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By Andrew C. Wallace
August 13, 2008

“Declaration of the People’s Sovereignty, and Intent to Wrest Unlawful Control of the Government of the United States of America from Traitors.

This Proclamation outlines the Brutal Treason being visited upon us by Traitors in government and corporations including our sure and certain reactions to it. There is a well developed and generalized loathing for most current and recent leaders and candidates of Democrat and Republican parties. Only media cover-ups of all but the most heinous acts by illegals such as multiple murders and total financial destruction has prevented this from quickly becoming a large scale focused retaliation by the people on government and corporate officials. But the retaliation has only been delayed. We have no desire to replace our constitutionally defined government. Our unyielding objective, as long as we have life and sufficient sovereignty is to lawfully expel the traitors who have taken control of our Republic. This usurpation was accomplished by fraud, deceit, fear, bribes, intimidation, incarceration, power, subterfuge and most importantly by ownership and control of the mainstream propaganda media, which made our citizens uninformed victims. These traitors using government and corporate power have stolen the financial resources of this country, and the value of our currency, resulting in our loss of everything. Pensions, savings, investments, standard of living, personal security and freedom are being stolen so quickly (50% during this administration) that what remains is but a rapidly fading illusion. The stated goal of these Communist and Fascist traitors, yes these are the correct words, is to reduce American citizens to poverty and slavery, forcing them to accept the new North American Union, which is in process, to replace the United States of America, Canada and Mexico to be ruled by a Corporate One World Order. Social Security, Medicare, Veterans and other benefits will not survive, leaving most Elderly to die homeless, hungry and in pain with value of any personal financial assets stolen.

All of this reprehensible treason, and more has been accomplished by the “Chain of Command for Treason”, a criminal Cabal consisting of the wealthy Power Elites and their tax free Foundations who direct the Corporations that control the Traitors in our government. Leaders of the Chain of Command for Treason, their forbearers and progeny do not now, nor have they ever had any loyalty to America or respect for its citizens. First they steal from us, or inherit their stolen wealth, then they think this makes them superior to honest hardworking people whose children are fighting and dying to defend them from terrorists

In a clear act of greed and power driven treason, officials have approved so called Free Trade deals such as NAFTA which are really Slave Trade deals because they allow corporations to move our manufacturing capability to other countries for exploitation of foreign workers while firing American workers. This also causes unemployment in the other countries, and only the corporations benefit in this country.

Traitors in government refuse to obey our constitution and are directly responsible, for allowing Millions of Americans to be either murdered, killed, raped, robbed or molested by illegal alien invaders so corporations could exploit them for cheap wages. Our government also allows corporations to hire foreign born workers in addition to illegals, using ten different visa programs to replace Americans. Corporate profits are increased even more by forcing American taxpayers to pay for medical care, education, and other benefits for illegals and foreign born. This process is reducing the wages of all Americans toward the exploitative low level of the third world for benefit of corporations.

We know of only two reasons for politicians to make it illegal for us to develop our more than ample energy reserves. The first is to quickly reduce us to poverty and slave status. The second is to conserve the energy for the future profit of the CCT and the North American Union, ruled by a corporate One World Order. Conservation and Global Warming has nothing to do with it.

The Chain of Command for Treason as a criminal Cabal, controls and directs the leaders of both Democrat and Republican parties. Both political campaigns are part of a massive fraud used to convince Americans that they control the government, as they should, but do not, in fact political leaders must be laughing at voters for being dupes and fools. Party Leaders and their presidential candidates Obama and McCain have stated repeatedly on national TV their clear intent to support the treason of free trade (slave trade), socialism (slavery), surrender of sovereignty (by treaties), impoverishment of the people (by theft), amnesty for illegals and unlimited immigration, thereby hastening destruction of this country. Both candidates and party leaders know that their other promises are impossible lies and that the people would object if they knew their true intentions, but both candidates don’t give a damn because they must obey the orders of their corporate masters in the Chain of Command for Treason..

Anyone who actively supports either Democrat or Republican parties should go to the backyard and practice braying like an uninformed jackass because they are one. We must only vote for individuals, regardless of party, who we have determined by personal encounters to be Patriots who will represent us, and not the Chain of Command for Treason..

Our Constitution requires government to defend the people from invasion and other threats. The ongoing refusal by government officials to either protect the people as guaranteed by the Constitution or to support and encourage the people to protect themselves is a most serious and unambiguous act of treason. Our only viable solution, short of civil war, is to remove and prosecute government officials for treason using the rule of law. It is common knowledge that many Americans believe that a majority of government officials have betrayed this country and refuse to protect citizens, but actively use their power in support of illegal invaders and other criminals, thus giving citizens the right under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to take autonomous action.

Police are only the Cleanup Crew for most crime, and totally inadequate for the combat required to take back our sanctuary cities and protect our borders. Citizens have been responsible for the primary protection of themselves and families since before the founding of this Republic. The Chain of Command for Treason continues to do everything possible to disarm citizens because they fear the people’s certain wrath when most Americans feel the terrible pain caused by treason. People who refuse to accept this reality are an ignorant, naïve, and parasitic force in our society who also fail to accept the failure of Fascism, Communism, Marxism and all forms of Socialism.


An effective majority of officials in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are demonstrated traitors, or self serving cowards obedient to the Chain of Command for Treason. If we had courageous government officials loyal to the United States of America these traitors would have been investigated, prosecuted, and convicted for their horrific crimes, with many of them being executed for treason. These traitors have no honor, they lie, cheat and steal with such impunity and frequency as to make organized crime look like a bunch of saints.

Our objective is to remove the Traitorous Usurpers from our government using the rule of law, assuming the traitors are smart enough to understand that if they resist our lawful actions with unlawful power that they will be going to a gunfight with a knife.

We insist that our Constitution is the Supreme law of the land and must be interpreted in accordance with its Intent and Written Meaning, nothing else. We plan to impeach every judge, starting with Supreme Court Justices who refuse to obey our Constitution based upon its Intent and Meaning. Judges are neither Gods nor Legislators.

The Chain of Command for Treason must realize that their time is rapidly running out because every day increases the pain to a point that will energize Americans to take positive action regardless of media propaganda. In spite of the criminal cabal’s perfidy we must do everything possible to defeat the Chain of Command for Treason with the rule of law before the majority of clueless American victims respond to the pain and take terrible, uncontrolled and justified vengeance on the criminals resulting in Anarchy and a Pyrrhic victory. People who have had everything stolen from them, and have nothing more to lose, will respond with an unquenchable fury.

We will remove traitors from positions in government using the rule of law, if we have sovereignty. We will then proceed properly against all members of the Chain of Command for Treason and their fellow travelers, they can run, but they cannot hide. Most government employees are loyal Americans who will assist us in investigating, prosecuting, convicting, incarcerating, litigating and confiscating their blood money, every last depreciated penny of it going back to formation of the private Federal Reserve Bank.

The American people, using the Rule of Law and their Sovereignty, will take the following actions, among others.

* Force traitors out of government.
* Release political prisoners such as Ramos and Compean.
* Stop illegal invaders from entering our country.
* Use combat troops to deport illegals from sanctuary cities.
* Prosecute sanctuary city officials and employers of illegals.
* Stop, and revoke birth citizenship for children of illegals.
* Mandate English as the only official language.
* Deny Social Security and other benefits to illegals.
* Institute a minimum ten year moratorium on all immigration.
* Stop all visa work programs.
* Stop all subsidized student visas.
* Stop all so called Free Trade(Slave Trade) deals that cause loss of American jobs, manufacturing capability, or technology.
* Terminate all treaties and agreements that reduce our sovereignty.
* Terminate the private Federal Reserve Bank.
* Return to a constitutional currency with real value.
* Use Tariffs and Duties for income and to protect American workers and industries.
* Require visas for all people entering our country.
* Terminate dual citizenship.
* Modify legal structure of corporations and foundations so they no longer have unique characteristics allowing them to be used to the detriment of employees, stockholders, customers and our country.
* Reduce federal government activities to comply with specified Constitutional powers only.

We solemnly promise those Heroes who sacrificed and died to defend this great Republic that it will not perish. We will do our duty as law abiding citizens and when we meet them there will be no need to offer excuses for our failure.

Words used herein were selected for precision of meaning. Sensibilities of the ignorant, naïve, and political party dupes may be disturbed by the accurate use of words like treason, murder, rape, robbery, molestation, et al to describe results of actions taken by their revered government and corporate leaders who have brain washed them. The Constitutional definition of treason is correctly applied to those who took an oath to serve the people and betrayed them with a level of corruption and death, so heinous and all encompassing as to be unprecedented in history. Readers are invited, indeed challenged to question any written word or statement used in this document. People who rely on the mainstream media for information are Dupes, and will be as uninformed as a box of rocks.

Americans must choose between Patriotism or Slavery, there are no other choices. The most expeditious and effective means for our victory is to take control of Congress away from the traitors while not ignoring local politics. You may do your part by clicking this link that will Inform, Motivate, Direct and give you the Tools to face down your congressional politicians and take back your freedom.

James 4:17 Therefor to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

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The intent of this proclamation is to present a definitive outline of the all powerful treason controlling this country and offer viable solutions using the Rule of Law to defeat the traitors. If we fail, Americans will ultimately feel the pain of treason resulting in revolt, anarchy and a pyrrhic victory for the people.

There are no questions regarding this Proclamation that can’t be answered by reading any of the numerous in depth articles written by signers of this Declaration or those recommended in the preceding link. As signers of this document we are promising our continuing dedication toward the removal of traitors and tyranny from our government and Republic using the Rule of Law, as long as we have Sovereignty.

Thor H. Asgardson
Gary Burns
Paul Cappadona
Greg Evensen
Paul Grondin
Jackie Juntti
Ed Lewis
Mark K. Lowry
Bill Madden
Kenn d’ Oudney

� 2008 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.











An effective majority of officials in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are demonstrated traitors, or self serving cowards obedient to the Chain of Command for Treason.