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By Roger Fredinburg

November 9, 2008

If ever there was a time in American history where the Gangsters had rule over the roost, that time is now.

Like thugs from 1930 Film Noir, the bad guys have gone undercover, infiltrating American government at every level, quietly scampering off into the twilight with the crown jewels, Fort Knox and the kitchen sink.

If the American people ever recover from their shock and react or respond to the silent theft of their national inheritance all hell will break loose.

Personally, I am moving all my remaining yet diminished capital into an investment pool that includes rope, tar and feathers. I sense an increasing public demand for those commodities.

Why aren't Representatives such as Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and others, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer, Barack Obama and yes .. Franklin Raines and his forty thieves form Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack all wearing chains and awaiting trial?

Do not the crimes committed against our country by those in government, big business, investment banking etc. Including the House, Senate and even the White House require action by law enforcement?

Racketeering, conspiracy, fraud, theft, misuse of public funds, abuse of power, accepting bribes for favors (Ask old Ted Stevens of Alaska about that) and I could go on to list hundreds of felony actions against America by our supposed leaders that surely require someone be held to account.

The only bail-out in the news should be stories of our Politicians and their felonious friends being bailed out of jail, and smuggled out of the country.

As a matter of fact, I think we might consider banishing them and sending them to live on a cold frozen continent more fitting with their cruel, frigid and selfish hearts. I suggest an outdoor nudist colony in Greenland.

Where is our Social Security trust fund? I want to check the balance please.

I'll start my interrogation with that and work my way forward to present time.

What is an unfunded liability?

What exactly is "Off budget debt"?

What does "reserve" mean in banking?

How does "Fractional Banking work"?

What is "Fiat currency"?

What did you use for collateral against Fifty Trillion dollars of debt?

Where did the Fifty Trillion dollars go?

Who bribed you and what did you charge to help loot the country?

I also suggest "Water Boarding" be used to get answers from all in government who support it.

These questions are examples of where I think we need to head in our efforts to convict these gang banging political bums for their many crimes.

They should immediately be stripped of their pensions and medical coverage. I mean every past, present and living member of Congress and all former Presidents until they can be tried for their crimes.

If they are found innocent of complicity in the grand theft and looting of America, they can be restored.

Now these same thieving lunatics want your 401K.

If you have any strength left, proudly raise your middle finger in protest.

The U.S. government in the past few decades has exhausted the treasury, squandered the assets of the American people, encouraged the killings (Murder) of millions of innocent unborn people, costing our country over fifty million taxpaying and productive natural born citizens.

All compliments of a federal court system filled with crackpot liberal judges who wrongfully legislate from the bench instead of following the law which requires simple interpretation.

By the way, these idiot Judges should also be arrested and tried for their crimes against America and humanity. I still think crimes against humanity are punishable as capital crimes. ... Right?

From the fraud that created the "Endangered Species Act" and other extremist offenses designed to diminish the value of human life and protect the all important flora and fauna from the dangerous human plague, We need to round up all of these environmentalist crackpots too. We must end the continued conspiracy/scam that blames humanity for all the world's natural cycles and uncontrollable events.

Not to mention the fact that Fuel, energy, natural resources, land, food and everyday living expenses are contorted to about 10x their actual cost due to Green-Nazi lawsuits and general meddling by environmental and animal rights kooks..

These are also crimes against humanity, and these criminals need to be properly dispensed with, henceforth.

Dereliction of duty is also a charge "We the People" can apply to most in government, especially the permanent government. I mean those hapless employees of ours who use their mobster like Union influences to raise their own wages and capture more benefits as their payment for covering up for their "crime bosses" crimes.

Does anyone actually intend on making the argument that people at the various agencies, including cabinet members and contractors failed to see the unfolding catastrophe that our children will refer to as the "Big Sink" or great depression of 2008?

About the stimulus package, if you want to see American's stimulated, put some Viagra in the water supply along with the other poisons and cancer causing toxins like chlorine, fluoride and political B.S. that big brother government forces us to ingest against our will.

Better yet, place a guillotine in front of every government building and authorize the American people to put it in action for anyone guilty as charged above. I guarantee that would get some real stimulus going.

The thieves and their comrades that broke the bank, and the backs of the American taxpayers, showed us their true colors by engineering "bailouts" designed to bailout the very criminals who broke the bank.

Worse yet, they are using the exact same tactics that proved to be the cause of the crisis to begin with, to deal with the crisis.

I know, I know, it does sound insane. That's because it is insane!

Let's not forget the media.

I keep hearing about the Fairness Doctrine which is absolutely the dumbest and maybe the most unconstitutional and Orwellian lunacy ever proposed in a free country.


What would be far more appropriate, and I believe more acceptable to the American people as well as being constitutional would be a "Truth Doctrine" applied to all news, media and information sources including the public air-waves.

The "Truth Doctrine" would require that all news stories be factually accurate and not misleading in any way. And, any bias on the news entities part must be disclosed with every story presented, or as a general statement. A news show could simply run a disclaimer admitting their bias up front so readers or listeners could know instantly the perspective of the reporter.

May the truth win and the grand media deceptions end forever. Our founders intended to protect the press for the purposes of telling the truth, not for telling a lie.

As the new Administration moves ahead with the great recipient of Fannie Mays favors staining his posterior forevermore, May our new President get all the jail time he deserves as well.

President Elect Obama has his work cut out for him. W. leaves one hell of a mess behind but he didn't invent the corruption and incompetence that make his administration appear to be the cluster-funk it is. President Bush just has a knack for being in the wrong place at the right time. He had a chance to move conservative ideals forward, but he wimped out.

Now, with our 1st half black President, a new paradigm in political correctness is creeping up on us like Jesse Jackson on an open microphone and TV camera.

Political correctness has been used as a sledge hammer to quiet conservatives and Christian voices for a decade or so.

Political correctness is the tool that terminated the republican surge in the 90's and ultimately destroyed the Republican Party.

Republicans are finished because they didn't have the courage to say no to the forces of political correctness that pushed them so far left that they actually bought into the bigger government is better blather that now give socialism an open door in American politics.

Let me tell you republicans the facts. Environmentalists are mostly crazy. So are the animal right nuts. Gay marriage is still wrong, it's absolutely anti-American and ridiculous, Homosexuals, while abandoned by modern medicine still have a right to know the origin of their proclivity.

Christians and religious Jews are still good people.

Muslims, mostly radical islamist's espouse a "religion" that is more like a militant global invasion force in disguise. Read about the Trojan horse.

Unrepentant sinners, dopers, drunks, fornicators etc. are all still wrong.

Parents still have the right to raise their children as they see fit,

Family courts are not constitutional or lawful,

Direct taxation is still Un-American and without real tax reform, the crisis we are in will never get better.

The overall term to describe what our government has engaged in: Malpractice.

Malpractice is what it is. Knowingly and wrongfully lying and deceiving for your own personal gain should be a crime punishable by death.

For believers, The Holy Bible offers no mercy for those who won't come clean. Repent, turn from their wickedness and confess before their fellow man and ask for forgiveness.

I haven't heard one single apology, not one confession, not one honorable or righteous man has stepped forward to ask the American people for forgiveness.

I remind them, according to the book, "The wages of sin is death."

Sadly, President elect Barack Obama is one of the unrepentant liars who made alot of promises to alot of people about alot of stuff.

I ask you all to pray for America, Pray for mercy, mercy, mercy and more mercy.

"I have A Dream"

It involves lots of Paddy wagons, hand cuffs, leg irons, rock pits and jail house food for our little band of Republicrat's and their minions.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the country is nearly fatally wounded.

Is there a Doctor in the house (With current malpractice insurance I hope?)

� 2008 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserve

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If the American people ever recover from their shock and react or respond to the silent theft of their national inheritance all hell will break loose.