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By Paul Walter
December 22, 2008


Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech

The first thing that Socialists do when they gain power is try to silence free speech. Conservative Talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Laura Ingram, Lou Dobbs, etc. are already being criticized by “Progressives” in Congress. There is a serious effort underway right now to bring back a failed law, the oxymoronic "Fairness Doctrine," in a bold, open attempt to silence opposing political views. Internet news sites such as,,, and many others will be silenced along with talk radio. In order for darkness (lies) to prevail, light (truth) has to be snuffed out.

Public scrutiny and criticism of elected officials will be forbidden. Any person exposing political corruption will be labeled anti-government. If they persist in attempting to correct that political corruption, they will be called a terrorist! All police departments around the country will be required to have terrorist units.

[In a communist country of my birth I remember that one could criticize any capitalist country one wishes as long as it wasn't yours or another communist country. Criticism of any official brought police in black uniform to your door usually at night when everyone was asleep.]

Religious Persecution and Sharia Law

Traditional churches will be attacked by Socialists, Feminists and Homosexuals. Christians will increasingly be ridiculed and called bigots because of their religious beliefs. Church services will be regularly disrupted. Under pressure, many church leaders will give-in, capitulating for the sake of peace. They will give up their moral principles, or face the anti-discrimination laws that will be passed to force churches, organizations and people to comply with the immoral doctrines of the socialist, secular humanists.

Since Christians are extremely apathetic today anyway, Islam will begin to become “acceptable” as an alternative to Christianity in America. It’s already spreading like wildfire in America’s prisons. Islamic (religious) Sharia law has gained a foothold in Great Britain and other European countries, with little or no opposition from Christian leadership. Sharia Law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution or America's concept of religious freedom.

Civilian National Security Force & Community Service

Already we hear the call for mandatory national, community service for our young people. This thinly disguised program will be used to turn one part of our citizenry against the other, by creating a supreme sense of “duty” and “obedience” by one group that will instill a sense of “fear and obedience” in another group. It is nothing more than a sinister monitoring and control system where neighbors monitor and report on neighbors.

To make sure the community service system works, the other component of this “control system” is some form of a “Civilian Security Force.” The first community service program will be used as a recruiting pool for placing the “right people” in these roles. By right people, I mean those who are fully indoctrinated into a socialist mindset. They’ll become the eyes and ears of “Big Brother.” What will it be called here in America? Something patriotic sounding and acceptable.

The next step would be compulsory community service programs for everyone, regardless of age. You will be forced to “volunteer” your free labor to serve the community; all for the good of the state. Public schools will be used as reeducation centers for all citizens. Hitler and Stalin did the same.

Re-distribution of Wealth and Economics

Once all of the above have been implemented, the “haves” will be forced to share with the “have-nots.” Remember, Government doesn’t create wealth; it gets its money from those who work.


Due to the severe economic conditions we are all seeing getting worse by the day, the bankrupt financial industry, dead real estate market, failing auto manufacturing, and empty retail stores, all set the stage for the epic economic collapse of America.

Most of you do not understand the extreme nature of this problem. Huge government spending, massive stimulus packages and bailouts cannot be sustained. Add to that the promised huge Public Works programs that the next president wants enacted and the federal budget deficit will soar exponentially.

None of it will help. The full financial burden will be continually and increasingly placed onto the backs of taxpayers (you and me).

Expect first deflation as the economy fails and then high inflation will kick in for anything of real value, and then the depression will begin as the entire economy collapses.

Retirement and Euthanasia

If you have more than one retirement income on top of your Social Security you will only be allowed to keep one and forced to give up the rest, all in the name of saving the bankrupt country that was created by the socialists in the first place.

Euthanasia, also known as “Death with Dignity,” will be expanded to all 50 states. The real purpose is to reduce the numbers of the older generation that they say are “sucking on society.” Stalin and Hitler referred to the elderly as “useless eaters” who are no longer productive and represent a real burden on the bankrupted economy.

Forced Vaccinations

Forced vaccinations are on the horizon, as part of a national health plan that will “be needed” to address a national health crises. Forced vaccinations by the police for all citizens will follow, regardless of your objections. There will be no recourse to their possible deadly side effects. You will not be able to sue. Laws protecting the government, drug manufacturers, doctors and county health official from liability and lawsuits are already on the books. You will be stuck with the medical bills.

Food Shortages

Starvation of biblical proportions are coming. Religious groups and people with just a little insight of the future, who prepare and store food for emergencies, will be targeted and labeled as “Food Hoarders.” Neighbors will be encouraged to report on their neighbors’ food supply. The insightful who have prepared will have their food confiscated by the police “for the common good” of course. It is wise to have at least 60 day supply of storable food on hand for any emergency. Click here for details.

Population Control and the Environment

Various methods will be used to force rural residents off their land and into cities where they can be controlled. Some of the methods already being used are excessive taxation, regulation and condemning your septic system all in the name of public health of course.


Another way to control a rural population, is to stop you from heating your home with wood, all in the name of global warming, carbon emissions, and to help seniors with asthma, etc. It is already happening in California, where the new smoke police are driving around looking for smoke coming from people’s woodstoves or fireplaces and writing hefty tickets.

Unopposed Compliance

Despots and dictators count on the loyalty of the police to carry out their orders and dirty work. Without their loyalty and obedience they can't be dictators. It will be done the same way here. Stalin used the police to go door to door to confiscate the people’s food and enforce obedience to the state. Those who refused to comply were shot on the spot. Stalin was also hero worshipped. Is history repeating itself? (see History Channel DVD titled: Stalin Man of Steel).

Hitler’s police sold their soul for a paycheck to round up Jewish men, women and children and anyone else he considered undesirable, and then shipped them to extermination camps. Two thousand years ago Roman cops sold their soul for a bag of salt by obeying orders to nail an innocent man to the cross. Let's hope that our men and women in uniform will see the light, wake up to the evil sweeping this country, because their children and grandchildren will be enslaved too.

I am a fervent believer and supporter of our police. I know most of them are decent, and would never comply with or obey such orders. But the scoundrels among them will.

Second Amendment

America’s Socialists will make every attempt to disarm the American population, just as their counerparts have done in other socialist countries. Dictators can only rule unarmed populations. Despots always fear an armed populace.

In Conclusion

Over the last 20 years and at great expense, I have been paying for ads in the local newspaper and writing letters to the editor alerting the public to the dangers that are emerging locally and nationally. I make no claim to being the brightest star in the sky, but I can surely see what is coming.

The courthouse good-old-boys are not stupid. They also know what is coming, yet they do nothing to inform the public, instead, they assassinate the character of those that do. Why are they keeping this information from the public? Because an enlightened informed public can not be controlled, only the ignorant can. Some local officials have tried to discredit me by assassinating my character. They are afraid you’ll learn the truth, and THAT scares them.

My family managed to escape the slavery of communism in 1956. Therefore I have first hand knowledge of what communism/socialism is. I know how it operates. Let me be clear, socialism/communism mean the same thing. Socialism is a watered down, politically correct word used by communists to “con” unsuspecting people into “accepting” this political system. Communism has a bad name in the Western world, that’s why communists now call themselves socialists, or in the United States, they also call themselves “Progressives.” There is no difference, both want government control of your life and business from cradle to grave. Eventually peoples lives and businesses get so over regulated that the country dies from within.

Socialism robs people of the incentive to create and produce wealth because through oppressive taxes and regulations, they are not allowed to keep the fruits of their labor. Under socialism, patriotism, individualism and entrepreneurship are destroyed.

I served 3 years in the U.S. armed forces and I was proud to become a U.S. citizen. I was at awe when I came to America that a country existed on this planet where a person could own their own business. Through hard work, the sky was the limit! I love America, and that is why I hate to see it descend into the very socialism my family fought so hard to escape from. Under socialism/communism with all the regulations and taxes it's almost impossible to stay in business and keep any money the business generates.

Since America gave me an opportunity for a life of liberty and created an environment that allows all of us the pursuit of happiness, I feel I owe something in return to this country, in its hour of need. This is why I speak out when I see corruption and/or incompetence in government.

There isn’t another America to escape to.

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Paul Walter escaped the slavery of communism at the age of 14 with his family in 1956 and immigrated to United States (legally) in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces, was honorably discharged and became a U.S. citizen in 1965. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, Inc., he republished a 100 year old book titled: The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing.










In a communist country of my birth I remember that one could criticize any country one wishes as long as it wasn't yours or country or communist country. Critisizem of any official brought police in black uniform to your door usually at night when everyone was sleeping.