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By Roger Fredinburg

October 15, 2008

Here we go again. Stupid is as stupid does.......

The hard cold fact is the USA is now over 50 Trillion Dollars in debt counting off budget obligations.

While our Senators and Representatives "Fiddle" the rest of us are feeling the heat from the flames as we reenter the atmosphere from fiscal fantasy back to reality.

It may come as no surprise to you that there aren't enough trees on earth to print the paper currency required to amount to 55 Trillion dollars in normal denominations of fives, tens and 20's etc.

You may be further shocked knowing that every household in America now owes nearly $500,000.00

Aside from the harsh reality that we really are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, the solutions to the problems, which are obvious, are lost on the scoundrels who created the mess to begin with.

Let me shock you scoundrels by letting you in on a little secret ... "You cannot borrow your way out of debt" you idiots.

I hope that my language isn't too harsh for your tired little ears to hear but I am going to tattle on you Robber Barons before its too late, if only someone will hear my cry.

The obvious issue that everyone is afraid to address is the fact that the Federal Reserve System with its "Fiat Currency" and "Fractionalized Banking" (That's fancy double speak for hocus-pocus money made from thin air) has failed. This is the real culprit behind the scene that the "elitist Banker class" hope you won't learn about.

Here are the things we must hear from our leaders if we are to know the talk is real and not just more drunken financial heresy.

Dismantle the Federal Reserve and the monetary farce and replace it with annual fiscal management and a balanced budget amendment. (Imagine Government living within its means).

Establish a currency that is backed up with real collateral, like Gold maybe? Gee, I wonder who thought that up?

Return to a limited form of government as designed by our founders and get government out of our daily lives and off the backs of our citizens by establishing a constitutionally defensible tax code.

Yes, burn the tax code we have now and restore our original system of tariffs, duties and excise taxes. (Works well in the Bahamas right now).

As our founders warned, avoid foreign entanglements and stay focused on keeping our priorities on what's best for Americans and our way of life.

Place accountability in the political system by making it so that false statements and lies by government employees, agents, assignees, candidates and elected or appointed office holders are felony offenses with mandatory prison time. In other words a "truth in government" Act with teeth.

Modernize government by using technology to automate information traffic. This will enable us to eliminate over 1/2 of the federal payroll and cut the taxpayers expenses by a trillion dollars a year over 4 years.

Most of the federal government is simply pushing numbered papers back and forth. Technology has this covered and just like the automobile industry and the Longshoreman and much of the private sector did, government and their powerful union's need to follow along and help us eliminate expensive and unnecessary government jobs. (We call it downsizing out here in the real world).


And sadly, on the immediate banking and mortgage crisis we can only repudiate the debt, that's right, declare bankruptcy and reorganize building toward a long term solution that will reflect positively in the future regarding our courage and tenacity today. And record the fact that we accepted the responsibility and didn't saddle our children with it. We need to take this bullet ourselves.

And to the crooks, scoundrels, opportunists, liars, thieves and all those who personally profited from this debacle, it should really be "off with their heads."

Can anyone say "special prosecutor"?

I know I won't rest until the likes of Barney Frank D-Mass. and Chuck Schumer D- NY and about 25,000 of their friends and colleagues are marched off in chains to Leavenworth.

Only sound fiscal policy, not global monetary policy, combined with honest money, a fair tax code and spending limits with real rules and constraints will solve the long term challenges we face.

Once we end the fraud of fractional banking, banks will only be allowed to loan money they actually have in deposit. No more creation of trillions out of thin air. That will solve the banking crisis forever.

Meanwhile, a moratorium on foreclosures and especially evictions as we head into winter would be appropriate. Why toss families out in the cold during holiday season when this problem is going to take a long while to sort out and fix.

And, we must rewrite the endangered species act to account for human beings as part of the natural environment and accommodate human needs in the Act along with the varmints, fur-balls, plants and assorted critters.

Re-writing the endangered species Act means we can open up natural resource development, oil, gas, timber, coal, aggregate resources, metals, jewels, minerals etc.

We can establish and maintain a quality environment while taking advantage of the offerings of the planet and we should. None of us wants to dirty up the planet, but we also must live here and that means using the resources available for our comfort and survival. To argue otherwise is just plain stupid.

This will create real time honored jobs that fit with America's heritage, culture and history. Jobs people can proudly perform and with family wages.

The policies suggested here are the only things I know that will lead us back to greatness and out of the hands of the elite power brokers. We are the wage slaves who must reject their planned economy and false hope.

We need to get our best teachers and a pro-America curriculum and place on TV and on the W.W.W. We need to determine and promote the pitch with the most compelling resources available. Individuals, groups, however we do it, we must train our children up in the American way.

Face it, we have 2 or 3 generations of baby boomer damage to get control of, and we have very little time. Today's citizens are actually warming up to socialism/communism and we already proved in the former Soviet Union and across Europe that it was an abject failure. If we know that, how is it possible that it's actually taking root in America?

Our great Universities and colleges need to put up web-cams and offer E-Degrees for qualified students, but offer them really inexpensively. Say Harvard is basically full, then they offer the E Degree at a low price like $29.95 a month with a promise to support the schools Alumni program for 10 years etc. This makes college affordable for other than the elite.

Political correctness, which is at least partly at the core of our current crisis (Appeasing minority cries for affordable housing with accusations of racial inequality) has shaken us at our core. And let's be honest, This shakedown of the banking and mortgage industry by minorities has become a real suspect as the catalyst for our immediate crisis.

Perversions of every Ilk are clawing away at the fabric of America, shredding and ripping her heart out one generation at a time. Wow!

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It's time for you to stand up people, grab a pitch fork and head on down to city hall. If not, you will regret missing the opportunity later, and it will be to late.

As for me, I put a few years worth of food away, ( picked up a decent water filtration system, some alternative cold weather gear and lots of candles and assorted items just in case you all let me down..

God Bless

� 2008 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserve

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Aside from the harsh reality that we really are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, the solutions to the problems, which are obvious, are lost on the scoundrels who created the mess to begin with.