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By Roger Fredinburg

March 7, 2012

Political correctness combined with intellectually inferior parents will be the ruin of this nation.

Former Reagan administration Department of Education employee and author Charlotte Iserbyt describes in her book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” many plausible explanations as to how we ended up where we are as a fully dumbed down society in the 21st century. I highly recommend the book.

This sick cartoon movie “The Lorax” indoctrinates children into the far left eco-terror movement. It plays on their vulnerability and is actually raping the little undeveloped minds of our children. It is a form of child abuse to expose children to this masterfully designed brainwashing machine.

Today’s parents are too stupid, too ignorant and too lazy to reason out the potential damage that comes from exposing their children to these distorted facts.

Sadly, in today’s America, young parents are far more likely to be worried about how they will acquire the cash to pay for their next tattoo or piercing rather than worry about how they might protect their children from being mentally raped by the eco-fascists out there in Holly-Weird.

But this is not the first time we have seen children being intentionally brainwashed to further the political and social engineering goals of a particular agenda driven group.

Most famously, Adolph Hitler had his youth movement and trained young folks to accept lies as truth and to do the evil bidding of his genocidal killing machine. The “Hitler Youth” would turn against their own parents and loved ones in order to submit to their mind controllers and surrender to their programming.

But, to Hitler’s credit, he at least waited until they were teenagers before he began force feeding them mountains of Nazi propaganda and demanding their adherence to his bizarre philosophical psychobabble.

These Green Nazi’s of the information age are literally going after our children in the womb, they can’t even wait until they’re born and resting safely in their cribs.

Medical professionals are there with social workers to “evaluate” mom and dad, to determine if they are going to adhere to the demands of the political correctness movement long before the child is born. Mommy must answer boat-loads of questions about daddy, like does he drink, own a gun etc. and if mommy answers wrong, the “counselor’s” are called in to decide if their home is “safe” for the yet to be born child. There are many intrusions that start before baby is even born. It’s really SICK!

In today’s America, children are turning in their parents to teachers and social workers for crimes against political correctness. They are made to keep journals and reveal household private information in the 4th and 5th grades.

Mountains of expensive bureaucracy has been created to assist what I call the 4th Reich in gathering data and “evidence” on families that can later used to force parental compliance with declared but unofficial laws of political correctness.

Penalties and punishment are often meted out by the good folks who champion egregious policies that are simply made up by folks without proper authority at Children’s services or by government employees and phony Judges in the unconstitutional family court system.

It’s Party rule, left wing Democrat party policy masquerading as law. What a joke!

I used to believe that freedom loving Americans would grab up their pitch forks and axe handles, head down to the viper pit and clean house on the commies and socialists who have become the enemies within. But I now realize, nobody is coming, nobody has the balls.

The Lorax" enjoyed the third-highest opening for a movie released in March (behind "Alice in Wonderland" and "300") as well as the sixth-biggest opening for an animated feature. And in a tough economy, that’s a great showing, and it will grow.

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This left wing eco-terrorist trash will end up in most American households either as a DVD, a game, a toy or as affiliated and licensed products, maybe even breakfast cereal.

The damage it causes will be real, detrimental and harmful to our fragile and deteriorating Republic. And few if any will see it coming, or do anything to expose or stop it. It is a dangerous part of the propaganda machine that is killing our nation.

I would ask folks to grab their pitch forks and head to town, but I would probably find very few people out there who even know what a pitch fork is… and that is sad.

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Roger Fredinburg is a national radio figure. He conducted a daily 3 hour syndicated radio talk show heard in hundreds of cities from coast to coast. He was syndicated by Talk Radio Network along side Art Bell and held on to more that 150 radio stations from 1993 until he left Radio America in 2004. He now owns an ad agency; and offers audio and video blogging at










The Lorax" enjoyed the third-highest opening for a movie released in March (behind "Alice in Wonderland" and "300") as well as the sixth-biggest opening for an animated feature.