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July 2, 2001

The diabolical centerpiece of Oregon Governor Kitzhaber's administration, "The Children's Plan" SB 965, recently sailed through the Oregon State Incorporated Senate and now goes to the House with predicted, assured ratification.

This treasonous act declares open warfare on families. They continue to deceive us by using the same scheme, over and over, i.e., "it's all for the children." For those of you who don't know, Associated Press news writer, Jessica Bujol reported on July 3, 2001, that Oregon State Incorporated is a 12 billion dollar a year "for profit" business! "What kind of business?" and "Where does the profit come from?" you might well ask.

Several months ago major headlines around the world announced that the "Book of Life" genetic code was finally cracked. Its relevant importance to the biotech industry is the huge profit.

Biotech companies all across our great land are patenting human genetic codes as fast as they can get their hands on them. Once your genetic code is patented you do not own yourself any longer - someone else does. Sounds far fetched? Recently, ABC's Ted Koppel reported that they are already doing it.

Other recent reports state that the largest holder of DNA patents, in the world, is the United States government. It's a well-known fact that they collect blood samples from all military personnel. They tell us it's only for identification purposes on the battlefield.

You may wonder what all of this has to do with SB 965. It just happens to involve the latest bold move by Oregon's Pharaohs (Republicans and Democrats), and is now in the fast-track mode. Their plan is to collect as much information/data on you, and your children, as fast as they can for their huge shared databases. Their purpose is to get to your first-born child. Genetically speaking most of your shared DNA is in your first-born. They wouldn't need any more data/ information than that.

I believe the deceitful Oregon Children's Plan (SB 965) recently passed here is also being implemented throughout the United State perhaps under different names, but the scheme is the same -- to get into your home, without a search warrant, to collect all the data they can, while they can, using the phony scheme "it is all for the children". If it's not in your state already, it soon will be!

Because SB 965 is a cunning, deliberate, pre-mediated, unconstitutional scheme against families by the State of Oregon, We, The People, must demand that this be given a death knell at once! This is a Notice to Governor Kitzhaber and those who aid and abet his unconstitutional Oregon Children's Plan (SB 965). You will all be held accountable in a court of Constitutional Judicial Due Process and tried for treason against the people in the state of Oregon. Names are presently being taken of all who took part in this unlawful, unconstitutional scheme 'for profit' against the families of Oregon. Evidence abounds that Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon state legislators are embracing the Marxist United Nations' 'Rights of the Child'. It is nothing more than the total destruction of the United States and Oregon Constitutions and the sovereign American family.

Remember, the United Nations agenda is to turn your child against you and your God-given parental authority. Then the U.N. will step in and becomes the child's (and your) authority. The only way they can accomplish this is to turn the child against the parents, even having the child imprison his/her parents for violating their Children's Rights, that don't, and never have, legally existed. It's all a fabrication to make children believe they have these rights. They do not, except through the authority of their parents. Remember, children are not of legal age until they reach the age of majority. In most states this falls between the ages of 18 & 21.

The Oregon Children's Plan is the greatest unconstitutional betrayal of families that has ever been undertaken in this state in the past 90 years. It's the single most important mass undertaking of betrayal by the Marxist agenda yet, because it covers every important area of an Oregonian's lifetime - their homes and families - whether you are parents, children or grandchildren.

Log on to and read the unconstitutional Oregon State Incorporated's SB 965 Children's Plan in its entirety for yourself.

Another great betrayal uncovered recently was the state's implementation of the unconstitutional Article VII of the Oregon State Constitution, signed into law in 1910 -- WITHOUT the vote of the people, and signed by a deceased governor who had died two months prior!

Read the Oregon Blue Book for yourself. You can purchase a copy from any bookstore in Oregon. Under the heading "Constitution" you will see two Article VII's listed. The first Article VII is the 'supplanted' (superseded by treachery), unconstitutional 'amended' version. The second Article VII is the 'original', Constitutional version. Compare them.

History tells us that in 1910 the single most important item talked about was the women's vote. Could it be that when everyone was distracted/focused on the Women's Suffrage Movement, the bar attorneys, without being noticed, passed their substituted, unconstitutional Article VII, giving them the exclusive right, from that time forward, to make laws that take away the people's Constitutional Rights, little by little? I believe they did as evidenced by the corrupt judicial court system we currently have in the State of Oregon! Under the 'supplanted', unconstitutional Article VII, the law is whatever the bar judges and bar attorneys say it is.

Have you ever noticed the legal system never defines any thing? Everything in court is vague and ambiguous; bar attorneys and bar judges speak to each other in a 'coded' language in their courts of law so that no ordinary citizen understands what they are saying; but they do! If you, as an ordinary citizen, try to pin them down to any reasonable meaning, they berate you and accuse you of being out of order, then send you off packing to jail for contempt of their court. Does this sound like Russia? No, this is Oregon! The present unconstitutional judicial system, put in place by a group of bar attorneys in 1910, had, and still have, a vested for-profit interest that reduced your state and U.S. constitutional Rights to a pile of rubble.

No one was the wiser, until now, in the year of our Lord, 2001 AD. Sound impossible? Check your Oregon State Constitution as soon as possible.

A local bar attorney recently confessed to lacking knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the State Constitution of Oregon. He revealed to several witnesses at a luncheon that he received only 30 minutes of Constitutional Law in law school, the remainder of his schooling was spent studying Statutory and Judicial Law. We know for a fact, the public and private schools, are not teaching our children the most important documents in their lifetime -- the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Oregon State Constitution. These documents clearly restrict government from eating out the substance of the people. How can our nation's children be the future "guardians of the gate", protecting these 'special', important documents that proclaim our sovereignty, if they don't know the content and meaning? They used to be taught in the schools, but, as we all know, these precious documents have all but disappeared from the classroom and the minds of our children.

There is irrefutable evidence that professionals are 'dumbing down' our nation's children. We see it everyday in our public schools, the media, churches and temples.

Animal Rights is another fabrication/lie designed to make you think animals have legal rights. They don't. Marxists hope everyone will believe their lies. Look it up in your U. S and State Constitutions. Then show me where Animal's Rights and Children's Rights are listed . You can't, because they aren't there. Everyone knows we should be kind to animals, but in order to implement their plan, the Marxists need to make you think that they are lawful. Problem is, the only place they exist is in their minds, but not in the real world.

Citizens of the State of Oregon take heart. This is only the beginning of this special report to you. More evidence/information will be forthcoming. As it is revealed, and received, it will be reported to you.

The Oregon State Bar Association's website reveals their vision for our future. Please log on and read about their "Justice 2020". It will inform you as to what unconstitutional plans they have for the state of Oregon and its people. I would dare to say it is being implemented at this writing in other states across our great land, perhaps by another name. Remember, it's the same scheme/plan. You should check your own State Bar Association's website.

Why isn't the clergy openly criticizing the state's immoral/unconstitutional agenda? The 501(c)3 tax status covenant with the state transforms Rabbis, Priests, Pastors and Ministers into agents for the state, who willingly assist and accommodate them. This explains their continued silence regarding the open warfare upon God and families by Oregon State, Incorporated.

For those of you who don't know what a 501(c)3 is, it's a tax-exempt status given to a non profit organization by the state, and the state that gives you this status (let's call it what it really is -- a license for silence) can also revoke it. Those who live in fear of having their tax-exempt status revoked, will always obey the state's agenda (as in State Bar). This is evident by the thundering silence of the clergy.

Update: August - 2001

In the last moments of governor Kitzhaber's controversial Oregon Children's Plan SB 965, State Rep. Carl Wilson and other good legislators had concerns about government intrusion into the lives of Oregon's families. It became clear that it may not pass their committee. It was pulled out of that committee and into the Joint Committee on Ways and Means as HB 3659 named Oregon Early Childhood System with revisions including the words "voluntary" and "expressed written consent by the parents", etc. It was passed on July 6, 2001 by a majority vote. This final version of Governor Kitzhaber's Oregon Children's Plan is now known officially as HB 3659. You can read this bill in its' entirety.

Update: August-2001

On July 27th 2001 Governor Kitzhaber signed into law without a vote of the people, Hillary and Bill Clinton's radical dream come true "It takes a whole village to raise a child" the Oregon Children's Plan. Kitzhaber's arguably deceptive plan has now been fully implemented so that state social workers can enter your home to gather informational data on you and your first born child, and, on a whim may terminate your parental rights without a trial or a conviction after unwary parents are tricked into signing consent. This may be the beginning stage of eventual parental licensing. This non constitutional and controversial state mandated concept of child rearing seems to be a national trend as was exposed in the New American Magazine report "Beware the Child Protectors" and Fox News Online "A state agency with the power to kidnap with impunity"

We can only hope that Governor Kitzhaber's arguably controversial Oregon Children's Plan, that appears to be voluntary, never becomes mandatory. But, history shows us that once government starts a voluntary program, it incrementally becomes mandatory.

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I believe the deceitful Oregon Children's Plan (SB 965) recently passed here is also being implemented throughout the United State perhaps under different names, but the scheme is the same -- to get into your home, without a search warrant, to collect all the data they can, while they can, using the phony scheme "it is all for the children"