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By Roger Fredinburg
October 23, 2001 

The Islamic Jihad or Holy War is on. We are the targets of this most unwanted assault and what makes it worse is that many in the world think we are getting what we deserve.

The United States of America is perceived by the Islamic radical movement as more than the purveyor of decadence, greed, immorality, sexual perversion, pornography and pagan Godlessness, we are in fact the Great Satan.

These cult-like faithful and devout followers of the God they call Allah are committed to the eradication of the conversion of all the people of The Book or Holy Bible.

Western thinking cannot, does not, and I'm afraid will not ever properly relate to these odd and rapidly growing forces that are spreading their spiritual ideology across the globe at a rate nearly ten times faster than Christianity.

The more radical elements, like those responsible for the attacks on New York and Washington D.C., have little if any regard for human life. Their motivation is anything but humane. They see their deaths, the deaths of their families and the blood shed for the cause of righteousness as a form of currency in the world beyond. They believe that when they die in the Jihad or Holy War against the Jews and Christians of the pagan west that Allah will reward them with special gifts like seven virgins and supernatural god-like powers.

Like the adherents to any mind control cult, the followers of the extreme elements of the Muslim faith are willing to walk, run or fly head on into the enemies of Islam, tied to a bomb or any destructive force, without needing a particular reason other than the promise that their families will be cared for and their heavenly reward awaits them. Like the Apple White Cult with their purple shrouds, Nike tennis and black wardrobes, eager to catch a ride on the tail of a passing comet, there is just no way for us to understand the reasons why.

Our former President gave the upper hand to these lost and dangerous souls by waving his genitalia in the face of the world, cementing their beliefs that we are a decadent and morally bereft nation. A threat to everything they believe in and an obvious threat to their culture, religion and therefore a formidable foe in need of spiritual discipline.

Now we are entered into the Holy war and we haven't a clue as to what our enemy wants, expects, or has planned, but his calculated efforts are showing that he is right. We will approach this Holy war from a secular and pagan view, but we will lose if we do.

To radical Islam it's irrelevant that our gun is bigger than their gun, our ships better equipped, our planes faster, our military might and killing power more substantial. What the Muslim is yelling back at us is ......our God is bigger than your God.

It's a spiritual war, a Holy war and every Muslim that dies in it is seen as adding power to a dimension we choose to ignore. They believe that like we use money as currency, they use blood as cash in Allah's heaven to buy favor and supernatural strength or miracles.

Our stubborn ignorance of these important spiritual principles will only play into their long awaited Jihad strategy;  to meet on the battlefield with a wholly unprepared adversary. They will attack us using tactics like Fabio waged against Hannibal until he was no longer a threat at the gate.

To enter into a Holy war, you'd better be Holy. It's about our God against theirs and we ugly Americans have a tendency to forget God and His divine providence. It would be a grave error on our part to go into this war with a secular heart.

Former Israeli Army spokesman Avi Lipkin informed me that there are fifteen million Islamic faithful in the U.S.  If just one percent of them have an allegiance to the radicals then there are at least 150,000 potential terrorist living in our country right now. He assures me that the actual percentage of loyalists to the Jihad are much higher than that.

So, what do we do? The big question, right?

Political correctness precludes us from taking action designed to defend our citizens. We don't have the stomach for Internment camps. We refuse to properly engage our intelligence gathering technology. Our president would never attack the true symbols of the radicals like Mecca, Medina or the Dome of the Rock (which would guarantee WW III and likely bring all the Muslim world down on Israel and us). But nothing short of destroying their great symbols will move them emotionally like this assault on American soil has moved us.

I fear it's going to be a long and deadly battle. Maybe the Islamic extremists will eventually kill enough of us that we ultimately will demand an all out, no holds barred retaliation, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

We will strike empty tents in Afghanistan, some worthless stone erections on the deserts of Iraq, a training center or two in Pakistan and maybe an aspirin factory in Sudan, just for old times sake.

Islam will laugh at us, count their new and enlarged spiritual bank account in Allah's financial district in the sky and then more and more of us will die.

Will we strengthen our borders or slow the migration from around the globe to the U.S.? Will we see troops on our sidewalks, tanks rolling down Main Street, suffer food shortages, curfews, rationing of gas, water, medicine, etc?

What Americans don't quite understand yet is that this war will be fought here, on our streets, in our towns, and for the first time since the Civil War, America will suffer the carnage, the losses, and the pain of war in their own back yard.

Are we ready?

What next? Chemical or biological attack? Will Uncle Sam build us underground shelters, put up massive food stores, water storage, etc?

Will we get gas masks, chemical and bio detection equipment? How about anti-serum, vaccinations and civil defense training? Will we get water filtration devices, emergency electrical generation plants? Will our economy collapse?

Now you see what a doom and gloom scenario might look like.

I, for one, am on my knees praying to the God of the Book, that we will be blessed with Divine intervention, saved from the ravages of war. I pray that President Bush and our leaders will find some resolution and a way to protect this nation from invasion and more horrific acts of violence against innocent civilians.

September 11, 2001 may be a day remembered in infamy but what's to come might make it look more like a Sunday walk in the park.

May God bless and protect our land, and you as well.

2001 - Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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