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By Roger Fredinburg

March 15, 2009

Was that really Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio I heard sounding much like Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, or LA Times Blog.

Does Congressman Kucinich actually leave his socialist ideals behind in favor of a constitutional sounding bit of fiscal policy?

Probably not, but it sounded pretty good to me, hearing a liberal Democrat advocating the end of the Federal Reserve and fractional banking. Hooray!

This week has been wrought with Banksterland folly as everyone from Timothy Geihtner to Fed Chair Ben Bernanke calling out to their Koolaid drinking cult followers in the financial sectors and beyond in what can only be described, as the last will and testament of the elite central banking tyrants. Even Mr. Kucinich gets it!

Like Jim Jones in Guyana, both Bernanke and Geithner call out to the empty suits and depleted lost souls of finance, “Drink With Us” they demand, grasping, or should I say, “gasping” for one last breath of life to share with the bloated cast of criminals who have bankrupted America.

What part of “The Party Is Over” don’t these nitwits get?

If any lesson has been learned, it is that the facts demonstrate with clear evidence that central banking, planned economies, fractional banking, debt based accounting and so called “Reserve Notes” cannot sustain the challenges of the global economy.

While Beatles superstar John Lennon could make the Imagine concept part of the lasting zeitgeist, sadly for the Bankster Class, imaginary money has lost it’s luster.

Like the magicians magic wand, casting illusions of grandeur and life like mirages out to a willing audience, once the secret about the illusion is known, and without the intoxicating effects of the smoke, mirrors and alcoholic beverage, the act leaves us wanting.

What we want for I suppose is justice.

The question begs, is there anyone willing to step up, take responsibility, apologize and do their prison time? I mean other than Bernie Madoff?

Why can’t we round up the architects of our collapse and hold them to the same standard they are holding Bernard Madoff to?

Ironically, the Ponzi scheme Madoff is willing to admit to, is far less damning and way less hurtful than the scheme of central banking and monetary policy as utilized in the past few decades.

Has anyone heard the term downsizing government? Cutting spending, shutting down non-essential services etc, these are expressions I want to hear.

We are in a massive downturn in the economy. We are losing jobs and businesses of all sizes in all sectors of the economy. We have lost most of our equities in real property, our retirement accounts are diminished and there is no real hope on the immediate horizon.

Yet, I keep hearing about new harebrained tax schemes, let’s soak the rich I keep hearing from President Obama to the state houses and beyond. And I keep wondering if the rich haven’t also lost their equities, retirement funds and haven’t they paid themselves a humongous price already for the corrupt, negligent and moronic practices of government and the crooks in banking and finance.


Is the end here? Maybe not as described this week by famed Christian Pastor and author of “The Cross and The Switchblade” David Wilkerson out in NY city.

I hope David is right and we are in the end times, and God is coming to punish the wicked. Because, basically, it appears if God doesn’t punish them, they will get of “Scott Free” (Am I allowed to say that in the new PC America? Someone get Clint Eastwood on the line for an opinion).

The fact is, the Ill-fated attempts to revive the global economy using the tactics that brought us to near ruin, will not work.

And, these arrogant elite idiots know it.

They are trying to bring us to a boil. I think they want violence, then Marshall law and according to Glen Beck and FOX News, the FEMA internment camps are being built to house we the little people.

If you protest the New World Order takeover of America, you will be labeled a terrorist, or worse a “person of interest” and soon discover the new rules that replaced your constitutional protections.

But hey, you don’t need to believe me, just wait around a few more waves of layoffs, a few more unfulfilled Presidential promises, a few more broken dreams and the truth will come on you like a tsunami.

I highly recommend, if you value your freedom, you’ll take my advice. Store a lot of food while you still can.

Get a decent water filter system, stock up on propane, ammunition and lay out a plan to hunker down and hold your position. That in my opinion will be the only way to survive.

Of course you could pray for Rapture, and ask God to forget that you were less than an infidel when you saw harm coming and prepared not.

Or, get ready to be housed, fed, coddled and cuddled by the new nanny state.

Call your Congressman/Woman. Demand a balanced budget with annual fiscal restraint. Demand money that has a backing of substance, demand criminal investigations and trials and justice for all politicians, captains of industry and financial guru’s who are responsible for the current mess.

I think it’s sad that millions of Americans, hard working folks have lost their credit and their livelihoods and are powerless to resolve it because some government official or judge can’t see the difference between we who are truly victims, and those who have violated us, bankrupted us, and then tagged us with the scarlet letter of their shame.

Rise up America; get ready for the hard ride ahead, because you haven’t seen nuthin yet.

Don’t be fooled by the psychobabble coming from the lying jowls of those “Silver Tongued Devils” or those “Smooth Talking Le Roy’s” in government and finance. They’re trying to resuscitate the obviously dead carcass of the Central banking status quo, and even liberals like Congressman Dennis Kucinich will tell you, call the coroner because that Ponzi scheme has breathed it’s last breath.

Hip- hip hurray! The Fed has passed away ... Ta-Ra-Ra boom de-aye ... The Gods of Mammon are dead, unbridled greed is on the run, and all you need do is believe and it will be so.

I also hear Chuck Norris is planning a run at the Presidency, Of Texas that is, after the succession. I hope to be there to help elect him when that day comes.

Look, the bailouts, stimulus packs, Hocus Pocus and general BS will soon end in disarray and despair.

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Be of good cheer, prepare ahead, get situated and stand tall.

After all is said and done, even if in the end we need a little rope and couple of good shovels, I am confident that the people will conquer the evil despots and revival will sweep the nations, and the truth will be known by all and set us free.

This is my prayer.

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The fact is, the Ill-fated attempts to revive the global economy using the tactics that brought us to near ruin, will not work.