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By Steven Yates
March 16, 2008

(8) Bush II and Congress have both created the conditions for potentially large scale police-state actions on U.S. soil through suspension of habeas corpus (Military Commissions Act of 2006) and Posse Comitatus (John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2006�signed into law by Bush II on the same day!). Bush II also signed National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive NSPD-51/HSPD-20 allowing the president to give himself the equivalent of dictatorial powers in the event of a (presidentially declared) �catastrophic emergency.� This Directive, obviously, will still be in force to hand potential dictatorial power to Bush II�s successor, whoever it might be. Finally, there is the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act which passed the House 404�6 without so much as a mention in the corporate media last fall and is in committee in the Senate. While most Americans are behaving like good little sheeple, the power elite is doubtless worried about some of us. After all, the Ron Paul Revolution took on such a life of its own last year that even Time was compelled to cover it. The corporate media tried as hard as it could to ignore Ron Paul, as I noted; when that became impossible, they attacked ad hominem by portraying him and his followers as nutjobs and ignoring their substantive views on such subjects as the Federal Reserve and sound money. He was clearly a threat.

The Ron Paul Revolution has not gone away, and it will be interesting to see what happens when Dr. Paul�s latest book Revolution: A Manifesto hits the streets next month. I�ve no doubt that if push comes to shove, if efforts to build the Trans-Texas Corridor (or NAFTA Superhighway, if you prefer�again, we now have disinformation on the subject) run up against refusals by armed Texans to relinquish their land under post-Kelo eminent domain, the police state will act. I doubt that we will see martial law declared in all 50 states at once. It may be limited to a �hot spot� such as the path of the TTC and rationalized by media that will denounce opponents of �progress� as hotheads and troublemakers�or as �conspiracy kooks� and �gun nuts��for defending land that has been in their families for generations. Then the elite will watch and see what happens. Will those in neighboring states protest if their countrymen are rounded up and thrown in detention camps (see below)? Or will they go on watching sports and American Idol and otherwise being sheeple? Who knows? Maybe martial law in all 50 states won�t even be necessary. (Perhaps I should note, however, that U.S. military personnel in Iraq have already been interrogated over their willingness to shoot American civilians if necessary in a martial law situation.)

(9) Shortly after 9/11 but before the Iraq War, the Bush II regime violated the Constitution with �free speech zones� (think of Brett Bursey and countless other well-documented cases). We have since encountered abundant and widely publicized evidence of warrantless wiretaps and other forms of spying on U.S. citizens. The mindset here, embraced by many sheeple: if you�re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. (Government schools have really done their job! See below.) REAL ID is, of course, part of this�cynically exploiting the illegal alien problem and the �war on terror� mindset to force Americans to adopt a national ID card even though REAL ID will do nothing to prevent terrorism or illegal immigration. (Again, in fairness, efforts to give Americans national ID cards started at least under Bill Clinton, but the Bush II regime�s Department of Homeland Security has used 9/11 to push national ID more aggressively than the Clinton regime would ever have dared�small wonder so many people have doubts about the official 9/11 conspiracy theory including scholars with doctorates in fields like physics and engineering.) More recently, we have seen Bush II attaching �signing statements� to hundreds of laws passed by Congress claiming the authority to set them aside if they conflict with his interpretation of the Constitution.

(10) Evidence has emerged of people tortured not just overseas but in American jails and prisons. The Jos� Padilla case is rife with suggestions that this man�admittedly no saint but nevertheless a U.S. citizen supposedly with rights under the Constitution�was kept in solitary confinement under conditions amounting to sensory deprivation and sleep deprivation for extended periods of time without having been formally charged with any crime or being allowed to consult with his attorneys. In other words, he was tortured in prison; his Constitutional rights were violated brazenly. Bush II had declared him an �enemy combatant.� Others have alleged torture around the world at the hands of U.S. forces under the Bush II regime. Moreover, information has been circulating about facilities in every state being prepared for conversion into detention centers (otherwise known as concentration camps) for political dissidents or for undesirables generally (think of the growing armies of the unemployed and the foreclosed on as well as those fed up with our power elite). There is enough total space in these camps for well over a million Americans. Those responding to such allegations as evidence of conspiratorial paranoia had better hope they are right! What defenders of the status quo cannot deny�we have tons of hard evidence on YouTube and making their way through the courts�of police turned into bullies and thugs who use Taser stun guns on the slightest provocation, including during routine traffic stops. The targets of Taser attacks by police now include children and people in wheelchairs! It is probably anticlimactic to say that the U.S. now incarcerates a higher per capita percentage of its citizens than any other supposedly advanced nation in the world including mainland China!


(11) Under Bush II�s No Child Left Alone (er, Behind) which obviously also has many precursors from Mastery Learning through Goals 2000 and School-To-Work, government schools have all but collapsed. Of course, as I and many others (Charlotte Iserbyt, John Taylor Gatto, Beverly Eakman, etc., etc., etc.) have argued at length, these laboratories of social engineering never aimed to produce informed, Constitutionally-literate, vigilant citizens but sheeple who would trust their government, do as they are told, support prevailing agendas on, e.g., homosexuality, and then go back to sports and reality TV. In this sense, of course, �public schools� have been dramatic successes! Increasing numbers of alert parents have withdrawn their children from government schools. Homeschooling is now the largest independent education movement in the country. It is clear, though, that a backlash is building. An effort to criminalize parents of 166,000 children currently being homeschooled in California is just getting underway.

Well, let�s catch our breath! Those are the �accomplishments� of government under Bush II�s watch, with help from other corporatist-globalists such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Chertoff, Tom Ridge, Condi Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Lindsay Graham, and countless others�all furthering the goals of Bush II�s unacknowledged handlers, which are (1) wealth consolidation; (2) control over the political system while continuing a fa�ade of �democracy�; (3) the total information awareness of a surveillance police state; and (4) setting the stage for the elimination of dissent through a social environment characterized by intimidation, fear, and when these fail, the use of brute force including torture.

John McCain�s philosophy of government differs from that of Bush II in just one respect: it�s worse!

McCain has promised �a hundred years� in Iraq if necessary. He has told us �there will be other wars.� You may read McCain�s philosophy of war here. If last year is any indication, McCain can be counted on to continue the open-borders / North American integrationist policies of Bush II and the latter�s corporatist cronies throughout the hemisphere. McCain is, of course, a member of the CFR in good standing, as no doubt will be nearly all those appointed to positions of responsibility in a McCain administration. Finally, McCain has an authoritarian personality and is noted for his volcanic temper. He would be considerably less tolerant of disagreement with official policy than Bush II�and possibly even more likely than Bush II to hand down presidential directives giving himself power. He voted against an anti-torture bill before Congress.

In World Affairs Brief (February 15), Joel Skousen speculates that the power elite might designate Mike Huckabee as McCain�s running mate. This would corral the votes of clueless Evangelical Christians and keep the rest of the �true conservatives� from either defecting to a third party or simply going fishing in November. The corporate media was not building up Huckabee a few weeks back for no reason at all (his handlers needed, moreover, to divert attention from Ron Paul�s record-breaking grassroots fundraising successes). Huckabee cooperated�guided of course by his chief advisor CFR President Richard Haass. He may cooperate further as a McCain running mate by telling Evangelicals, �Whatever he did last year with �immigration reform,� John McCain is really one of us.� Hey, Bush II was able to pull it off. A lot of Evangelicals are among those who voted for Bush II thinking he is �conservative.� Some people just aren�t very bright and can be fooled again and again.

A McCain presidency? If the GOP nominates him, it doesn�t deserve to keep the White House. If voters elect him president (or, alternatively, if Diebold electronic voting machines �select� him and voters say nothing), they do not really deserve freedom. Again, this is not an argument to vote for the Democrat. The two dominant parties, as I said, have never given us worse! We have never more desperately needed a credible third party, which does not mean we will have a third party candidate capable of overcoming the power elite�s control over the process or a corporate media blackout. If Ron Paul couldn�t do it as a Republican while breaking grassroots records for fundraising, what makes anyone believe a Libertarian Party or Constitution Party or Ralph Nader could do it? I will go so far as to predict, though, that if any of the present dominant choices becomes president in 2009, this will be our last or possibly second-to-last general election.

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A �catastrophic emergency� will come, and whoever is in the White House will declare himself or herself President-For-the-Duration-of-the-Emergency (which will stretch out indefinitely). I�m not claiming my predictions mean a whole lot, of course. No one�s breaking down my door these days asking for my opinions. Still, I can�t get it out of my mind that we might actually be slightly better off with Hillary Clinton or the celebrity-like Barack Obama in the White House. Republicans might decide to get their act together. I doubt it, but one can always hope. What is for sure: the mainstream of today�s GOP won�t touch President McCain�even if his policies are virtually identical to those of a Democrat. For part one click below.

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Dr. Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy. He is the author of two books, Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (1994) and Worldviews: Christian Theism versus Modern Materialism (2005), roughly two dozen articles and reviews in refereed professional journals, and hundreds of opinion columns both online and in news periodicals (he writes a regular column for the Greenville-SC based weekly The Times Examiner).

He was involved in the struggles against CAFTA and the FTAA, participated in a successful citizens� effort to have legislation passed declining to implement the Real ID Act of 2005 in South Carolina, and was active on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign. He has spoken to local, state-level and national groups including the Patriot Network, the Georgia Eagle Forum, Freedom 21, and the John Birch Society. He lives in the Greenville, South Carolina area where he commutes between two colleges teaching philosophy and is pondering the fate of his latest almost-completed book The Real Matrix: Fabricated Reality in the Emerging New World Order in light of the fact that for all practical purposes the New World Order is here and he doesn�t want to end up a political prisoner.












Whether we like it or not, the power elite is getting what it wants again this election year. Having recognized the philandering, cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani as unappealing to most Republican voters and having been able to black out Ron Paul for the most part, they have gotten behind John McCain as their GOP standard-bearer.