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By Roger Fredinburg

September 11, 2010

The Obama administration joined with a global cabal of anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Islamic leaders and stuck a knife in the heart of free speech today.

At first I refused to believe what I was reading and seeing on my TV.

The President of the United States of America, General Patreus, Hillary and even the Pentagons top man Robert Gates have jumped into the Koran burning fray regarding Pastor Terry Jones of the Evangelical Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville Florida.

They are trying to intimidate him into cancelling his plans to torch 200 Korans on the anniversary of 911.

Obama and his global goons are trying to convince us that by expressing himself this way, Terry Jones is causing Muslims to become violent.

Muslims around the world Murder and behead Christians and burn bibles almost daily.

How is this 1st amendment expression of outrage a threat to anyone?

Muslims are killing our troops, acting out in all parts of the planet with violence against innocent people, everyday and without any provocation.

It’s what they do…

The President and his minions, blaming Terry Jones for causing Muslim violence, while not accepting responsibility for America’s apathetic approach to global terrorism and border security, is nonsense.

It’s the Muslims, their supporters and enablers who are the real problem.

That should be the focus of the White House and the good folks in the military and the Pentagon.

Trashing the 1st Amendment will not stop Islamic violence.

Letting the Islamic loonies know that we will retaliate against violence with a force second only to Gods wrath, and meaning it and being willing to follow through, that is the only real answer.

Robert Gates, the US Defense Secretary, phoned Pastor Jones on Thursday
Night and asked him to reconsider his plans to burn Korans on Saturday, the Ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, because it would Endanger the lives of American and NATO troops.

Instead, he should have been on the phone to the various Muslim leaders around the world explaining what radioactive fallout precautions to take should they fail to restrain their masses of radical adherents.


What’s really sad is, over the years, we have spent trillions of dollars developing and manufacturing weapons that could reduce the Muslim threat to zero in a few micro-seconds if we only had the courage to use them.

That would save many more young American soldiers than anything Terry Jones could ever do.

We apparently lack the guts and the determination to make a real stand that would back off potential threats to America for centuries to come.

And that’s because of what President Eisenhower warned us about on the dangers of the unbridled political power of our Military Industrial Complex.

Taxpayers should be angry about our spending billons of dollars a month in research and development of weapons that will never go to production and will never save a single American life.

The churches web site was yanked (clearly from influences in the White House) and by the decision at the San Antonio, Texas-based web hosting firm Rackspace.
Dan Goodgame, spokesman for Rackspace, said the evangelical Dove World Outreach Center church had, "violated the Offensive Content section of its Acceptable Use policy."
The policy forbids content or links to material that is "excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence, or contains harassing content or hate speech; and creates a risk to a person's safety or health, creates a risk to public safety or health, compromises national security, or interferes with a investigation by law enforcement."

That means, anyone of us, if accused by big brother of being a threat, can have our voices silenced for no reason and without due process.

Does that sound like the American thing to do?

The churches plans were stalled, at least temporarily after a local Muslim Imam (I leave his name out on purpose) apparently lied to Pastor Jones suggesting the disputed New York Mosque recently in the news would move it’s location away from ground zero, if he would cancel the Koran burning event.

Pastor Jones set the deadline as part of his on-again, off-again threat to burn 200 Korans on Saturday's anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Without saying what the ultimatum was or whether his Florida church would go ahead with the burning, Pastor Jones and a fellow evangelical leader K.A Paul gave Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf two hours to contact them with an answer.


While I personally would not burn Korans in protest, I do appreciate the 1st amendment protections afforded all Americans.

I think Pastor Jones has exposed a dangerous attitude in the leadership of this country that is leading us towards criminalizing free speech in America.

Forget whether you agree with Jones or not.

Ask yourself who is the real threat… Is it Terry Jones?

Is he threatening anyone?

Who is it rioting in the streets and committing violent acts all over the world?

Who is the real danger?

Is it Terry Jones, who has a constitutional right to express his views and openly show his disgust for Islam?

Or is it the Muslims Jones exposes in his book “The Koran is of the Devil” who are the true evil-doers.

Like Obama did in Arizona, taking the side of drug cartels against his own people, President Obama has also rallied the troops against free speech and is working to placate these 7th century Muslim troglodytes and side with radical Muslims against a small church of 50 people in Gainesville Florida.

It’s despicable, they take an oath to defend the constitution, not condemn it.

I hope my assessment is wrong, but it feels like we have learned a really frightening lesson that, in time, could terminally damage this great land.

Is the lesson that Americans, in order to get what we want from our leaders, should turn to threats of violence?

Must we throw child like tantrums backed up with violent acts to be heard?

If we want to be “respected” by the people who represent us or work for us in government, should we be willing to murder, behead and stone to death folks who disagree with us?

Is that where we need to go?

It sure as heck seems to work for the Islam-a-bobs out there.

Have you been wondering why our leaders avoid answering to the people?

They aren’t afraid of us… (Hopefully after the election they will be)

But then again, maybe that is what separates us from the Islamists.

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Demand that our President and the rest of his socialist government goon squad defend our way of life, our freedoms and our constitution, because if they don’t start soon, America just might become violent.

And none of us really wants that…

God Bless America and Long live the Constitution.

And good luck Pastor Jones… (You’ll need it)

� 2010 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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They are trying to intimidate him into cancelling his plans to torch 200 Korans on the anniversary of 911.