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By Betty Freauf

November 14, 2001

We know that we have an AIDS epidemic  which could have been prevented had our public health officials isolated early AIDS cases as they did tuberculosis; however, a strong homosexual lobby kept this from happening using that common word: Confidentiality.

It has been said that nearly everyone knows someone with AIDS today but I can assure you, I know far more people with cancer and those who have been wrongfully accused of some type of child abuse than I do with AIDS.
It was only recently that the 37-year old son of some personal friends of ours told us he was infected. He was sexually molested by a homosexual in an Oregon  public junior high school. Later experimentation with that "alternate lifestyle" led to AIDS today.
So if AIDS is at epidemic proportions, surely those who have been sent to prison under false child abuse charges and those who have had children taken from them under similar conditions must be overwhelming if we only were being told the truth. Of course, accurate and cumulative statistics are unavailable.
The vulnerable, such as single mothers trying to raise children on their own, and the politically incorrect, such as those with a strong Christian faith, in our society seem to be the ones going to prison and/or losing their children to the child abuse industry which operates under the shield of darkness called "confidentiality."
Like sheep on the perimeter of the herd which are easily picked off by the wolf, so are these vulnerable parents who do not necessarily meet society's criteria in their thinking, their demeanor and/or financial status. And with many highly successful and well paid lesbians and gays waiting in the wings to become adoptive parents of these children so they can claim they are a "family", the temptation by social workers to terminate the rights of the parents quickly becomes paramount. Is all of this leading to the eventual licensing by the state in order for people to have babies?
The list in Oregon of professionals who must report suspected child abuse under threat of fines continues to grow until many of us wonder if we wouldn't be just as safe in Communist Soviet Union.
Three October 13, 1971 articles on this Three Lost Documents Discovered website are from  Congressmen John R. Rarick (La.) John Schmitz (Cal) and Tom Pelly (Wash) They explain the passage of the Brademas child development programs as an amendment to the OEO bill, by a vote of 186 to 183, which laid the foundation for the Federal government to replace the home and for bureaucratic "experts" to replace the parents all under the guise that the Day Care Centers were necessary to help working mothers...
While I'm only familiar with the State of Oregon, it's common knowledge one state likes to keep up with other states, so the more liberal states take the lead. Oregon being one of them having again voted Democrat in the most recent Presidential election.

  Simultaneously in 1971 the Oregon legislature created the Department of Human Resources to coordinate the activities of the state's principal social service agencies of which a child protective agency called Children Services Division (CSD) was a component. This was when people were no longer recognized as human beings but as "resources"  in the same category with a lump of coal, a fish or tree to be "managed" and the intrusiveness into families began on an official basis. At first it was very subtle but as the years progressed, the governmental abuses escalated. And while the elected sheriff should be the one investigating actual abuse cases, he now finds himself an accomplice supporting the directives of unelected child protective workers without due process to those being accused.

While claiming out of one side of their mouths that children were in danger and must be protected, out of the other side came Roe vs. Wade in 1973 which was passed by the Supreme Court. Inasmuch as we were already considered only "resources," it became recognizable that life no longer had any meaning either and the holocaust followed.
In 1975 Governor Robert Straub issued Executive Order 76-7 calling for an Early Childhood Project to be developed. It was performed pursuant to grant number H0087 from the U.S. Office of Child Development, DHD, D/HEW. And should we be surprised to learn that the liberal League of Women Voters of Oregon administered the $55,000 grant on behalf of the Task Force? Isn't the League only involved in elections?
The opening sentence in Chairperson Muriel Goldman's report to the Honorable Robert W. Straub said, "Oregon has been a pacesetter in the areas of energy and land use planning and conservation. Now Oregon has the opportunity to be a leader in conserving and enhancing people resources.
The report ended by saying "we must find a more efficient and effective way to help families provide for their children."
A number of elected officials were members of the Task Force including Honorable Clay Myers, who was Salem Chairperson and Secretary of State. The Honorable Norma Paulus from Salem was a member and was serving in the House of Representatives at the time.  Norma later became Secretary of State and Superintendent of  Schools.
Paulus ran for governor in 1986 against Democrat Neil Goldschmidt. It was during that time frame in 1986 that Oregon's Agenda for the 1990's: Children, Youth and Families was held in Portland, Oregon in May 1986. The listed sponsors of this conference with one possible exception, all had vested money interests in its outcome.
The purpose of the conference was to put together an agenda which was to "guide legislators and the new governor" in drafting bills which would put the ideas of the conference sponsors into law and bind them on all Oregonians. They wanted to gain a "foothold" to "change all of U.S. policy."
One sponsoring tax-funded organization admitted its employees were receiving full pay for the days they attended in addition to their $60 registration fee being paid for them. The cost, the way it was set up and the fact that the average citizen did not have those luxuries was obvious the conference was not meant for them.
A synopsis of what was discussed at the conference can be found under an article titled "Oregon's Agenda for the 1990's: Children, Youth and Families" on this website. 
After that conference we saw legislation being introduced and passed oftentimes under Republican-controlled leadership that affects us today with regard to the intrusiveness into the family.
When one reads through the voters' pamphlets about all the promises from GOP candidates, two things usually stand out: They are for the family and less government. But after the dust settles and the legislature adjourns, we find the GOP voting for more government programs and more intrusiveness into the family under the guise of "the best interests of the child."
After the 2001 Oregon legislature adjourned, the Democrat governor and the unions said they were very pleased with the cooperation they got from the GOP-controlled House and Senate. This should tell voters something, shouldn't it?
The passage of HB 2003 and HB 2004 in the 1993 Oregon legislature gave us support-based services and one-stop Family Resource centers - all incentives for the family to participate without "informed consents." Little do they realize these resources are traps and the computer does not have "normal" on the evaluations of these families so all families are "at risk" and are considered guilty until they can prove themselves innocent, which is hard to do considering the finances required to fight Big Brother on false abuse charges. These Family Resource Centers are being used to indoctrinate parents.
The Healthy Start program is one which allows home visits. Hillary Clinton gushes, "I cannot say enough in support of home visits." Remember her infamous book: It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child? See the article by Nancy Heisser under that title on They Will Come Into Your Homes 
Home visits are also called Family Support Workers. Their mission is to be a teacher, a home visitor/friend, adviser and advocate and last but not least and perhaps the most important, to monitor that family.

All of this sounds like the instructions given to Soviet Communist party educators in the 1918 conference where they were told:  "We must remove the children from the crude influence of families." Need I say more?

2001 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

Betty Freauf has been a GOP activist for many years. Elected county chairman, state party secretary, congressional district chairman, candidate for Governor of Oregon in 1986, the house of reps in 1988 and 1990. 

She published a weekly "Legislative Action" newsletter for five Oregon Legislative Sessions, is an Excommunicated citizen Review Board Member to "WATCHDOG", Oregon's Child Protective Agency. (She was fired for asking too many questions)

Betty Freauf, (center) volunteer citizen review board member posing with three children service division employees on May 25 1987 parent abuse rally at the State Capital in Salem, Oregon.