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By Roger Fredinburg

July 9, 2010

And I am not talking about Taco Bell here People.

In support of Arizona’s attempt to fend off the murderous drug cartels at the US Mexican border, and the moronic Federal lawsuit, I ask this honest question.

How about all you unemployed yahoos get off your available behinds and go serve your country on the border. Help the Minutemen or something.

Can you imagine what this great country might be like if we still had men with backbones?

Can you further imagine what it would be like if a few thousand committed patriots showed up at the US Mexican border ready to stand tall?

Why in the world are we in Afghanistan while central and South America have declared war on us, battered us with chemical weapons and are invading us with millions of infiltrators?

What level of stupid is required that causes our leaders to ignore this massive attack?

I have a feeling that the drug packing mules of Mexico would load up and head for Guatemala if a few thousand people would simply show up ready to defend Arizona and this nation.

I’m sorry to have to say this, but we can’t rely on President Obama or the rest of these do nothing politicians.

They can take their favored voting blocks and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

May God Bless Arizona and America.

Is anybody out there in unemployment land willing to take some time while sponging off us taxpayers for 99+ weeks and go serve a cause greater than yourselves?


These Mexican drug cartels donkey in tons of toxic chemicals in the form of methamphetamines, sell them up and down the main corridors of travel, and aid in wrecking the country by helping addict our kids to powerful forms of illegal dope.

The Politically Correct nit-wits out there with their communist America platform are salivating at the chance to get as many Americans hooked as possible so they can bring big brothers plan to destroy us by altering our values and making a mockery of morality..

Read about the opium wars with Great Britain and China.
Nobody blames the Chinese for the drug wars, instead they rightly blame the Brit’s who were the aggressors and infiltrators.

The Mexicans are the aggressors in this case and they are endangering our entire civilization.

It’s not an accident that these egregious acts against us are ignored by the political powers that be.

Leftists will vote left and Democrats like that, cheap labor aids big agribusiness. Republicans like that. It’s a weird form of politics as usual, and very dangerous.

Instead of blaming America for having a “Demand problem” we need to turn our economic guns, literally on the aggressors who have determined to become our enemies.

The solution isn’t more highly paid government goons or American soldiers on the border. This is a war against the internal destruction of our culture by swarming mobs of intruders who are Latino first and everything else second.

If Mexico won’t end this on their side of the fence, we must demand sanctions and stoppage of all trade and commerce with the Mexican Oligarchy.

Give them a 48 hour notice to end all traffic, drug and human across the border. If they fail, we should wipe their fragile economy out and block any migration.

The Mexican people would rapidly see the light and possibly demand their rights at home. They certainly like to demand rights they imagine-up here in America.

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Jacking up the American taxpayer to subsidize even more waste and fraud on the border with thousands of highly paid border agents is ridiculous.

We have millions of unemployed Americans who could line the border, stand watch and earn those unemployment extensions, while sending a firm message to the President and all of his co-conspirators on both sides of the isle in DC, and to Mexico. No More!

Or, you-all could just sit there while these political ingrates offer up amnesty and make your future job search a million times more difficult.

It’s up to you!

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Is anybody out there in unemployment land willing to take some time while sponging off us taxpayers for 99+ weeks and go serve a cause greater than yourselves?