked. Democrat 527s have spent millions on commercials that rip the president.

The first ad that drew Kerry's angry response (more to follow) aired in only three states at a cost of well under $1 million. Despite the modest hit, the Annenberg survey said, "more than half the country has heard about or seen" the commercial - the result of widespread coverage on cable television and talk radio as well as the Internet.

There are consequences to everything we do in life. John Kerry is finally learning that axiom.

Payback IS a b-t-h!

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One poll found that more than half the voters questioned had seen or heard of an ad by Swift Boat Veterans For Truth that accuses Kerry of lying about events that earned him five medals in Vietnam a generation ago