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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 22, 2005

Doug McIntyre, radio host of KABC�s �McIntyre in the Morning," in Los Angeles, spoke at the Federation of American Immigration Reform director's meeting this past fall. His profound speech brings the immigration invasion into sharper focus for all Americans. []

You may offer all the excuses you want, however, McIntyre�s approach cuts like a fish knife without any political correctness offered. He is a man watching the disintegration of an American city from a front row seat.

McIntyre repeated what President Jimmy Carter said in 1977, �In the last several years, millions of undocumented aliens have illegally immigrated to the United States. They have breached our nation�s immigration laws, displaced many American citizens from jobs and placed an increased financial burden on many state and local governments.�

�This statement, truthful nearly thirty years ago, is transparently obvious to anyone who has even one eye open to our disastrous border policy,� McIntyre said. �That we�re still discussing these same issues today answers how Congress reacted to Carter�s warning.�

McIntyre continued, �Broadcasting from Los Angeles, I have had a front row seat from which to witness the catastrophic impact our open border and sanctuary city policies have had on the South Western states and the country as a whole. The big picture is coming into focus for Americans far removed from the Rio Grande. New Englanders and Heart-Landers are awakening to a problem that has been maddeningly worsening in Los Angeles and other western metropolitan areas for a generation and a half.�

Here is a sampler of recent headlines from Los Angeles:

*Between 2000 and 2003, the population of Los Angeles County went up by one million. That�s like taking Boston and its suburbs and moving them to LA in three short years.

*The illiteracy rate among LA County workers ages 16-54 is a staggering 51 percent.

*The LA County Health Care System lost 14 hospitals, trauma units and ERs in the past year alone, with many others on the brink of collapse. A total of 86 E.R. and hospitals have bankrupted in the past six years.

*While nearly every other major city in America has seen a steep decline in violent crime, the murder rate is up in LA.

*The LA Unified School District (which is many things, but unified isn�t one of them) is a disaster. An astounding 78 percent of the students speak Spanish as their primary and/or only language. The San Fernando Valley�s Canoga Park High School has a sign over the door which reads, �Bienvenido.�

*The average price for a home in LA County is above $450,000. In the Valley, it�s almost $600,000. Apartment rents have sky rocketed, middle class families are moving farther and farther into the Antelope Valley, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in a futile attempt to find affordable housing. One hundred and twenty mile round trip commutes are commonplace, adding three and four hours to the average work day. In many neighborhoods, single unit housing is now home to multiple families. Ten cars in front of one house is a fixture in many neighborhoods. Illegal garage conversions result in blight and death by fire.

*The wages for working class Angelinos are going down at the very time costs for everything, including housing and gas for those long commutes, are going up.

*In a recent page one story, the Los Angeles Daily News reported on an only in LA phenomenon � Korean immigrants to LA are learning Spanish, not English. One Korean business owner defended the decision because his customers and employees speak Spanish. �This is America�, he said with a newcomer�s pride. �In America you don�t have to speak English.�

McIntyre enjoys a front row seat at the biggest game in town being played out in the streets of Los Angeles. He�s got a virtual reality seat at the destruction of an entire city by an invading force from another country. More disconcerting stems from the fact that congressmen and senators from the State of California aid and abet the invasion.

�From health care to housing, from schools to Homeland Security, there is not a single major urban problem facing Los Angeles that does not have illegal immigration as its root cause, or at the very least, as a contributing factor,� McIntyre said. �But unlike Las Vegas, what happens in LA doesn�t stay in LA. The problems we have been enduring for decades have been exported to virtually every corner of America.�

McIntyre brings home the sickening causes of our open borders with, �It�s a common misconception to think this is the result of a massive failure of government. That�s the great mistake so many bright, active, border reformers make again and again. Our open border policy is not governmental incompetence, it�s the culmination of intense lobbying efforts by two disparate groups-- two groups that under any other circumstances would have nothing to do with each other: the radical Left that wants to reshape America�s political culture through demographics, and the corporatist agenda that currently owns both political parties, with a special hold on the Republicans and the Bush Whitehouse in particular. Our border crisis is actually the result of something as rare as the mythical albino buffalo: an efficient, remarkably effective government policy that is very near to reaching its stealth objective-- the conversion of America from a nation-state to a marketplace.�

As troubling as the radical leftist race baiting Reconquistas are, they�re not nearly as competent as a multi-national with a business plan, an army of K street lobbyists, and a check book.

�A nation that doesn�t have control of its borders is a nation in name only,� McIntyre said. �That�s the objective of the multi-national corporation. The globalist business model views the nation state as an impediment to the movement of goods and services. They see cultural cornerstones; language, law, history, art, and tradition as vestigial holdovers of a bygone era. They view those of us who think that the United States of America has inherent and unique value, as Luddites-- as Jeffersonian Agrarians shaking a fist at the Hamiltonians, trying to sweep back the inexorable tide of change.�

The reason Wal-Mart has become a pi�ata for those of us paying attention, is they have created their own foreign policy. They tell their vendors to move their plants out of the country or Wal-Mart won�t buy from them. The result? Sears merges with K-Mart, not so they can have more retail outlets, so they can muscle their vendors to move out of the country. As so it goes. America loses jobs to outsourcing and we allow third world wages and working conditions to set the standard of living for Americans.

�It�s insourcing, stupid,� McIntyre said. �It�s the deliberate puncturing of America�s immigration laws for the benefit of major industry. This is the other side of the outsourcing coin. You can�t outsource the bellhop. The bellhop has to be in the lobby to carry the bag to the hotel room. You can�t outsource the plumber, or a haircut. Where labor and the customer collide, outsourcing fails. So we insource, we flood the market with cheap labor, driving down the price of labor for all Americans. This is Darwinian Capitalism. This is the leveling down of the American middle class. And we cheapen labor, psychologically. We turn Americans against Americans. Blue-collar workers become �union goons�, �Communists� or weaklings unable or unwilling to compete in the free market. We devalue sweat.�

�And it�s racist,� McIntyre said. �The Klan couldn�t design a more racist reality than the open border advocates, Left or Right. Who takes it in the shorts first and hardest? The working poor and the middle class. Mostly Black and legal Hispanic. In Los Angeles the drywall trade in construction was once dominated by African American workers. These were good jobs that supported families and put kids into college. Jobs that once paid $18 an hour fell to $14 an hour, then $10, and then vanished at any price.�

Doug McIntyre spotlights an American city in meltdown. Crime rules the nights and more crime rules the days. The brown toxic cloud strangling Los Angeles never lifts and grows thicker with every immigrant added. One can�t help appreciate the streets of Paris will soon become the streets of LA. However, Paris� streets erupted while LA�s shall sink into a Third World quagmire much like Bombay or Calcutta, India. When you import THAT much crime, illiteracy, multiple languages and disease�Americans pick up stakes and move away. It�s an unlivable nightmare.

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�The friction between the Black and Latino communities in Los Angeles is at an all time high, resulting in violent confrontations at Jefferson High School and many other campuses,� McIntyre said. �In the wealthier suburbs of Los Angeles, we are raising a generation of white kids who don�t know what it takes to pull the cord on a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine. Mexicans do that kind of work. We are teaching our kids that work is beneath them. This is the antithesis of everything that made this country great. We�re creating a permanent class system, nearly a feudal system that is toxic to the American ethos.�

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�From health care to housing, from schools to Homeland Security, there is not a single major urban problem facing Los Angeles that does not have illegal immigration as its root cause, or at the very least, as a contributing factor,�