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By Geoff Metcalf

August 8, 2004

Did you know John Kerry was in Vietnam? It is all the buzz.

However, despite the ubiquitous efforts of the J.F.K.-wannabe to build a French palace on the foundation of revisionist hyperbole, his long face is now a function of more than just patrician genetics.

Veterans who served with Kerry have launched a multi-pronged offensive to tarnish his gilded fa�ade. Democrats and the Kerry camp are suffering a cosmic wedgie and scrambling to manufacture damage control.

'Unfit for Command' by John O'Neill and Dr. Jerome Corsi is about to hit bookstands and already has soared to #1 on moving ahead of the #2 '9/11 Commission Report'.

In Vietnam the U.S. used B-52 bombers to obliterate entire grid squares (1,000 meters by 1,000 meters). The devastating bombings were called 'Arc Lights'

The Kerry/Edwards campaign is about to suffer a series of political Arc Lights launched by the organized, energized, and beaucoup p.o.-ed veteran community.

O'Neil and Corsi are not Lone Rangers. There are over a hundred anti-Kerry web sites (including, but not limited to , , and

When confronted with facts that contradict the preconceived opinion/prejudice/big lie, the only thing TO do is to attack the attacker.

Who are these mean-spirited minions of an 'obvious' GOP dirty tricks squad? It is a LONG list...and includes highly decorated veterans from Admiral Roy Hoffman, Admiral (later Senator) Jeremiah Denton, and Captain George Elliot to Medal of Honor recipients Tom Hudner and Jon Cavaiani. B.G. Burkett, author of 'Stolen Valor' and hundreds of names you have never heard.

The 'Kerry Bad' crowd is not (notwithstanding protestations to the contrary) a GOP led partisan attack. These men revile John Kerry for reasons that transcend politics. Frankly, the RNC and Bush-Cheney (although they will benefit politically from the efforts of the vets) HAS to keep away from the vets and maintain more than plausible deniability.

But Kerry/Edwards (with the aid and comfort of a complicit mainstream media) HAS to respond...and they have.

Enter Mike Kranish, erstwhile Boston Globe journalist. Kranish ignited an excrement storm when he 'reported' a key anti-Kerryite (Kerry's former commanding officer, Captain George Elliot) had "backed off one of the key contentions." There is a sidebar story about Kranish and the spin of book publisher Public Affairs and the Boston Globe. Kranish had written an Introduction to the Kerry and Edwards book, but it and his name have been removed from the sanitized copy. Give Matt Drudge five for archiving the original link to the book which lays bare the lie of Globe Editor Martin Baron that Karnish had "no connection to the Kerry campaign book and did not write its introduction."

Meanwhile, Captain Elliot claims the Kranish spin is "extremely inaccurate" and misstated his real views. In response to the Globe duplicity, Elliot reaffirmed his statement AND his affidavit in support of the controversial ads now running.

The Kerry Camp is apoplectic. They say the book is "the dirtiest of all dirty tricks ever played on a candidate for the presidency." Veterans respond, "John Kerry is a liar, (several quotes inappropriate for publication), and unfit for command."

John Kerry is making a concerted effort to focus on four rewritten/revised and amended months over three decades ago. He has conspicuously avoided any analysis of almost two decades in Congress and a voting record that has been called "consistently inconsistent" and the most liberal in the Senate.

The critical distinction between the two presidential candidates is not legislative, or political. The critical distinction is leadership.

Men who served with John Kerry overwhelmingly find him epically deficient as a leader.

Woodrow Wilson once observed, "Leadership does not always wear the harness of compromise. Once and again one of those great influences, which we call a Cause, arises in the midst of a nation. Men of strenuous minds and high ideals come forward.... The attacks they sustain are more cruel than the collision of arms.... Friends desert and despise them.... They stand alone and oftentimes are made bitter by their isolation.... They are doing nothing less than defy public opinion, and shall they convert it by blows. Yes."

John Kerry is a Kumbaya/John Lennon "all you need is love" (and the United Nations) Neville Chamberlain.

Remember the movie 'Gladiator'? Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) said, "Strength and honor." Kinda the same thing Admiral Hoffman, Admiral Denton, Captain Elliott, John O'Neil and Jerry Corsi are well as George W. Bush.

Kerry IS 'Unfit for Command' and although the bleeding heart base of the Democrat party has convinced themselves "Anyone but Bush" is an adequate response to the question of November 2nd, it is counter-intuitive and a for real threat to a national security...and our lives.

Kerry is anathema to our national security. He lacks "Strength and honor"...duplicity and home movies notwithstanding. Don't take my word for 'Unfit for Command'

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The 'Kerry Bad' crowd is not (notwithstanding protestations to the contrary) a GOP led partisan attack. These men revile John Kerry for reasons that transcend politics.