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By Roger Fredinburg

April 5, 2004

You may think you know what your phone company does with the profits that it makes from your service, but do you really know? Over the years companies such as AT&T, MCI, along with many of the regional telephone companies have supported all kinds of organizations that do not have the best for America in mind. From social agendas that would make your skin crawl, to causes and organizations that simply squander all the money away given to them on pointless and sometimes questionable projects; many of the largest phone companies are making you pay for an agenda that you would hardly want to willingly support.

YOU CAN FIGHT BACK AND SAVE MONEY TOO! Packet8 does not make contributions to wacko liberal causes. They have chosen to not make political statements or support any such causes. Your money does not go to secretly fund organizations that you abhor or are trying to destroy American values.

Packet8 is taking on the phone companies on all levels by using the broadband Internet connection you may have already in your home to make and receive calls on regular telephones to any telephone number in the US and Canada for one low flat price. It is just $19.95 a month for local service and all of the long distance to the US and Canada is free!

We know that many of the BIG phone companies have supported crazy political agendas. We also know that their (BIG phone company) greed has been fueled by corporate welfare and regulation that has kept prices artificially high so you can finance their big homes and political agendas. Just look at the phone company executives that we now see doing the perp walk on the nightly news right in front of our eyes. Look at their lavish homes and lifestyles YOUR PHONE BILLS PAID FOR! IS that what you want?

PUT AN END BIG PHONE COMPANY GREED Packet8 does not have the bloat and overhead of a �BIG phone company�. Packet8 is not built on the �Dot Com Model of some in of the others you may see offering similar Internet based phone service. Pakcet8 is not like those who are spending millions of dollars to acquire customers in a similar model to the once high flying Dot Coms, or should we say Dot Bombs as many are known today.

The BIG phone companies spent billions on outdated technology in the 90s when they should have been building the next generation Voice over Internet Network. NOW they want YOU to pay for their foolishness and get you to pay for extra fees, access charges, and levies all under guise of �helping out those who don�t have good service�. They want us to fund the freeloaders and those who didn�t pay attention to the market. THAT IS UNAMERICAN! If you fail you should go out of business! FCC Chairman Powell has called these big phone companies dinosaurs that maybe have lived past their usefulness!

Only in America could you find companies wanting the government to compel citizen/customers to pay for their mistakes, their greed, their corruption and fraud. You only have to look at the likes of World Com, Global Crossing, and many more to see how billions and billions of dollars were wasted and/or put in the pockets of the privileged few. AND NOW THEY DARE TO ACT INDIGNANT TOWARD THOSE OF US WHO REFUSE TO PAY THORUGH THE NOSE!

Keep an eye on your representatives and senators. You�ll know whose side they are on if they try to prop up the big pig phone companies! GET OVER IT! Business as usual is gone forever. We�re mad as hell and were not going to pay those high pone company rates anymore!

FIGHT BACK WITH Packet8. Turn your broadband connection into your phone service connection with Free Long Distance to anywhere in the US and Canada. One monthly service fee of $19.95 a month provides for residential service with no limits long distance to anywhere in the US and Canada. It gives you a local phone number that anyone can call, just like you have now.

Here at the studio we just got a bill on one of those flat rate plans from the Big Bells and guess what? Sure, it is $20 a month for all the long distance in the US, but that does not include all of our calls to Canada which added another $150 and then there are the local charges, fees, access charges, and other assorted gimmick charges. It is no bargain, just a gimmick!

We use the Packet8 phone service here in our studios, in our sales department, and soon even callers to the show will have their calls come into the network via Packet8. You know that if we trust Packet8 for our business service that you can trust it too for your phone service. We are just now installing a new Packet8 service that will gives a Virtual Office connecting our studios in Oregon, the network in Arizona, and our many people who work on the show around the country.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS FIGHTING TERROR To help our troops in Iraq and elsewhere who are fighting terror we are also working with Packet8 to supply Packet8 326 Videophones so troops can call and see their families all on us at The NEW Roger Fredinburg Show and Packet8. The good folks at the VFW are now also working with us and planning to set up family centers at many US deployment bases so the calls to loved ones can be made. Our troops will get to see their new babies, their children who have grown while they have been away and maybe even a sick family member who would feel so much better if they could see their brave soldier who is serving our country. NOW ISN�T THIS BETTER TO SUPPORT THAN what the big phone companies do with YOUR money? We think so! We would love to have you come on board with Packet8 and support the troops.

With Packet8 you pay only $19.95 a month for residential service. All you need is broadband Internet service, which many of you already have, and that is it. Whoa, think about it! Something a Regular Guy can figure out. Plug in the Packet8 telephone adapter, plug a regular telephone into it and you are ready to make and receive calls. That is it. Click on the Packet8 link in this article to order service today!

� 2004 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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"The BIG phone companies spent billions on outdated technology in the 90s when they should have been building the next generation Voice over Internet Network."