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By Roger Fredinburg

March 23, 2010

Determined to gather the required signatures and place himself in the Oregon Voters Pamphlet, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Sizemore’s best efforts fell short by less than a dozen signatures, just shy of the required 500.

The long time conservative political leader, will, we are happy to announce, make his presence known in the Oregon voters pamphlet after all.

A last minute call to America's most trusted news source, garnered the Sizemore Campaign for Governor a reprieve. Even though NewsWithViews is strapped for cash right now, They determined Oregon voters needed a genuine conservative in the Gubernatorial race, and so, they put up the money to cover the $3000.00 fee.

I am asking everyone who can help, please send something to NewsWithviews defray the costs. Click here to donate.

Quoting Sizemore in a recent E-Mail to editors at the Oregonian Newspaper:

“Multnomah County judges have imposed on me an injunction that is so blatantly unconstitutional that even liberal attorneys have called me or stopped me on the street to apologize for the abuse of judicial authority to which I have been subjected, and yet your newspaper, which claims to be a defender of the First Amendment, has been totally silent.

It is probably a first in this nation's history, but I am running for Governor while prohibited by a court order from raising and spending money on my campaign. If anyone perchance donates money to a Sizemore for Governor campaign, that money is instantly and forever frozen. I literally cannot spend money printing and mailing fundraising letters, printing and distributing brochures or pamphlets explaining what I believe. I cannot buy radio or television ads or place ads in newspapers explaining why I am running for governor or what I believe we should do to turn this state around.

(In fact, a few months ago a Marion County judge chided the OEA's lawyer in open court for the various campaign ads they had run stating that I was a convicted felon and a convicted racketeer. The judge informed the defendant unions that I was not a convicted felon and not a convicted racketeer, as they had stated in their ads. This "rebuke" occurred in a hearing conducted pursuant to my $12 million Corrupt Practices Act lawsuit against the unions stemming from their numerous false statements of material fact during the 2008 campaign. Because the outcome of the hearing was favorable to me, your Paper ignored the event, but Judge Joseph Guimond denied the unions' motion to have the case dismissed and we are moving on to discovery in a major case not covered by The Oregonian.)”

“Is it possible that you are ignorant of the extent to which the unions and liberal judges have gone to prevent me from being active politically? Are you aware, for example, that if I work with a political committee of any sort, whether it is a chief petitioner committee, political action committee, or candidate committee, the moment I begin to work with them as a manager, director, or key employee, all of their assets are frozen. They cannot pay rent, utilities, or payroll. They cannot advertise or solicit donations. They cannot promote their ideas or measures or candidates.

These restrictions go even further. If I was hired today to work at say the Portland Rescue Mission, the institution could no longer buy food to feed the hungry or buy blankets to keep homeless people warm or pay to heat the building where they sleep. They would have to close their doors. That absurd restriction stems from a mere civil lawsuit in which personally I was not a defendant, was not represented by an attorney, and was not found by the jury to be guilty of anything.

The court' order goes even further. The judge has ordered that I provide the teachers unions copies of my personal tax returns and that each month I must provide the teachers unions all of my personal and business bank statements, as well as copies of all of my grocery receipts and movie rental receipts. If I buy a hamburger or put gas in my tank, the unions get a copy of the receipt. There is no justification for this outrageous invasion of personal privacy that I have been subjected to for a year now.”

This travesty of justice must be rectified at some point.

To sit idly by and let a fellow citizen come under attack from the far leftists and their Union sponsored goons without coming to his rescue is just plain wrong.

Now, you have an opportunity to help NewsWithViews lend support to a wonderful man and a great candidate for Oregon Governor.

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Please use the donation button here at NewsWithViews and help us recover the $3000.00. Once we get that back, every dime you send will go directly towards funding the Sizemore for Governor, campaign. My wife and I gave NWV $500 toward this noble cause. If you could help please click here to donate.

If you are one of those “MONEY BOMB” people, Please help us get Bill Sizemore the money he needs to get elected.

If we can beat back the progressives in Oregon, the reverberations from that would be felt globally.

Please send a donation today, let’s rock their little socialist world!

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To sit idly by and let a fellow citizen come under attack from the far leftists and their Union sponsored goons without coming to his rescue is just plain wrong.