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By Roger Fredinburg
August 16, 2001

Mutiny is defined as an open revolt against lawful authority. Often applied in Maritime law to crew members who tire of the ship's Captain, decide his leadership is jeopardizing their lives, or in some way determine for reasons often lacking any basis, that they could better run the ship.

When mutiny occurs, the Captain and his loyal crew are often killed, thrown overboard, or turned into indentured servants, slaves who then suffer remuneration at the hands of a new Captain with self proclaimed authority

It's common for ships acquired by these mutinous despots to become Pirate ships, plundering the seas in search of helpless victims, instantly condemned with no escape possible. These unaware marks are robbed of their earthly gain, beaten, killed or made slaves to do the ships work. If their existence becomes burdensome, or food and water become scarce, they walk the plank for the entertainment of the mutineers, only to be consumed by the enormity of the sea and eaten by sharks.

As the loot  grows in size, the treasure must be hidden away from even more desperate and dangerous sea faring gangsters. And so, on the uncharted seas, where small un-noticed islands congregate by the thousands, the pirate buries his worth in a secret grave and draws a map to aid in later recovery.

In America today, tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are missing. Not from one, but from numerous agencies. Just disappeared into the abyss of big government never to be seen again. One must ask if that is actually possible...? Even the uneducated pirate knew to draw a map to where the buried treasure is. Do these mutineers actually believe that we citizens are really that gullible? I'll bet someone somewhere has a map.

Our ship of state, has in my view been commandeered by the hired help. In a country founded on the principle By, of and for the people. the promise is that we are the captains of our own ships on the sea of freedom known to all as the United States of America.

The agents of government and their minions called bureaucrats have committed mutiny, Long ago they turned on We The People, raped, robbed, maimed, mugged and killed us and then forced us into an abominable form of involuntary servitude.

Now the great pirate ship, or The Nanny State as I like to call it, controls every aspect of our lives.

Our farmers are told what food to grow, when to grow it, what the price will be, who to sell it to and how much to grow. With events unfolding in the Klamath Basin along the Oregon/California border we see that the mutineers continue their evil with the theft of property lawfully deeded to the farmers in Klamath in perpetuity...forever. Well, forever has arrived.

The mutineers steered their pirate ship into the endless waters of Klamath lake and forcefully took the property of the farmers, using an action called inverse taking (exacting). An illegal, immoral and devastating act of aggression against all property owners in America.

To add perspective, let's use a generic hypothetical but typical example. If the government determines there is a need and decides to put in a freeway what's the process?

First they do an environmental impact study, then an economic study to determine the cost to tax payers. Then they get authorization and appropriate funding for the project through legislative action and only on consent of the governed, or, their representatives as applies under law.

If there is a consensus or a majority vote in favor of the project the people along the route are informed and hold further rights to contest such action through mandatory public hearings, comment periods, or in the courts. That's what we Americans call due process.

With inverse takings as is the case in the Klamath Basin, the government determines that a gray area exists, uses other policies or laws to justify bypassing due process, takes the property and then leaves the rightful owner the problem of fighting against his own money to be lawfully restored by acquiring just compensation from the government as prescribed in the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Government agencies and their assigns know too well that after you have ruined someone financially, it is virtually impossible for them to mount a defense and right the wrong. They count on average citizens giving up, realizing the futility associated with fighting on, ultimately settling for much less than the law affords them.

These pirates at the helm of our newly designed ship of state ignore the law, violate the Constitution with impunity and operate with virtual immunity. We have sent young men and women across the oceans of the world many times to die in order to eradicate far less notorious forms of tyranny.

The property in this case is water.  Collectively and individually owned by the farmers. They have the legal documents, along with canceled checks, to prove it.

But, mutiny turns to bounty as power providers sell electricity designated to run pumps in the Klamath irrigation district to California. With its power woes this summer, California helps Pacific Power pull in an estimated 73 million dollars in added and unexpected profits. Farmers typically get a discount due to an agreement making Klamath basin growers a Rural Electric Co-Op.

It's debatable whether or not the Fed's have an actual right to engage in eminent domain actions in states and over water. It's not debatable as to who owns the water and to whom is owed considerable just compensation for its inverse taking. The farmers own the water, period.

Politicians like Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon and the district's Republican Representative Greg Walden have attempted to capitalize on the crisis, aspiring to claim hero status by asking congress for aid. I am told they are holding the money back awaiting an opportune time to ride in on their imaginary white donkey named 'consensus' and save the day. However, that's unlikely, as they have been exposed.

What is needed in the Klamath basin is constitutionally ordered just compensation and a local management agreement that puts the people of the basin in charge. Eliminate the foreigners from Washington D.C. Compensation should include money for collateral damage.

If the Green movement really wants to take property from law abiding citizens they will need to find a more creative method. Americans can't begin to understand the true cost of these takings which are occurring in many places without much notoriety.

Klamath is ground zero for this fight. The American people are about to discover just how much it costs to steal from their food producing neighbors and I'm betting the price will be too high to bear.

Today's government mutineers seem to know what's best for our children and claim ownership of them denying the very foundation of human law;  family being a sovereign body unto itself.

They demand unconscionable amounts of our meager earnings literally stealing food from the mouths of our diaper clad babies. They take property without due process, control our land, deny us use of it, and use our money, also taken by force or fear to pummel us in their courts.  This might explain the term, 'you are your own worst enemy'.

The mutineers control us right down to the type of toilet we are allowed in our private bathrooms.

Many financially independent people are renouncing their U.S. citizenship and living overseas to escape the long outstretched arm waving from the keel of the new pirate ship of state which seems convinced it has no boundaries and few foes who might object.

No one on planet earth is safe from the pirate's reach as his crew has become millions, his vessels many and his power greater apparently than even our Creator. That's right, even God is being mugged by the thugs of state which pretend to believe in separation of church and state yet forces the church into a contract (501c3) with one of its many treasure hungry agencies.

Our new pirate captains, like mobsters in a cheap B grade gangster film, offer protection to those who pay-up, shut up, lay down, roll over and play dead.  If you don' won't have to play. They will kill you or imprison you if you try fighting them alone.

These new world rules apply not only to Americans but to small sovereign countries as well. Ask the fine Christians and our former allies in Serbia where our new pirate ship captains attacked and killed  many innocent civilians in the name of international peace.

How did they get away with it? Simple...They used the same tactics here that Hitler used to demonize the Jews. U.S. Senator Gordon Smith and a lackey from Representative Walden's office named John Snider partnered with the media recently to demonize farmers in Klamath. And, to label, scare and detour hundreds of caring travelers who came in caravans with food, clothing, livestock feed and money. They came to help those left drowning in the wake of the pirate ship that ripped off needed and deeded water from 1400 families, leaving them to fend for themselves while depriving them of the means.

Propaganda is a powerful force and these mutineers who have commandeered the united States of America are experts at using their frightened and controlled media co-conspirators as the means of debasing any group of Americans or foreigners who they determine a threat to their reign of tyranny. Or is it terror?

Imagine farmers, loggers, housewives and children being depicted by Senator Gordon Smith and the media as anti-government or as militia. This same type of propaganda was used successfully to keep the masses quiet while millions were marched off to their deaths in Nazi Germany and astern Europe.

We commonly think of Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao when we see these tactics. But from now on we should think of Clinton, Reno, along with Sen. Smith and Rep. Walden.  They are proving to be just as cunning and even more ruthless in their tactics.

If we don't stop them here, it's only a matter of time until they decide that they have the power to kill us. If you think I'm too radical in that statement ask the kids from Kent State, The Weavers or the Branch Davidians.

First they convince the public with their propaganda that the target is evil or dangerous. Then they rob the intended victims of their humanity. Then they kill them. History is filled with similar stories. You could be next.

I encourage everyone to pressure President Bush and his underlings, including Congress to stop toying with the good people of Klamath.  Start writing checks and righting wrongs before it gets any further out of hand and blood is spilled. I beg you, don't let that happen.

In Klamath Falls, Oregon the tyrant may have met his match. The pirate ship is lurking at the head-gates. It's crew should reconsider before it's too late. The sleeping giant is stirring in her slip. The Freedom Ship is about to set sail. Her mission; Sink the pirate ship, recover her treasure and feed the dying carcass of tyranny to the sucker fish.

All aboard!

  2001 - Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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