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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 22, 2005

�We are constantly told the illegal immigrant is only doing the work �American�s won�t do.� Vicente Fox said, �Mexicans will do the work even blacks won�t do.� This is repeated with such frequency, you�d forget that thousands of fire fighters in Los Angeles cleared brush on hilltops, in full gear, in 95-degree heat, facing walls of thousand degree flames. No, we�re told we�re too fat indolent and lazy to lift a finger. Americans will work if they are paid fairly. Free market capitalism cannot only work for CEO�s. Trickle down has to trickle down.�

McIntyre added, �It sickens me to see politicians and corporate giants wrap themselves in the flag and sell America as a marketing concept, imagining their brand with the Red, White & Blue. Meanwhile, they enact policies and business models that destroy the fabric of America. If you ever feared One World Government, forget the UN. The UN is so incompetent they can�t even get a Hooker sent to the right hotel room. The UN isn�t the problem; it�s the Harvard Business School, the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal and think tanks that preach profits allies.�

McIntyre said, �Sometimes I think Vicente W. Bush or George W. Fox, (you chose), is a Manchurian Candidate created by multi-nationals to subvert everything I ever believed in. Homeland Security? You�ve got to be kidding me! We spend billions patting down grannies at the airport and wave in swarming hordes of illegal invaders, including countless thousand OTM�s, (other than Mexicans) not to mention an army of drug and human smugglers and Mara Salvatrucia (MS-13) killers. But fear not! The Feds have aerial drones flying over the borders that take photos of the border crossers as they sneak in. To what purpose? Are we going to sell keepsake snapshots to the illegals, a little something to remember the day they broke into America? The Federal Government feeds the American people a steady diet of nonsense and lies.�

�At the local level, it�s even worse,� McIntyre said. �There are now over five million Matricular Consular cards floating around America. Former LAPD Chief and current City Councilman, Bernard Parks told me the LAPD does not do a background check on these cards. The Counsel General of Mexico told the LA County Board of Supervisors the Mexican government doesn�t do background checks. And the only constituent group for Matricular Consular cards is illegal immigrants. We have green cards and work and student visas for those here legitimately. Five million bogus cards that are now officially recognized forms of identification good for city services, including section eight housing, and accepted at banks in direct violation of banking laws.�

What McIntyre describes is �Third World Momentum�. It�s a pernicious, methodical degradation of laws that degrade a society into Third World status. It�s on the march across America like a cancer metastasizing at record rates of speed.

�The meat packing industry, the hotel and tourism industry, the poultry industry, and the banking industry have been among the most active lobbyists for an open border policy. In fact, Wells Fargo Bank openly advocates illegal immigration. They saw the 20 billion dollars in remittances going to Mexico via Western Union and said, �Where�s our taste?� Mary Trigg, spokeswoman for Wells Fargo Bank, told The Los Angeles Times, �There was a need in the Latino community and we saw a market there.� There�s that word again. Market!�

On March 12, 2004, the day after Moroccan nationals bombed the Madrid train station killing 200 and injuring 1200 more, the Los Angeles City Council passed, unanimously, a resolution expanding the Matricular Consular card concept to any nation on Earth. That means Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, even France! Tell me that isn�t a death wish for our country!

�When asked about consular cards and the LAPD�s Special Order #40 (which prevents the LAPD from initiating a stop based on suspicion of immigration violations), Antonio Villaragosa, (now Mayor of Los Angeles) called my questions, �Inflammatory.� The President of the United States called Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen, �vigilantes�. And of course, all who dare talk about the border crisis are racists, xenophobes, or radical nationalists and that�s the good news! It�s good because it means that they�re feeling the heat,� said McIntyre.

Privately, many elected officials will admit that we have an enormous border crisis, yet publicly, they do nothing to fix the problem, continue to pander to ethnic voting blocks, or surrender to the fear of being called a racist. At the local level, they continue to offer incentives to illegals to come to LA, making the nation�s second largest city a magnet for poverty and the beach head of not only the Reconquista, but the laboratory for the Third Worlding of the First World.

Depressed enough?

�What do we do about it?� McIntyre asked. �First, we need more than think tanks, we need act tanks. Otherwise, we�ll continue to meet in hotels and hand each other copies of our latest books until we�re at the Manassas gun show signing petitions with the �No Fluoride in the Water� crowd. We need candidates to vote for. The two party system has flamed-out like a super-nova. We�re just living off the reflected light of a star system that no longer exists. There is no place to vote for the vast majority of Americans. Republican, Democrat--it doesn�t matter. Both parties are corrupted by the same funding sources.�

�History teaches that grassroots movements rarely have a lasting impact. The anti-illegal immigration movement was safely quarantined in talk radio where it could be dismissed as the province of right wing nuts and flying saucer groupies,� McIntyre said. �But a funny thing happened on the way to national oblivion-- CNN�s Lou Dobbs stuck it in the corporatist�s faces. Night after night, Dobbs reporting and linkage of outsourcing and broken borders connected the dots. He followed the money trail and relentlessly covered these issues on the Clinton News Network, making it harder for The New York Times/LA Times crowd to write off the issue as FOX News Channel propaganda.�

The Minuteman Project humiliated the Bush administration making it politically viable, even desirable, for the Democratic New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson and Democratic Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano to declare border emergencies in their states. Has Republican Rick Perry of Texas, or Arnold Schwarzenegger followed suit? Nope. Silence from the Republicans, who seem more interested in how they can saw the break cables of Tom Tancredo�s car than protecting this country economically, culturally and from genuine Homeland Security threats. However, citizen petitioners in Colorado, led by activist Terry Graham, demanded Governor Owens declare a state of emergency in that beleaguered state.

�The big dumb beast of government is aware the unwashed masses have the pitchforks and flaming torches and we�re coming up the hill to get them,� McIntyre said. �So, like all wounded animals, this means they are more dangerous today than ever. The system will fight back with Trojan Horse bills to make it look like they are doing something about the border, when in reality they are still advancing their agenda. Congressman David Drier specializes in this work. He�s the high priest of Free Trade deals, NAFTA, CAFTA and soon HAFTA, as in you�ll �hafta� move to China to get a job.�

The issue of illegal immigration is not a partisan issue, it�s a populist issue. The broken border is a disservice to this country and to Mexico. It allows the Mexican oligarch to continue to plunder the resources of their people and turn their population into a cash crop for corruption. Remember the quote, �Corruption becomes a mechanism by which a Third Society operates.� That corruption accelerates into every sector of the United States today.

We cannot blame these immigrants. We blame the President of the United States, the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. We blame the corporatists. We blame the shortsighted homeowner who thinks he got a great deal on lawn care.

�I grew up in New York City and have lived for the past twenty years in LA,� McIntyre said. �I love the tapestry of diversity. I like the energy and ideas of a multi-cultural society. I like the foods, the music, the healthy tide of ambitious people who, like my grandmother, gave up their families and friends, their language and all they knew to make a better life in America. But while we are constantly called to honor diversity and multi-culturalism, let�s remember that America has her own spectacular culture. We produced George Washington and Thomas Edison. Louis Armstrong and Neil Armstrong. We created a country based on an idea, the idea of a self-governing people. A country where the government derives its power from the people not the other way around.�

McIntyre�s point about honoring America�s culture must be stressed. We are the reason the world enjoys �hope�. We are the shining light on the hill. It�s our society that gives such incredible blossoming of individual freedom. You don�t see it in China, India, Mexico, Africa and other Third World countries.

�America has made many mistakes and will make more,� McIntyre said. �But God help this world if America vanishes as a force of moral authority in an increasingly relativistic age. The barbarians are always ready to fill the void. This isn�t fear mongering; it�s an immutable lesson of history. America must survive as America. It can withstand bombings and wars, depressions and hurricanes, what we cannot survive is cultural apathy. We can�t allow a unilateral surrender of the Founding Father�s divinely inspired gift to the world to venial political hacks, race baiters, and bottom line capitalists who�d sell their mother�s crutch if the price was right.�

McIntyre continued, �Democracy is not a spectator sport, it�s a contact sport. We need to put some lampblack under our eyes, tape our ankles, give some hits, take some hits, and fight for our country. We�re either going to defend America from those who hate it or think it pass�, or we might as well put salt around our borders and change our name to Margarittaville. The problem of illegal immigration is a global problem. The mass migration of populations is not a new phenomenon. What is new is the scope. What is new is the hidden agenda. While the vast majority of illegal immigrants want nothing more than a better life, the rule of law must rule or chaos is surely to result.�

We need to take the think tank to the street. Fund candidates who will defend America. We need to drop party loyalties and remember our passports don�t say Republican or Democrat-- they say The United States of America. We need a national convention, say in Philadelphia, where all the border activists can hammer out an �Immigration Bill of Rights�, a platform of specific remedies and tenants of affirmation to the serenity of America that every candidate at every level of government will be asked to endorse or will face the wrath of true patriots.

�Like the old typing exercise says, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.�

I�d like to add one other aspect of this invasion that McIntyre omitted: Do you want your children living in America with an added 100, 200 or 300 million people? The immigration line never ends! Do you want the gridlock that defines Los Angeles to manifest in your city? Do you want America to fall into so many languages that we can�t communicate with one another? Will we survive this modern day Tower of Babylon? Do you want the resource wars our children will have to fight? Do you want the diseases growing with each infected illegal and unscreened alien migrant? Do you want your schools collapsing as they have in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, NYC and all other cities that suffer this alien invasion?

How long will you remain quiet? I�ve given ample organizations for you to join and have your friends join. I would have thought, after three years, instead of one million people having joined there would be 10 million. How many reading these columns have petitioned your governor to declare a state of emergency in your state? How many have suffered everything McIntyre addressed? If you haven�t�you soon will!

Fellow Americans, yes, this is a lengthy column. However, I must add one more aspect for your consideration.

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�I was born an American. I live as an American. I shall die an American; and I intend to perform the duties incumbent upon me in that character to the end of my career. I mean to do this with absolute disregard to personal consequences. What are the personal consequences? What is the individual man with all the good or evil that may betide him, in comparison with the good and evil which may befall a great country, and in the midst of great transactions which concern that country�s fate? Let the consequences be what they will, I am careless, no man can suffer too much, and no man can fall too soon, if he suffer or if he fall, in the defense of the liberties and Constitution of his country.� Daniel Webster

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On March 12, 2004, the day after Moroccan nationals bombed the Madrid train station killing 200 and injuring 1200 more, the Los Angeles City Council passed, unanimously, a resolution expanding the Matricular Consular card concept to any nation on Earth.