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By Roger Fredinburg

August 31, 2010

This article is inspired by a shocking video I received of a young Muslim girl, 17 years old, her name was Dua, and she was brutally murdered by a mob of “peaceful” Muslim men and women. (See Video Warning… If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch it)

The girl had rejected an older 50 something man her parents had arranged for her to marry.

By not wanting to be forcibly married off and date raped by some twisted old child molesting “peaceful” Muslim man, she had violated Sharia law, and her sentence, death by stoning. Without the formality of due process and a fair trial of course.

Women and Property the Koran says:
When one is given a woman, servant, or cattle, one should seize its forehead and pray to Allah. Ibn-i-Majah vol.3 no.1918 p.157. See, also Muwatta’ Malik 28.22.52

I try to imagine the kind of people who could commit such evil; it’s hard for me to even contemplate.

Is Islam an organized criminal syndicate that has a goal of overthrowing all existing organized governments by force?

Is it an ego thing? Maybe hyper-machismos?

As defined in Webster’s …
(1: a strong sense of masculine pride: an exaggerated masculinity
(2: an exaggerated or exhilarating sense of power or strength

It appears to me, and I have first hand experience, that most Muslim men are Misogynists, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

Do they believe they are charged with a religious commandment to kill?

Even innocents including women in their families?

Is it really a matter of fact that if a daughter or wife somehow brings embarrassment or shame through such egregious and heinous acts as being the victims of gang rape that they should be killed for it? … Really?

It seems to me that daughters and wives of Muslim men have no rights, no freedom, and are treated worse than the family goat.

In the Koran, its standard teaching to associate anyone who disapproves of their beliefs as infidels and the Koran requires that infidels be killed.

Many Muslim men are polygamists and apparently gifted fornicators who long for a place called Paradise where they believe that Allah’s ultimate pay-out for killing innocent people is eternal sexual pleasure with 72 perpetual virgins and young boys with pearly white skin?. (Sounds like a fleshly desire- not heavenly to me).

Ghilman (Young Boys): In sura: (52:24) Allah promises to supply young diamond-sparkling beautiful boys for some inhabitants of Islamic heavens.

I am not sure how many times a girl or young boy can be de-flowered in paradise and maintain their virgin status, but in this uniquely Muslim fantasy it seems virginity is restored after each bout of intercourse.

I think that exemplifies the shear stupidity of the Muslim religions ultimate climax.


In America we “tolerate” bizarre religious notions because our founders so painstakingly sought to protect religious freedom.

Maybe the real question should be: Is Islam a religion by American standards?

One might conclude that any organization that uses violence as a recruiting tool might be considered something other than a religious entity.

Would a follower of Jesus threaten violence if the faith was rejected?

Can you name any other religion where they teach their followers that folks who disagree should be beheaded or blown to smithereens?

In America, and I suppose internationally, political and media folks shy away from any public expression or negative comments about Muslims out of fear.

Muslims continually threaten all detractors with what they refer to as a Fatwa.

In the American vernacular, that means they put out a hit on a person they dislike… to be killed.

An example of how this effects news cycles is best observed at FOX News where the Muslims own a percentage of the network.

Fox News is partially owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

More importantly, nobody in the news world or in the American political machine will comment on what seems like an evil force of Muslim driven global terror because they are fearful of becoming a target.

Challenge yourself to think of any religion other that this pseudo-global government theocracy called Islam where people are fearful of dying for opposing it.

Americans need to pull their heads out of the deep dark crevice of Politically correct stupidity and renounce Islam as a criminal conspiracy, a global crime syndicate disguised as a religion.

Should Islam be outlawed?

Have we been duped into believing that Islam is a religion, when it’s not?

Should we make illegal, any “religion” that promotes overthrowing our Republic?

Or any religion that champions violence against people for simply disagreeing?

I think all Americans agree, murder and terrorism are not a Godly endeavor by any standard.

Forcing people to accept a “religion” using death threats as a motivator is just plain wrong.

Please America, start a clamor to outlaw all fascist Islamist movements as criminal.

Do all Muslims believe in the Korans teachings, “death to the infidels”.

How does that serve God, or Allah?

American values demand we toss out any threats to our republic.

Including elected officials and government employees who condone this craziness and perpetuate the lie that violent groups portraying themselves as religions are protected under our constitution.

As I see it, only if Muslims were using violence to preserve American values and our constitution would they then qualify, possibly under our First Amendment protections.

If Americans can’t decide why I recommend completely outlawing Islam and the Muslim religion here at home, then watch that stoning video a few times more.

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It appears to me Islam is a planned global conspiracy to destroy people of the book, Christians and Jews.

Even Adolf Hitler would be shaken by what Islam teaches, Preaches and does if he saw that video…

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By not wanting to be forcibly married off and date raped by some twisted old child molesting “peaceful” Muslim man, she had violated Sharia law, and her sentence, death by stoning.