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By Roger Fredinburg

October 9, 2010

I find myself laughing out loud every time I hear politicians and government parasites babbling about Social Security and solvency.

Since they are all exempt from contributions, it just seems like an oxymoron.

The fact is, with nearly 30 million taxpayer funded blood-suckers forcing us taxpayers to front load their ridiculously extravagant retirement plans, and the fact that they don’t pay into the Social Security system, nor, in many cases do they even contribute personally to their own retirement funds, coupled with the reality that they retire 15 or 20 years younger than the hosts they devour over time, It’s no wonder the system is failing.

According to a chart published by The Bureau of Economic Analysis, the pay discrepancies between government and private workers are astounding.

Of nearly 2 Million federal employees, most would pay into the system and maximum levels.
In that study:

“Figure 2 shows that the federal advantage is even more pronounced when worker benefits are included. In 2008, federal worker compensation averaged a remarkable $119,982, which was more than double the private sector average of $59,909.”

Those government folks would pay the full $12,750.oo each into the Social Security System, and that’s a lot of dough.

When you ad to the problem 21 plus million State and local government workers who are also exempt from Social Security, slip in military service, contractors and others exempt such as church leaders, the number of folks who have opted out of the Social Security System is mind boggling.

In a recent article by Paul C Light, Government isn’t about to downsize anytime soon.

“A more realistic headcount begins with the 1.9 million full-time permanent civilian federal workers who get their paychecks and identification cards from Uncle Sam. Add in the 1.5 million uniformed military personnel and 850,000 U.S. Postal Service workers who were counted in the federal workforce until their department became a quasi-government corporation in 1970, and the total full-time permanent federal workforce was just under 4.3 million in 1996, the last year for which good numbers are available on both the visible and shadow federal workforce.

Add in the people who work under federal contracts and grants or mandates imposed on state and local governments and the illusion of smallness becomes clear. In 1996, the Federal government's $200 billion in contracts created an estimated 5.6 million jobs, its $55 billion in grants created another 2.4 million jobs, and its array of mandates in such fields as air and water quality and health and safety regulation encumbered another 4.7 million jobs in state, county and municipal governments. Add these 12.7 million shadow jobs to the 4.25 million civilian, military and postal jobs, and the true size of government in 1996 expands to nearly 17 million, or more than eight times larger than the standard headcount of 1.9 million used by Congress and the President to declare the era of big government over. And the count does not even include the full-time equivalent employment of the people who work on a part-time or temporary basis for Uncle Sam--for example, the 884,000 members of the military reserves. “

If government keeps getting bigger, and more people are yanked off the tax roles, at least opted out of the Social Security system, then obviously the system will go the way of the dinosaurs.

I have estimated that roughly 30 Billion a year is being robbed from the Social Security system by this fraud we refer to as the Federal Employee Retirement System or the Public Employee Retirement System.


Since State Legislators and members of Congress aren’t willing to abandon this model for obvious reasons… (They too are cashing in and have abandoned Social Security)

I wouldn’t expect any changes that advance the interests of the American people.

I do think however, that the recent story out of Bell Ca. exposing Bureaucratic greed and abuse of public funds will make a great precedent case in the future on this subject, I wouldn’t advise anyone hold their breath while waiting for meaningful reform from Washington or from your State house.

Recent news has Kentucky gentleman and US Senate candidate Rand Paul suggesting that baby boomer numbers require raising the retirement age as part of the Social Security fix.

But Paul, who has a famous congressional father name Ron Paul isn’t talking about the discrepancies and the real injustice that is the opulent and extravagant Federal Retirement system that his father will someday ride into his grave, son Rand in tow.

It’s sacred ground, the Congress, most State Legislators and 20+ million Public employees don’t want us walking on it. Their advice… “Just shut up-and pay your taxes.”

And the other 20+ million retired Public employees nobody ever mentions… What of them? You never hear them brought up on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh do you?

Like the little sub-human feller, Gollum from lord of the rings, they gather their forces and defend their little “Precious”.

In a country founded on the exact opposite principle, that being, we are a nation where the law applies to all, equally.

This is just another glaring example as to why we must have a revolution of sorts to remedy the public employee cancer problem and to destroy the parasites that are cannibalizing America.

Maybe total economic collapse is our last best hope for survival.

When the absolute truth of their theft and dereliction of duty becomes self evident even to them, maybe that will get us to the point of ultimate resolution.

Whatever the case, I am looking for a lifeboat.

Many of my old friends are in places like Panama, Chile, Belize, Mexico, Honduras and elsewhere.

They are building successful businesses and living large outside of the bureaucratic hell that is the new socialist America.

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Maybe that is the solution, like our founders who tired of the tyranny of Kings and Potentates and found a new land

I don’t think it’s realistic to search for a military solution as civilians.

But moving on and taking our free enterprise talents to a new land, possibly an undeveloped 3rd world paradise like Honduras, that might be a genuine solution.

Anyone interested in going with us?

Let me know!

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According to a chart published by The Bureau of Economic Analysis, the pay discrepancies between government and private workers are astounding.