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By Roger Fredinburg

February 10, 2012

Stopping Barack Obama and his sleazy un-American agenda is as simple as “Just say No”

In Congress, John Boehner and crew have the ultimate power, the purse strings.

If the EPA is out of control, (and it is) refuse to fund it.

If Obama wants to play Super hero and environmental cowboy by stopping critical projects like the Keystone Oil pipeline, cut off funding for his motor pool and Air-Force One.

Tell them they can travel by electric bicycle and a hang-glider until they come to their senses.

To believe this big lie that there is nothing congress can do to stop the spend it till we crash agenda is just plain stupid. They can stop it all right now by NOT FUNDING the lunacy. And sadly, most Americans and the media elite in this country are pretty damned stupid.

There is no constitutional requirement that congress fund Planned Parenthood, the Department of Energy, Education, the EPA… It’s all a big ruse.

Here’s some basic history;

The power of the purse plays a critical role in the relationship of the United States Congress and the President of the United States, and has been the main historic tool by which Congress can limit executive power. One of the most recent examples is the Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, which eliminated all military funding for the government of South Vietnam and effectively ended the Vietnam War. Other recent examples include limitations on military funding placed on Ronald Reagan by Congress, which led to the withdrawal of United States Marines from Lebanon. Appropriation bills cannot originate in the Senate, but the Senate can amend appropriation bills that originate in the House.

The power of the purse in military affairs was famously subverted during the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s. Congress denied further aid to the Contras in Nicaragua. Unwilling to accept the will of Congress, members of the Reagan Administration solicited private donations, set up elaborate corporate schemes and brokered illegal arms deals with Iran in order to generate unofficial funds that could not be regulated by Congress.

Budget limitations and using the power of the purse form a controversial part of discussion regarding Congressional opposition to the Iraq War. On March 23, 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a supplemental war budget that imposed a timeline on the presence of American combat troops in Iraq, but the legislation was not passed.

The power of the purse has also been used to compel the States to pass law…

And they do, mainly in cases where Congress does not have the constitutional power to make it a federal matter. The most well-known example of this is regarding the drinking age, where Congress passed a law to withhold federal funds for highways in any state that did not raise the age to 21. Congress did not pass the law itself because the 21st Amendment (which ended Prohibition in the U.S.) gave control of alcohol to the states. In 2009. Congress is now focused on similar legislation regarding texting while driving.

When I hear any congressmen, in particular U.S. Senators but also the likes of our crybaby House Speaker John Boehner babbling about the President wiping his backside with the constitution, I just want to puke. They are too afraid to call Obama out on his un-constitutional abuses of power.


If you lying cowards in congress don’t have the guts to impeach this poser in the White House and send his butt packing, then please, just SHUT UP.

What we need is an entirely new group of folks in Washington. I know you’ve heard it before, but we need to throw the bums out.

The fact is, any program, agency, agenda, legislation or law passed by one congress is not binding on the next.

That means that rather than cry like gelded sissies about the dangers of Obama-care, the cowards in congress need to de-fund the program, and they have the votes for that.

But that would mean in the upcoming election, Republicans might have to run on their own losing records, and that would prove to be political suicide.

They instead, are hoping this phony banter about Obama-care will draw even more brain dead and useless followers in the “Red State Cult”. How sick is that?

You see, President Obama is right in the sense that he inherited a really bad situation, and sadly, he has made it a lot worse. But he had help, lots of help, in both houses of congress.

I think in was Madeline Albright, Clinton’s Secretary of State who popularized publicly outing certain folks for their lacking of cojones (a vulgar Spanish word for testicles).

That is exactly what’s lacking in our nations capital, CAJONES.

The reason this foggy reflection of America, the U.S. Congress, is so screwed up, is because the people of America who elect them are even more screwed up than they are, and congress is trying to appease the will of what I call the “Parasite Class.”

That’s right America; Many of you are contributing heavily to the problem.

Many Americans these days are self serving cowards, immoral, lazy, narcissistic weirdo’s who are lost in what I call the “Tattoo Culture”. Bogged down by self worship, New Age Idolatry, mindless sexual deviance and consumed by anti-Christian views, anti American rhetoric and godlessness.

In the Clinton years, congress failed America and shrank from their duty to toss Bill Clinton, an accused serial sex predator, felony perjurer, and all around creep out on his butt cheeks, and so it will go with Obama.

The truth is, congress can refuse to fund anything they find to be not in our best interest or unconstitutional or unlawful, like the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA.

We have truly become a nation of cowards, is there not one man is willing to sacrifice his time, freedom or reputation? Not one man willing to go to jail in the name of freedom?

Is it time to apologize to all of the veterans who gave their lives to save America? Did they really die and surrender their limbs for this wretched lot of losers and wimps that most Americans have become?

We should be ashamed America, very ashamed. We have a Poser in Chief in the White House because most of us are posers ourselves.

Pretending that you love America, the constitution, freedom and moral living and not being willing to make any sacrifices to protect those ideals, makes you just as guilty as the enemies within our country.

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All I can think to say for the moment is; God Bless the republic, Godsave and bless America.

If you are a typical modern day American coward who just likes the sound of your own simplistic views, please don’t write or respond to this article…

I am looking for a few good men, (or women) who are willing to lead a charge to restore this great land. If you are one who wants to actually do something, contact me, Other-wise, please don’t.

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To believe this big lie that there is nothing congress can do to stop the spend it till we crash agenda is just plain stupid. They can stop it all right now by NOT FUNDING the lunacy. And sadly, most Americans and the media elite in this country are pretty damned stupid.