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By Roger Fredinburg

July 17, 2010

Web Masters of Deceit-Google guilty of Racketeering?

Imagine the Mailman sorting through your incoming mail, separating it into piles, putting some in the trash and leaving the rest in your mailbox.

Imagine further that the same mailman is looking through your outgoing mail and trashing some of it and determining what mail he will allow you to send.

More importantly, what if that mailman also took detailed notes on every topic covered in your mail and kept a file or database about you and then sold the information derived to assorted business and government interests?

Do you think that might make you angry?

If you are using e-mail to communicate, sending text messages etc. then this is exactly what’s happening to you right now.

Large companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL and internet providers like Charter, pretend they are doing you a favor with so-called spam filter technology.

You think they are protecting you from the evil “Spam kings” when in fact, they are the real wrong doers.

Your most intimate secrets, ideas, relationships, business dealings, communications of all kinds are being tracked, compiled and sold to the highest bidder.

Companies like are ruling the roost, using extortion and strong arm tactics to control, manipulate and deceive the masses. If you get blacklisted by them… they will offer get you white-listed for a fee. That’s called extortion!

What separates a spammer from a marketer is whether or not the email marketing firm is willing to be strong armed by the “Mob Bosses” on the internet.

It really is racketeering at its best.

While the Federal Government and the States are limited regarding enforcement on the web, Racketeering laws apply anytime anywhere.


These mafia like goons at and Google must be stopped.

The problem is, most Americans have gone and drunk the Kool-Aid.

If you get e-mails and you click on them as Spam, you are harming the economy, wrecking small businesses and costing people Jobs.

You are giving license to these IP and web giants to disregard your privacy and steal your personal data.

You are hurting yourself and a lot of innocent people in order to avoid a few clicks of the delete button each day.

But the biggie web companies don’t want you to know that they mine your personal data and “send” marketing and social or political information your way that is targeted to the secret information they took from you as they trashed any concept of privacy rights you may have thought you had.

Just recently, people have begun to catch on with Face book and Twitter etc.

Wild stories of unusually pervasive privacy rights violations that are actually so egregious that the useless liberal media is even offended by it and are beginning to cover the stories.

The definition of “Spam” is not junk mail or undesired marketing materials.

The Can Spam act of 2003 simply requires that certain vulgar offers, being sent through borrowed (Stolen) IP addresses and without consent and that do not allow an option to unsubscribe are illegal.

Legitimate marketing with usable products and services are not “Spam.”

Even if the recipient did not “Opt-in” that in itself does not qualify as “Spam.”

The big Web dogs have brainwashed Americans into believing a lie so they can control, manipulate and yes, Profit at your expense.

Think hard next time, before you arbitrarily toss someone into the lake of fire (Spam Box) about the fact that you might be harming an innocent entrepreneur just because you are too lazy to click delete.

Finally, my deepest hope is that this article will stir people to demand that the email providers cease and desist reading our e-mails and text messages.

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They need to stop stealing our persona and selling our most intimate secrets to unscrupulous charlatans who would rather pay the ransom than fight for free enterprise on the web.

Call your email provider today a tell them to stop reading your e-mail. Tell them you are capable of deciding what is junk, and what has value. Go get them!

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Imagine further that the same mailman is looking through your outgoing mail and trashing some of it and determining what mail he will allow you to send.