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By Roger Fredinburg

August 18, 2011

Congratulations to Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul on Iowa… Now what?

I didn’t hear a single candidate suggest we buy American, did you?

Did you know we can pass the U.S. tax burden on to the Chinese and others who are creating trade deficits that cripple American business?

Right now the Chinese are loaning the U.S. money that our consumers are spending on cheap Chinese goods. Can anyone say STUPID? Apparently not!

I want to ask all candidates these questions:

If you win the Presidency what will you do? will you propose to end the loopholes in the tax code? Lower the corporate tax rate? Seek regulatory reform? Audit the Fed?

Okay…Then what? How will that get us out of the economic dungeon we are being held captive in?

First off, the Obama-Bots like Reid and Pelosi will refuse your ideas and we will still be in a desperate economic free fall, and nothing will actually get done… as usual.

Second, while some of the “usual” ideas sound great, the fact is they are all part of the long standing sick game of politics that divide America.

Third, too many Americans are not paying taxes at all; more disgusting is the fact that over 25% get back refunds they didn’t contribute any money toward.

We are literally cannibalizing this country one taxpayer at a time.

I haven’t heard a single republican candidate convey any idea’s that will actually save our country from economic ruin.

None of these tired old Washington D.C. business as usual tactics will help restore the American dream and everyone with an above room temperature IQ knows it.

As long as congress and the White House can use the tax code to play favorites and manipulate “We the people,” there will be no economic recovery.

To save America’s economy and fulfill promises made to our seniors and veterans we must return to the original taxing methods our founders installed. And force the federal government to shrink back to it’s constitutionally mandated responsibilities.

Tariffs, Duties, excise taxes and the Several States joining in harmony, forcing the Federal government to return to it’s enumerated powers is the only realistic answer.

America has come full circle and we must adopt changes that reflect the traditional values that made us great to begin with.

If we are to save this country, we must return the power back to the people, dump the tax code and abolish all direct taxation, move to our original tax system of Tariffs and duties at the federal level and create a small 1% transaction tax at the State level.

No income, payroll, property, sales or any other tax, everything tied to reality, and consumption is the ultimate reality.

I call this plan “The Reality Tax.”

Finally, we must acknowledge our military supremacy, show the world all the goodies we invented with trillions of taxpayer funds like light, Plasma, laser, acoustic, microwave weapons and our powerful clean battlefield nukes from the neutron technology.

We could save trillions of dollars and end all aggression towards us and avoid further wars by exposing our weapons and by being willing to use them.

The biggest republican lie is that we need to keep spending trillions for defense. That is pure poppycock. We have technology available that would make all our enemies quiver with fear and surrender any notions of war instantly.

Why these secrets are still being kept is anyone’s guess? Maybe it’s because the giant military contractors like GE and Westinghouse OWN the media? Hmmm…

We have enough top secret weapons and technology, we really don’t even need troops anymore… Someone has to tell the truth, and be willing to end our enemies in a heartbeat if need be. This is a huge topic and we need someone to lead us back to fiscal sanity.


“A tariff may be either a tax on imports or exports (trade tariff), or a list or schedule of prices for such things as rail service, bus routes, and electrical usage (electrical tariff, etc.)”

Trade tariffs in the United States (Wikipedia)

Tariffs have played different roles in trade policy and the nation's economic history. Tariffs (often called customs) were by far the largest source of federal revenue from the 1790s to the eve of World War I, until they were surpassed by income taxes. Tariffs are import tax rates and the collected income is called customs or custom duties or Ad valorem taxes. Responding to an urgent need for revenue following the American Revolutionary War, after passage of the U.S. Constitution the First United States Congress passed, and President George Washington, signed the Hamilton tariff act of July 4, 1789, which authorized the collection of duties on imported goods. Customs duties as set by tariff rates up to 1860 were usually about 80-95% of all federal revenue.

Having just fought a war over taxation (among other things) the U.S. Congress wanted a reliable source of income that was relatively unobtrusive and easy to collect. Tariffs and excise taxes were authorized by the United States Constitution and recommended by the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton in 1789 to tax foreign imports and set up low excise taxes on whiskey and a few other products to provide the Federal Government with enough money to pay its operating expenses and to redeem at full value U.S. Federal debts and the debts the states had accumulated during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton thought it was important to start the U.S. Federal government out on a sound financial basis with good credit. The first Federal budget was about $4.6 million dollars and the population in the 1790 U.S. Census was about four million. Hence the average federal tax was about $1/person per year. Then tradesmen earned about $0.25 a day for a 10-12 hour day so federal taxes could be paid with about four days work. Paying even this was usually optional as taxed imports listed on the tariff lists could usually be avoided if desired.

Tariff rates from 1792 to 1860 were usually about 80-95% of all federal revenue.

All tariffs were on a long list of goods (dutiable goods) with different customs rates and some goods like books, newspapers, models of inventions, etc. on a "free" list. Congress spent enormous amounts of time figuring out these tariff import tax schedules.

Tariffs for many years were primarily to collect Federal revenue and only secondarily to protect start-up industries. Since the government largely restricted its activities to maintaining order and protecting property via the army, navy and courts tariffs raised enough revenues to finance the government.

By restoring the tax system devised by our founders we would encourage domestic business start-ups, real economic development and growth, plus increase productivity, which creates jobs, commerce and prosperity at home.

Why are we so determined to make China, Canada, Mexico, and other foreign countries richer while we go down in flames?

Imagine if the incentive was to develop domestic resources, including energy, just think how that priority would fuel American industry, create opportunity and widen the entrepreneurial spirit.

While Chinese made or other foreign products may continue to be competitive, surely the “tax burden” would be partly absorbed by them and a resurgence of “buy American” campaigns would launch a next generation industrial revolution and propel America back to the top of the economic food chain.

Direct taxation and payroll taxes, property taxes and fees, these are obviously failed methods. Surely they are not the concepts that helped to build America and certainly not the type of revenue positive systems that can help us defend the promise of freedom.

Punitive taxation is a tool our highly educated PC trained leaders use for control purposes and that stinking thinking has led us to the brink of destruction.

To save the republic, as so many so-called patriotic folks clamor, we must terminate the existing tax code and stop politicians from using it to get campaign donations and perform social engineering experiments on America.

Taxing the Rich or reinventing the tax code to placate yet another voting block will not work. Been there done that! Ending loopholes in the code simply plays into this “flavor of the month” mentality in Congress and will do nothing except create more division and further segregate America or fractionalize us into more sub groups with conflicting agendas.

You can see from the recent riots in England how well President Obama’s style of class envy and warfare and the anti-rich folk rhetoric works.

Does our President have innocent blood on his hands?

In America these clashes would occur in a fully armed civilian environment and could mean the loss of unimaginable numbers of American lives.

Is that what the left wants?

Death tolls and body counts would be significant. Dead bodies would stack up in the streets of America rivaling casualty counts from historic battles during the World Wars.


It would make Abraham Lincolns civil war seem like child’s play.

The leftist frontal attack on America and our basic decency has become obvious, and if a large number of good and decent folks ever catch on to the truth, there will be hell to pay.

We are living in a time where the television channels are over-run with Political correctness gone wild, even advertisers are fostering draconian ideas that go so far as to condone one Americans assumed right to benefit from the government’s mugging of another American so they can get a free scooter or medical device.

Every time I see one of those crazy ads telling folks they can get a $5000.00 scooter “At little of no cost to you” I want to throw a brick through the TV and run the announcer over with my SUV.

I scream at the moronic announcers voice on TV… asking the idiot “who the hell do you think pays for those scooters”? I know they aren’t really giving them away free. (I suppose when I yell at the TV my wife thinks I am the one who is nuts?).

When average hard working tax paying citizens finally absorb the true meaning underlying these in your face socialist assaults, look out, stuff will hit the fan.

The fallacy of free trade, the insidious and radical shift from being the world’s largest creditor nation to largest debtor nation has caused the modern world to see American leaders as selfish empirical cowards who are easy to fool and easier to take advantage of.

Trade policies that profess to be free but actually handcuff American business and offer what I call “Affirmative Action Trade Deals” to real life enemies of the United States are just plain stupid.

N.A.F.T.A. (The North American Free Trade agreement) was signed into law by Bill Clinton and was the dominant career objective of President George H.W. Bush.

NAFTA shifted the economy away from American made goods and opened a proverbial Pandora’s Box that has helped to crash our economy.

NAFTA shifted the profit incentive towards importing foreign made goods and provided huge breaks for American companies to move production overseas and ship their wares back tax free. These companies are now appropriately referred to as Multi-Nationals. They get all of the protection of the U.S. government and military, and reap the benefits as foreign aid is forcibly targeted back to them, all at the expense of the American taxpayer and the American worker.

Over 50,000 companies moved operations off shore after NAFTA passed. Millions lost their jobs, and we have never recouped. Remember the promise of service sector jobs, like customer service jobs… most of those jobs went to India and the Philippines.

So much for all those white collar promises made by congress.

Now we have millions of unemployed or under-employed citizens in government re-training camps disguised as community colleges.

The Political correctness movement is overpowering them with change agents installed at every location working to re-shape their thinking and re-program the masses.

And government pays for it all through student loans, grants and other cash programs. Even NAFTA has money for unemployment and re-training. Beware the local campus because it is not as it appears.

And we must ask the question, where will ones loyalty lie after big brother rescues you?

Paying exorbitant salaries to multitudes of pampered members of the Ivy League, letting them ruin everything we hold dear, has proven to be a grave error. These over educated know nothings are creating bad policy, stupid laws and more useless Government programs, and all of this lunacy has proven to be a complete failure.

We must stop them while we still can.

Herman Cain pointed something out in the first Republican debate in S.C. The fact that Washington D.C. is being run by highly educated bureaucrats and experienced Politicians. Nobody had the guts to answer his important although rhetorical question “How’s that working out for you”? The question has an obvious answer.

Now we learn from a newly released N.A.S.A. report on global warming confirming that it’s no longer a real issue. The planet disperses extra heat into outer space exactly as God ordained. So where the hell are the republicans on that? Environmental overkill is at the heart of our economic ruin. Why no bills to end the crazy green regulations that are stifling business growth?

It’s time for our elected and appointed government to surrender their moronics, stop being complete idiots. One immediate necessity would be to impeach Judges in the courts who wrongly give standing to all those wacky green job killers and get the system and the courts the hell out of the way of job creation and forward progress.

It’s time for the Federal Government to abolish the punitive tax code and restore our founding system of Tariffs and Duties, because that will generate the revenue needed to keep our promises and shift the burden of taxation on to consumption and off of the individual.

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That will end the class warfare, end the politicians control, end the abuse by lobbies and big campaign donors and it would take all that annual tax preparedness stress out of people’s lives. It would also encourage job growth and help Americans build genuine wealth in a real life economy that is backed up by productivity and substance.

As my dear friend and radio colleague Chuck Harder said in a recent commentary, all wealth is derived from three sources, mining, manufacturing and agriculture.

America, it’s time to put down that wireless mouse and pick up a shovel.

Buy American, demand incentives to rebuild America by restoring proven methods, and please…. One more time…. throw the bums out.

Send this to every Republican candidate and pray it get’s read.

� 2011 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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The biggest republican lie is that we need to keep spending trillions for defense. That is pure poppycock. We have technology available that would make all our enemies quiver with fear and surrender any notions of war instantly.