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By Roger Fredinburg

August 12, 2010

26 Billion Dollar State Bailout is just Crazy

I sat there in front of my TV set watching in utter disbelief as President Obama explained the importance of saving thousands of Public Employee Union Jobs across America.

Any normal assessment of America’s financial condition would lead to the conclusion that there isn’t any reason to bail out cash strapped State governments.

Adding the demands of State governments to an already beleaguered working class federal taxpayer is ludicrous, ridiculous and insane.

I think I am being polite in that analysis.

Any simple household budgeter can conclude the obvious, that the idea of bailing out these cash strapped entities will only exasperate the problem.

This exemplifies the fact that these academics and do-gooders in the bigger than big government growth movement are hell bent on destroying our republic.

They are literally cannibalizing America, leaving not a morsel of meat for coming generations of Americans.

I consider these dim Wits to be more dangerous to our country than Hitler was or the WWll Japanese war machine.

They are more frightening than Russian cold war nukes; even Islamo-fascist terror groups are not as dangerous as this Obama crowd and the current scoundrels in Washington D.C.


I will include both gangs, the Reds and the Blues. Each are examples of an aged, worn out, broken concept.

The Democrats have been looking for a new cult leader since the death of JFK and the Republicans haven’t had a decent charismatic cult leader since Ronald Reagan.

I only wish they could join together and voluntarily follow the path of Marshall Applewhite and the Hale-bopp wacko’s in the Heavens gate cult who dressed in purple, laced up their Nike’s and hitched a ride on a passing comet.

We really would be better off if Jim Jones could come back and convince these modern day flesh eaters to down the purple Kool-Aid and take the long last journey to a place where they could do no more harm.

I am actually amazed that the sniper attacks in Oakland California haven’t spread across the land like a black plague.

Where do these idiots think they are taking us?

Have they even thought about the fact that their antics might lead to violence, even all out civil war?

Let me help you government not-so-genius folks out a bit here.

If you don’t have enough money to pay everybody, you downsize and cut costs and spending.

First you cut out non-essentials and non public safety departments and get down to the basic simple necessary aspects of keeping the peace and putting out the fires. We might want to keep the water, sewer and power on.

Other than Police, Fire (and that could be volunteer) and water, sewer and power… people will also need food.

They don’t need thousands of government do-good and feel good agencies.

Everything, social work, government schools, planning and zoning and all the wasted family court and social engineering programs and agencies can be done away with until we heal our land and pay off the debt.

We have mortgaged America beyond current market value.

The mortgage holders are China, Japan, Great Britain, Germany etc.

We are upside down, under water, in over our heads and drowning in a sea of debt so deep that modern science can’t find the bottom.

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And now this pack of political ingrates wants to bail out the states and preserve and grow the cancer that is wrecking our nation… I just don’t get it!

It’s like the last living cannibal, looking longingly at his own appendages, knowing that he will die if he consumes himself, but stopping only long enough to contemplate the spices he will use.

Long live this republic!

� 2010 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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Any simple household budgeter can conclude the obvious, that the idea of bailing out these cash strapped entities will only exasperate the problem.