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By Roger Fredinburg

July 9, 2009

The Warsaw Ghetto massacre and treacherous death camps that awaited the seemingly unsuspecting Jewish people of Europe during WWll remain a constant reminder to those who say “Never Again!”

Yet, as if the sands of time and winds of change have somehow magically re-aligned, it does seem modern humanity has basically forgotten.

With all of its witnesses, historical evidence, physical, spiritual and emotional, we still find denial in vast numbers of ignorant people worldwide.

The reasons are too pathetic to repeat here but certainly in part because the actions by Hitler and his subservient assistants were just too gruesome to believe..

The European general population was a hideous and unbelievable mass of human stupidity.

They were simply cowards who sat idly by, watching their friends and neighbors hauled away to their deaths, and did absolutely nothing in most cases to stop the madness, the slaughter, and the genocide.

The actions or inactions by the general public defied the laws of civility, decency and brotherly love, abandoning the civilizing precept “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

America today has new rules. They only apply to screaming minority groups and people who hate America’s historical teachings, values and community standards.

Now, in modern America we are finally reaching the point of collapse. Many Americans, from the John Birch Society to mainline churches to Talk Hosts have been droning on about the coming demise of America for years.

Well, here it comes, all you talk-a-lot-but-do-nothing folks. You should be proud. America is being systematically looted and destroyed from enemies within and all you all can do is talk, talk, talk, talk and talk.

The purpose of our Founders was to have small containable local governments across America. Their objections to central authority, centralized government and what we define as socialism or communism were well known and are well documented.

The fact that we just celebrated Independence Day and not Interdependence day should speak volumes, but the sad fact is, in the new all American vernacular, facts don’t really mean a hell of a lot.

Just today the Fox News channel ran a story about Midgets demanding that the FCC make “Midget” one of the “George Carlin seven” words illegal to broadcast.

Somehow in the new subculture of PC-or-die America, Midgets now see themselves as a foul word.

I just played Randy Newmans song about short people. No use of the evil Midget word in there. I feel better knowing Randy was so PC in the writing of the song.

Midgets everywhere thank you, Randy, of this I am sure.

We can’t use the word Squaw either, seems Indians – err-uh excuse me “Native Americans” – are offended, you know, naming mountains, streams, lakes and ball clubs in their honor is a bad thing to do …?.

It only took them 400 years to decide it was a problem, but, hey, who’s counting?

Blacks don’t like the “N” word unless they use it in a Hip Hop song or out on the corner with their “brothers” (The word brother is probably taboo too). I guess I can call my brother by his first name until he complains to the FCC. Is there another meaning for the name Dougie? If so don’t tell him; I’m kind of used to it and don’t want to change.

We probably can’t get the word “Cracker” outlawed (too many boxes in the grocery store) and besides, what would we crumble over our soup?

We might possibly make a rock solid appeal against the word Gringo. But then again, Mexico and the rest of the Spanish speaking world might not approve of us changing their vocabulary just to appease the hurt feelings of a few angry white males.

And then there is the word woman...Has man in it, so it might be offensive too? And the word she has he in it .. Hmmm … better be kind and rewind.

Can’t cut trees in old growth forests and make way for young trees that would absorb and store lots more carbon dioxide, yet we hear all the complaining about CO2 pollution.

I wouldn’t want to accuse anyone or any group of hypocrisy, but, if the shoe fits.

Green thugs, animal rights extremists, and other loony-tunes have taken over America.

Tattoos, body piercing, branding, seems the more cartoon-like the look the more desirable. It’s like Roger Rabbit the movie has managed somehow to become a reality.

I am left asking the question … Whatever possessed these fools, the Devil?

Oops, I may have just answered my own question.

Back to the subject.

I know I was astounded, flabbergasted, caught up in a whirlwind of ambivalence when as a young student I was taught the stories of the Holocaust.

Even as a adult radio host doing a 21 week in-depth report and interviewing over 50 survivors, I couldn’t understand how people could be marched off to their death without putting up a fierce fight and forcing the hands of their captors to kill them where they stood rather than be herded off like farm animals.

I became a radio host in Medford Oregon in 1990. I was syndicated with Art Bell at TRN in 1993. I rose to be one of the most listened to radio hosts in America with over 200 stations airing my show coast to coast, sea to shining sea.

Unlike today, nobody paid to place the show on stations, nobody bribed the stations with marketing dollars, and nobody made any particular promises. In those days you had to earn your way by getting ratings.

The radio show rose to great heights and held it’s own for 12 plus years until I finally realized that Americans, like Hitler’s Jewish victims, would never fight back, never rise up and never forcefully attempt to survive.

And so I lost my interest in keeping the fight up on air.

After fighting for Farmer water rights in the Klamath basin on the Oregon/California border and watching the leaders cave in and actually praise their Senator and Congressman and thank them for the screwing, I knew the end had to be near.

Senator Gordon Smith and Congressman Greg Walden, after $300 Million in economic theft by the Feds, received accolades for bringing home $30 Million for the recovery.

What the sheeple forgot was that Smith and Walden were getting 10X the accolades from colleagues back in DC for negotiating the $300 Million down by 90%, thereby screwing the farmers and residents out of $270 million bucks.

After that, I slunk away into a funk that even today I struggle to overcome. I basically threw up my hands and walked away.

Big Brother and his minions have come. They are so accomplished that they already stole our property rights, our self defense rights, our parental rights, our constitutional rights, our dignity, our heritage, our customs, culture, and jobs. Entire industries are gone.

And finally our equities, savings, retirement funds and our future, have all vanished into the ether – or into the hands of banksters who manipulated the rules of the game.

America has been morally and financially gang raped.

And, like a lot of rape victims, sad as it is, we don’t want to accept it. We tell ourselves we should have fought harder, we should have yelped louder, we should have assailed our attackers, poked out their eyes, ripped off their ears, bit into their juggler vein, something, and yet we laid there like a two dollar whore and took the abuse.

More is coming, Ready for a train ride out to the countryside, Mr. and Mrs. Patriot?

Soon enough Big Brother will have you eating at his soup kitchen, living on his rations and in his housing projects, and working in his newly acquired factory.

Many of you will be asked to turn in your Politically Incorrect friends and family members for such nefarious crimes as being a patriot.

Big Brother will convince you that patriots are really terrorists – a recent government study already called them this – and you will obey him, bend to his will, and sell out your own children, grandchildren, your country and yourself.

Don’t believe me? Just reflect on the history of oppressed people anywhere, WWll Jews in particular.

You will submit to the will of the ruling power and you will shame yourself and denigrate the memory and the legacy of all America’s heroes of past wars.

You could wake up, right now today, see a problem or a threat and take appropriate steps to eliminate it. But that would take guts, might cost you your freedom, even your life.

If enough of us decided today we would rather be dead than Pinko Commie red and stood up and placed our lives on the line to stop the bastards right here in their Marxist commie tracks, then we might have a half a chance.

If you are willing to put it all on the line, write me or call the radio show, and help me find a reason to keep trying. I can’t go it alone.

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Show me there are a few good Americans willing to at least consider putting up a fight.

I am willing to bet, most folks will settle into their Soma-like coma, spread their legs, and accept the seed of Satan.

I will not! Stop by at

Will the last American out Please bring the flag?

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With all of its witnesses, historical evidence, physical, spiritual and emotional, we still find denial in vast numbers of ignorant people worldwide.