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By Geoff Metcalf

June 2, 2004

I have been forced to observe there is no more successful collaborator than the mainstream media in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. (May 25, 2004 column).

The inherent absurdity of the counter-intuitive visceral anti-war pontificating is sufficient to gag maggots.

If (God forbid) the media is successful in showering aid and comfort on an enemy that want to kill us, their reward for complicity will be their own elimination and destruction. For good or ill it is imperative that we save them from themselves if only to save the republic and ourselves as well.

Columnists on both sides of the political spectrum occasionally fall victim to specific pet issues. They focus too much attention on one issue and risk becoming two dimensional in their rants. It has happened to me a few times. I spent way too much time railing against NAFTA and then the WTO. Periodically I am driven to refute the anti-gun elitists. I try to avoid the tragic flaw of getting wrapped around a single-issue axle�and sometimes fail. Wrestling with pigs just gets you dirty and thrills the pig.

However, this is one of those acknowledged failures but SO important and critical to our national security I am compelled to ignore my own counsel.

We are at a critical cross roads and it is crucial we, as a nation, embrace the concept of "It's not WHO is right or wrong but WHAT is right or wrong."

This upcoming presidential election is a dangerous and grave period in the history of the republic.

We face an enemy in this war against terrorism that is focused in 13th theocracy. They want you, your family, and our core principles and beliefs destroyed. This is not right wing hyperbole�.this is FACT.

I have tried to address the survival imperative in previous columns. We MUST survive (May 25, 2004 column).

The left driven mainstream media is either unwittingly or intentionally conspiring with forces of evil to morph the 'Fourth Estate' into a literal 'Fifth Column'. 'Bassackwards' (May 18, 2004 column).

We continue to win every military engagement (just as we won every military battle in Vietnam).

The North Vietnamese 'thought' they had lost after Tet (militarily, they HAD). They knew it and our military knew it. However the media missed the memo, and perception defeated reality, when uncle Walter (Cronkite) articulated fiction, and fantasy became reality.

However, if or when the complicit mainstream media ratchet up the antiwar rants (it has already started) and Americans become squishy on the imperative of taking the fight to the bad guys, the media will become exploited co-conspirators with the forces who oppose freedom (May 3, 2004 column).

The Special Forces unit crest bears a Latin motto: 'De Oppresso Liber'. It means "To Free the Oppressed". Who would have ever thunk it that WE would have become the oppressed and that our oppressors would be the alleged guardians of the first draft of history? We are on the brink of squandering what Better Men (Memorial Day 2002 column).have secured for us with their blood and very lives.

I don't want to sound Pollyannish or like a broken record (or scratched CD). However, this is real serious excrement folks.

The routine adversarial debates between left and right, democrats and republicans desperately need a cold-water reality check. If these sophomoric politicians Jonesing for partisan scabs to pick at don't get their heads out of rectal defilade and embrace and honor their oaths of office, their ability to survive is in jeopardy.

We are not engaged in a sports contest. This war on terrorism is a win or die deal.

Sure there are political and philosophic differences. However, there should be (and HAS to be) a few core principles that everyone, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation or what NFL team you support, should agree.

We MUST preserve and protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

The latest 'outrage' of the left is to say, "It is not unpatriotic to oppose the president." It's not unpatriotic to oppose details of the Patriot Act. It's not unpatriotic to oppose spending details. However, it damn sure IS unpatriotic to oppose the war on terrorism or to undermine the jobs of our troops in uniform.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does NOT mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country."

This President has "efficiently served the country". Those who attempt to support their partisan screeds by claiming he has failed in his duty to stand by the country are disingenuous and do so at the peril of the republic.

� 2004 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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"We are at a critical cross roads and it is crucial we, as a nation, embrace the concept of "It's not WHO is right or wrong but WHAT is right or wrong."