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By Steven Yates
March 16, 2008

Whether we like it or not, the power elite is getting what it wants again this election year. Having recognized the philandering, cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani as unappealing to most Republican voters and having been able to black out Ron Paul for the most part, they have gotten behind John McCain as their GOP standard-bearer. The evidence: before Christmas, McCain seemed to have few prospects and was running out of money. Now, with his having reached the magic number of 1,191 delegates, we are looking at yet another coronation.

Are Republican voters really supporting this guy? Perhaps they have very short memories and don�t recall McCain�s involvement in four attempts last year�spearheaded by President Bush and ultra-liberal Ted Kennedy (and South Carolina�s arch-RINO Lindsey Graham)�to ram amnesty-for-illegals legislation through Congress and down our throats. Or perhaps Diebold electronic voting machines did their number working overtime. Or both. Or maybe the majority of the electorate really does lack all concern for where we are headed, so long as their paychecks keep coming and cable sports stays on the air.

If this country places this man in the White House in November, it will be making a huge and grim mistake!

Not that anyone should vote for a Democrat, of course. The choices our elites have made available this year have clearly reached an all-time low. This is especially distressing because there have been alternatives to power-elite selectees. It will be very tempting to tell people, �Unless you voted for Ron Paul�and supported him with donations to his campaign, phone calls, letters to the editor or articles, etc., when the corporate media would not report on him�shut up already about the loss of your few remaining freedoms. Didn�t H.L. Mencken define democracy as the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard?� (Not that this was supposed to be a democracy, of course, and not that the electorate really decides anything of importance in this country anymore.)

It may be that McCain is the power elite�s designated loser, and that they have their sights on a Democrat this go around. Might we speculate? Perhaps the power elite is using Barack Obama�s charismatic presence to make sure Hillary Clinton stays on her leash. However, with power-elitist Zbigniew Brzezinski working behind the scenes for Obama, and with Obama now the leading (delegate-wise) Democrat, the truth could be the other way around (minus the charisma, of course, since Hillary has about as much of that as a fence post). But given the ongoing drama between those two, maybe McCain isn�t the designated loser. Both Democrats are vulnerable on multiple counts. The corporate media could lower the boom on either of them at any time.

I don�t move in power elite circles, so I really don�t know what is planned. But one thing is for sure: the elite can count on a McCain presidency further nailing down policies that are firmly in place after seven and a fraction years of George W. Bush. There is every indication that while we may see a few predictable bimbo eruptions and token debates and criticisms, when push comes to shove the support McCain needs will be there when he needs it, from the right quarters. Areas where his past transgressions are serious�think Keating Five�will disappear cleanly down the corporate media memory hole.

This, too, will be unfortunate because from the standpoint of We the People, the Bush II presidency has been a disaster of leviathan proportions.

The first thing to note is that no one with a functioning brain still thinks Bush II is a conservative. He�s a globalist and a corporatist. He has surrounded himself with neocons�Straussians and ex-Trotskyites who share his globalist vision and his intoxication with power. Almost nothing he has done has benefited We the People. Let�s look at it.

(1) Under Bush II�s watch, the national debt has soared to over $9.3 trillion as of this writing; that�s over $79,000 for every taxpayer. This, of course, is just the reported fraction of a total indebtedness that continues to mount alongside the Bush regime�s and the Federal Reserve�s efforts to quick-fix the situation. Now someone will read the last paragraph and remind me about Bush II�s tax cuts. Yes, he cut taxes, but it should be a no-brainer that unless government also cuts spending it will either have to run up huge deficits or print more and more fiat money or both. Since Bush II has expanded government faster than any Republican regime in history, we have seen both. All of which brings me to (2).

(2) The dollar is collapsing under Bush II appointee Helicopter Ben�s manipulations (following two decades of Alan Greenspan manipulations). It has lost roughly 60 percent of its value just since 2000; red alerts went off back in March 2006 when the Federal Reserve stopped reporting M3. The price of gold has reached record highs this year and is zeroing in on $1,000/oz. Foreign investors are jittery; our stock market is yo-yoing. Two things are saving the dollar right now: the fact that it remains the world�s reserve currency, plus the onward-and-upward forever mindset of the �old school� working under the assumption that all we are seeing is the recent of many bumps in the road.

(3) We are mired in two (so far!) unwinnable foreign wars entered into under dubious pretexts. We have failed to capture Osama bin Forgotten (oops, I mean bin Laden)�perhaps because an Osama bin Laden on the loose is more valuable to those in power than an Osama bin Laden under lock and key. The Iraq War, of course, long ago became a quagmire, Faux News (and McCain campaign) propaganda about �the surge� not withstanding. Almost 4,000 Americans have been killed in Iraq for no good reason. Approximately 1,173,000 Iraqis have been killed. Some of us warned back in 2002 that this would happen, and�imagine my surprise!�no one would listen. The U.S. is building a Vatican-sized embassy over there, suggesting that the reason Bush II never had an exit strategy was that his handlers did not intend on Americans� leaving. At least, not until the power elite�s incipient world government can move in and take over. While I am not an advocate of national health care, it is possible that something like that could have been accomplished with the $500 billion-plus that has been squandered in Iraq.

(4) There is overwhelming evidence of government lying about the true state of the U.S. economy, with full corporate media compliance, of course. For example, both government and mainstream sources cite a �core� inflation rate that purposefully omits increased food and energy costs. It is also clear that the official means of calculating unemployment�reporting those who have applied for unemployment compensation, actively sought work in the past four weeks (sometimes competing against illegal aliens willing to do the same work for a fraction of the cost while living ten or more to an apartment), and whose benefits have not run out�systematically underreports the actual amount of unemployment in America. We know that home foreclosures reached all time highs last year. Personal bankruptcies reached all time highs earlier in the decade. Americans rendered homeless by long-term unemployment have moved into �tent cities� in places like Vancouver and suburban California. (There are no figures for underemployment, of course.)

(5) While supposedly fighting a �war on terror� Bush II has stymied every effort to secure our borders, which is what We The People wanted from any �immigration reform� package. Bush II has thus overseen the colonization of this country by over 20 million illegal aliens (again, the federal government and the corporate media underreport the figure at just 12 million). At least one tenth of Mexico�s population is in the U.S. illegally. There is, moreover, a complete media blackout on the illegal alien crime wave�the spree of murders, assaults, rapes, vehicular homicides by drunk drivers, etc., committed by illegal aliens. Two border patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jos� Compion, remain imprisoned on the testimony of a known drug dealer while Bush II cynically commuted the prison sentence of his buddy �Scooter� Libby last summer. If I worked for the U.S. Border Patrol, I would have had to resign long ago to maintain my sanity. The absurdity of our illegal alien situation and the need to destroy those devoted to securing our borders cannot be understood, however, without:

(6) also understanding how Bush II has furthered the globalist / integrationist policies of his father, George H.W. Bush, and of the Fabian / Rhodes / CFR / Trilateralist axis which gave us NAFTA and the GATT / WTO during the Bill Clinton era (do we need more evidence that both Democrats and Republicans are controlled by this axis?). Under Bush II we saw CAFTA and more bilateral �free trade� agreements reached in lieu of a comprehensive FTAA (so far beaten back by South American leaders who want nothing to do with British-American �capitalism�). NAFTA has cost this country over 2.4 million manufacturing jobs. It has also lowered real wages and aggravated income inequality in Mexico�one of the reasons a tenth of that nation�s population has migrated here. Even back in the �booming� (credit-expansionist) late 1990s I recall reading of how our economy was �shifting� from manufacturing to domestic services. Jobs in this latter sector, of course, pay a fraction of those in the former. It was a wake-up call to realize this was no accident; it had all been carefully scripted�read America�s Engineered Decline by William Norman Grigg. Now, ten years later, it is clear that without the potentially endless opportunities for personal borrowing against the future made possible by credit cards, we would have already seen a massive decline in the American standard of living. Strictly speaking, of course, our present moment is as awash in pseudo-prosperity as the world is in fiat dollars. Americans owe $9.9 trillion in credit card debt. You don�t have real prosperity when you are carrying five figures of debt no matter how big your house is or how many SUVs you own. Think of the subprime mortgage lending meltdown. Eventually the piper always demands payment. Economic law tells us that we cannot build malinvestments on top of malinvestments forever. But I digress; our subject was globalism / economic-integrationism under Bush II.

(7) Beginning in 2005, we saw Bush II, then-Canadian president Paul Martin and then-Mexican president Vicente Fox create their Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). Contrary to the disinformation on its website and unfortunately now on, the SPP is indeed slowly undermining U.S. sovereignty and leading to the slow evolution of a North American superstate in accordance with CFR recommendations and plans. It may not happen as soon as 2010, of course, but SPP satellite groups such as the North American Competitiveness Council (created at the second SPP summit at Cancun in 2006), the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and the many working groups are hard at work �harmonizing� laws, regulations and standards in a multitude of areas. Other elite-controlled groups are also propelling economic integration, e.g., the North American Forum on Integration.

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Vicente Fox and Bush II have agreed on North American integration and a common currency, in effect confirming Jerome R. Corsi�s allegations. More recently, Fox�s successor Felipe Calderon has confirmed his intent to continue the effort including meeting with the Trilateral Commission. There can be no doubt that the power elite wants to be sure Bush II�s successor will further the goals of the SPP and other integration efforts on the horizon such as between the U.S. and the European Union. Author Chris Bentley has shown how both unrestricted immigration and economic integration further the goals of regional government and ending national sovereignty. The European Union began with �free trade� accords, after all. Once the North American Union is built and we are living under a North American Parliament along the lines of the one assuming control over Europe (and for which American students are already being prepared), there will be no �illegal aliens� since we will have free movement of peoples across borders rendered as meaningless as those in Europe. For part two click below.

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Dr. Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy. He is the author of two books, Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (1994) and Worldviews: Christian Theism versus Modern Materialism (2005), roughly two dozen articles and reviews in refereed professional journals, and hundreds of opinion columns both online and in news periodicals (he writes a regular column for the Greenville-SC based weekly The Times Examiner).

He was involved in the struggles against CAFTA and the FTAA, participated in a successful citizens� effort to have legislation passed declining to implement the Real ID Act of 2005 in South Carolina, and was active on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign. He has spoken to local, state-level and national groups including the Patriot Network, the Georgia Eagle Forum, Freedom 21, and the John Birch Society. He lives in the Greenville, South Carolina area where he commutes between two colleges teaching philosophy and is pondering the fate of his latest almost-completed book The Real Matrix: Fabricated Reality in the Emerging New World Order in light of the fact that for all practical purposes the New World Order is here and he doesn�t want to end up a political prisoner.












Whether we like it or not, the power elite is getting what it wants again this election year. Having recognized the philandering, cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani as unappealing to most Republican voters and having been able to black out Ron Paul for the most part, they have gotten behind John McCain as their GOP standard-bearer.