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By Roger Fredinburg

August 21, 2002

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Sam Cohen, acclaimed inventor of the neutron bomb.


What I learned in that one hour surprised, alarmed, shocked and frightened me like few discussions could.


President Bush (41), father of current President George W. Bush (43), at the request of then Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Colon Powell, willingly dismantled and removed from America's arsenal forever, the most powerful battlefield nuclear weapon ever designed. That's right, Cohen's Neutron bomb.


So what! Say the contemporaries of modern war. Surely we are well enough equipped militarily that this one element of battlefield prowess is insignificant at best�.right?




As Cohen describes it, we are literally doomed to lose any war in the current climate as our most likely enemies have hundreds or thousands of neutron bombs in their caches.


Not withstanding the fact that the former Soviet Union built thousands of them, but China has an estimated 800 of these weapons at their disposal and are building more as we speak.


The "Cox Report" issued by a committee headed by Congressman Christopher Cox highlighted many of the ugly details about our entanglements with China, pointed out this threat and it was clearly ignored, as was the Cox Report in it's entirety.


It's no wonder that the Cox committee was stifled, as the road to discovery kept leading back to one time Ambassador to China, George Herbert Walker Bush. Colon Powell and others assailed Cox. A bi-partisan effort shut down discovery and neutered the report. Less than 20% of the committee's findings ended up in the final draft (official).


The scenario proffered by Cohen is that China could easily knock out the major military installations in Taiwan with a few simple rocket mounted neutron warheads. This action would allow most of the population to escape injury, kill the probable combatants in the wink of an eye and leave ready those bases for occupation by the P.L.A.


Once controlling both sides of the Taiwan Straights it would be militarily impossible for outside forces, from the U.S.A. for example to get in there and contribute. If a ship or an armada of ships were hailed to the region they would be sitting ducks.


The Chinese would simply need to launch missiles with neutron heads in the direction of the coming forces and explode those warheads in the general area of our fleet and instantly, without hitting any target, all personnel would be dead. The rudderless navy, without a crew to direct them, could be commandeered or simply left to find their own destinations.


Similarly, if airplanes filled with troops were headed to the region, a near miss is good enough to render their mission hopeless and otherwise perfect aircraft would simply fall out of the sky.


Add to these worries the fact that China was able to salvage our most sensitive 3D missile tracking technology from the recently grounded EP3 at Hainang Island and an even larger picture of invincibility begins to appear for our enemies.


Iraq and the evil Saddam Hussain may also have some of these weapons, nobody knows for sure but it's rumored that many of these were missing along with eighty or so "backpack Nukes". No one really knows and that should make us all weary.


President Clinton, with aid from his commie-hugging pal Bernard Schwarts of Loral/Hughes, made certain that the Chinese had missile guidance technology more than capable of elevating China's missile delivery capabilities up to the level of America, but avoided any consequence as a result. Schwarts and Loral paid a miniscule fine and are now back in the "Top Secret" game.


Madeline Albright (not-so), gave aid and comfort to Saddam, removed the weapons inspectors and gave Iraq a green light to strengthen their once feeble Republican Guard and rebuild the world's 4th largest military.


Along with that we opened the floodgates of trade by failing to enforce with any resolve the so-called sanctions against Iraq and our supposed allies like Russia and China, along with formerly assumed allies such as Saudi Arabia, have been arming, training and encouraging Saddam to shake his rattle of death and despair.


Now President Bush and middle-east lackey Colon Powell want us to march into Iraq and give Saddam his long overdue spanking?


Israel might see the opportunity to use any attention deficit on the part of the U.S.A. to further secure her sovereignty and all hell will break loose. I can't say I would blame the Israeli's. They've certainly waited long enough for us to develop a coherent approach to the middle east threat.


The cold, hard truth, or maybe the post cold war truth, is that the United States is about to discover why our Founding Fathers ordered us to avoid foreign entanglements.


And the fact is that we don't have the resolve to use the weapons required to win a war. And, if WW lll breaks out, we will likely lose.


Americans haven't seen a real war for over 50 years and are highly unlikely to respond as our WW ll veterans did because we just simply don't have the moral fiber anymore. Our materialistic self-absorbed, childish and selfish new age culture just simply lacks the guts to fight and win.


We had the police actions in Korea and Viet Nam, the Grenada rescue, the Arrest of Norriega in Panama, the fly over war in the gulf, the butt kicking in Somalia, the war on poverty, the war on illiteracy, the war on drugs, the new war on smokers, fat people and fast food. Hell, we seem to be having a war on everything?


And now we have a war on TERROR?


We pummeled Afganistan and the Taliban, failed to locate Osama Bin Laden or any of the terrorist leaders. We have no victory to claim and recent news tells us that we're there in Afganistan for the long haul. How many billions of American tax dollars will we pour into this rocky abyss and to what benefit to the average American citizen? More heroin and opium poppy? How much has already been flushed down the Islamic toilet called Bosnia? When do we taxpayers get that parasite off our backs?


And so it goes that Americans can't even relate to what a real war is. I screamed at the top of my lungs at the media for refusing to show a film of the flying dead leaping from buildings on September 11th. Not because I want to see gory blood and guts reporting, but because Americans are so sheltered from reality.


But not for long!


The world is filled with leeches and the United States of America seems willing to allow the fangs of these foreign vampires to sink deep into our knecks and wallets. They are sucking us dry, draining our resources and at the same time invading our country and quietly killing the host.


Dr. Sam Cohen built the Neutron bomb so we could kill the enemies of our nation and secure the liberty and freedom promised by our forefathers with the least possible threat to American lives. He is a true modern day hero.


Unfortunately his dream to keep us safe has been willfully handed over to our future foreign rulers and our gutless treck into the future on the coat tails of inferior men and cowardly leaders will be our ultimate undoing.


There is just one chance left if we are to save America.


Convince President Bush to overrule his father's earlier mistake. Rebuild our arsenal with Neutron bombs. Lots and lots of neutron bombs.


The rule of war is simple "kill or be killed"


We might think we are a Super Power but our President knows we are more like a sitting duck and our leaders are much less than statesmen and a whole lot more like Quacks.


God save the republic!

� 2002 - Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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"Add to these worries the fact that China was able to salvage our most sensitive 3D missile tracking technology from the recently grounded EP3 at Hainang Island and an even larger picture of invincibility begins to appear for our enemies."