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America on the Brink






By Paul Walter
March 15, 2016

Perhaps the greatest surprise to emerge in the 2016 Presidential campaign is the depth of degradation to which the Republican National Committee (RNC) will go to maintain its power base. Or perhaps the greatest surprise is the players that have emerged to attack the populist candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Fox News and CNN (not exactly philosophically friendly competitors) are part of the scam. It was no accident that the attack against Trump, sandwiched between two candidates of Cuban heritage during the CNN debate, began just before the Texas primary. Ask yourself one question: To defeat Trump, what was the most important objective the CNN debate needed to achieve? Remember, it occurred in Houston just hours before the Texas primary. It was critical that Cruz defeat Trump in his home state. Thus the vicious attack against Trump began there and Cruz, as required, won his home state..

The next critical “Defeat Trump” event the RNC needed to surreptitiously implement to prevent any candidate from getting the required number of delegates to get the nomination on the first ballot was to be effectively attack and disparage Trump before the March 5th primaries and caucuses.

What strategy was used to make anti-establishment populist candidate, Donald Trump, look unelectable? It was a two-pronged attack: First, Mitt Romney and second the Fox debate fix. Fix? You bet!

First, the former losing Presidential candidate from 2012, the Mormon candidate from Utah, Mitt Romney, made his appearance. I mention Romney’s Mormon religious preference only because most Evangelical Christians call Mormonism a “cult” and they represent a significant number in the conservative movement. How did Romney’s comments impact conservative Evangelical Christians who frequently favor Ted Cruz?

Romney made his televised appearance from the Hinkley Institute at the University of Utah, established in 1965. Hinkley Institute is definitely establishment. Some who have given presentations there include Senator John McCain, political activist Ralph Nader, Karl Rove, former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and actor/political activist Robert Redford.

Seeing the name "Hinkley Institute" on the blue background behind Mitt Romney gave me the chills. You remember the name Hinkley, don’t you? A young man named John W. Hinkley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. The Hinkley family was a good friend with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. I can find no data on the Internet that ties Hinkley Institute to John Hinkley's family... and I find nothing that disassociates him, either.

President Ronald Reagan was another “outsider” non-establishment political candidate who was hated by the RNC (which forced George H.W. Bush on him as his vice presidential candidate).

Solving mysteries as they appear before your eyes requires insight into historic events that are tied in some way to current events.

So we have Romney, the guy who did not release his tax returns until six weeks prior to the 2012 election, on national television from the Hinkley Institute demanding that Trump immediately release his tax returns. Under the circumstances – circumstances based on his own behavior four years ago – was this a reasonable request? No, it was not. People had been demanding for months that Romney release his tax returns and he was not being audited. He did not have tax lawyer telling him to not release his returns because of that audit as is the case with Donald Trump.

Romney did have numerous rumors of hidden bank accounts in Caribbean offshore island accounts floating around... an issue with which he never dealt. This demand by Romney was not only unreasonable, it was evil and based on lies. He reminded me of the Wizard of Oz who when the curtains are opened is nothing more than a puppet doing the bidding of his masters.

Romney, the guy whose business experience at Bain Capital includes a 22 percent failure rate on his investments, felt that qualified him to make negative comments about Donald Trump’s skills as a business leader? Please!

Trump, who with his 35 years of investing experience has completed thousands of successful ventures internationally has had only a handful of failed businesses. To mention the failures without mentioning his own failures, without mentioning the thousands of successes, was disingenuous. His lack of success as a venture capitalist didn’t prevent Mitt Romney from denigrating Trump’s handful of failures. Romney isn’t even qualified to shine Donald Trump’s shoes in the world of venture capital investing.

So why would Mitt Romney go on national television and make statements that make him look like a business idiot who deserved his 22 percent failure rate at Bain Capital?

At the moment when Romney put on his performance at the Hinkley Institute – and it was a performance, complete with television prompters – it became apparent that the RNC was manipulating things behind the scenes to set up a brokered Republican National Convention... a convention in which no candidate has the required 1,237 votes to get the nomination on the first ballot. After the first ballot, delegates are free to vote for whomever they choose (and the State Republican Parties who are supported by the RNC selects the voting delegates).

Fox News became an accessory to the RNC’s brokered convention strategy at its March 3rd debate in Detroit. First, though Fox News talking heads have been patting themselves on the back for their wonderful performances, this was not a debate. It was a planned dog fight with little difference in the way it was presented and the dog fights for which pro football player Michael Vick got sent to prison.

Look at the way the stage was set up. Look at the “let’s have a dog fight” questions that were asked.

As long as there were five candidates, it made sense for Donald Trump, as the leading candidate, to be in the middle of all participants on stage. When Dr. Ben Carson withdrew from the race, the proper alignment should have been left-to-right: Donald Trump; Ted Cruz; Marco Rubio; and in fourth position, John Kasich. But to make Donald Trump the cheese in a Cruz/Rubio enchilada, Trump had to be placed on stage between the two.

John Kasich said it all in one sentence he uttered: “I’m beginning to feel like the only adult on this stage.”

The RNC intended for Kasich to look like the most reasonable, well-informed, calmest and experienced candidate on the debate stage.

Does that mean the RNC favors Kasich? Possibly... we need to bear in mind that when Kasich references being part of the Reagan team, he was also part of then-Vice President George H.W. Bush’s team because Vice President Bush became very active in running the administration after President Ronald Reagan was shot by John W. Hinkley. So does the adult on the stage represent the ideals of Ronald Reagan? Or does he prefer the ideals of George H.W. Bush? Is he just another establishment shill who supports maintaining the current power base that Donald Trump so threatens? We’ll see. It’s a deep, dark hole.

To solve a mystery, you must be able to find the real motive behind the actions of the perpetrators of the crime or the game being played. It is clear the RNC wants a brokered convention. They want to get Trump at any cost... even the cost of giving the election to Hillary Clinton. They are using Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to make John Kasich look like the only reasonable alternative.

It is doubtful that Cruz and Rubio are aware of how they are being used, but it certainly appears that is what’s happening. It is also apparent that, at the moment, John Kasich benefits from the antics of Cruz and Rubio, neither of whom the RNC wants as President – though Rubio is more “establishment” than is Cruz (who, as Trump says, is a provable liar).

Keep in mind what happens at a brokered convention... which is the RNC’s core motive. They want a brokered convention. To get it, they must stop Trump whose popularity they sorely miscalculated until, surprise of surprises, Trump was storming towards a victory unforeseen by the RNC and it became desparate.

They discredit Trump via lies and misrepresentations – from Mitt Romney’s pretense of concerned citizen to the Cruz and Rubio attacks. Cruz and Rubio end up looking unqualified to be President because they are not acting presidential. Rather, they are acting like dogs in a dog fight. Kasich appears to benefit from the behavior of the two Latino candidates.

As a result, no one ends up getting the required 1,237 votes at the National Convention on the first ballot. After that first ballot, most candidates are free to vote for whichever candidate they choose – and who knows whose names might be submitted as late comer delegates?

Maybe the name will be Paul Ryan – it could even be Jeb Bush. It can be any name the RNC wants as the Republican candidate.

Please keep all of the above in mind and ask yourself what your objective is. If you want a candidate for President who will upset the political power apple cart in Washington, be prepared for hearing lie after lie about your candidate, Donald Trump. If you want a candidate for President who is no threat to the establishment power base at the RNC and throughout Congress and our courts, the RNC is ready, willing and able to provide you with that candidate.

News Blast to Cruz and Rubio: Neither of you will be on the RNC list to be their candidate. They are using you just as they used Mitt Romney.


This election is all about is Globalism vs Freedom and independence for America as a sovereign nation. The elite (globalists) wanted Jeb Bush as the GOP candidate and Hillary Clinton as the DNC candidate. Both serve the Globalist Masters aka The New World Order.

Well, then came Donald Trump, he threw a big monkey wrench in their Global Utopia plans.

The reason the establishment doesn't want Trump (regardless of what you think of his personality) is because he can't be bought or controlled. They don't own him.

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The reason Mitt Romney disappeared 30 days before the last election 3 years ago is because it was all for show. He had no intention of winning. The Globalists wanted Obama to be the winner. They needed a president to bring America down on a fast track, with a Republican in the White House it would have been much too slow. The world has to go in the same direction at the same time as Europe. America is different. American’s are not as easily fooled as the Europeans. Look, they still haven't accomplished the North American Union, (that's merging Canada, the United States and Mexico into one country) same as the European Union.

Now Romney is considering throwing his hat into the race again. Why? He has no intention of being the president, it's all for show again. Hillary is their last hope to keep globalism alive. (That's why she's not prosecuted for her e-mail scandal). They are scared stiff of Mr. Trump because he's the only one that can destroy Hillary and win. With Trump as president the NWO is finished, and they know it!

This brings me back to Jeb and Hillary. If they were the nominee, America would of been checkmated no matter who would of won in the general election, the globalists would of won with either candidate.

Democrats and the Republicans are the two horns on the same goat. The goat being the NWO.

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2016 Paul Walter - All Rights Reserved

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Paul Walter is the Editor of He escaped the slavery of communism at the age of 14 with his family in 1956 and immigrated to United States (legally) in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces, was honorably discharged and became a U.S. citizen in 1965. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, he republished a 100 year old book titled: The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing.




Romney, the guy whose business experience at Bain Capital includes a 22 percent failure rate on his investments, felt that qualified him to make negative comments about Donald Trump’s skills as a business leader? Please!