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Vaccination Toxicity Can Cause Injury








By Mary Tocco

February 24, 2015

Director of Vaccine Research and Education
Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines

It never ceases to amaze me how lies and manipulation keep the pro vaccine circus going! The mainstream media falsely reports that the whooping cough outbreaks and measles are due to the increasing exemption use for public school attendance. Not only is this claim false and designed to inflate anger between those who vaccinate and those who selectively do not, is it causing discrimination against the unvaccinated population. Further discrimination, pediatricians are instructed to refuse care to those who refuse to vaccinate or selectively vaccinate and now employers are forcing yearly vaccines for their employees or they are threatened with termination. The false reporting is causing confusion and fear among people and wrongly directing our public servants to enforce mandated vaccines.

There is alarming evidence that the use of vaccines does not equate immunity and that vaccines fail to protect. Outbreaks have been documented in highly vaccinated populations for measles, mumps, influenza and pertussis across the country the last twenty years but the medical establishment and our news media fail to mention this. Today, I will defend the unvaccinated position concerning the whooping cough, (pertussis) outbreaks and the measles vaccine failure.

In my opinion, this controversy is a perfect example propaganda and indoctrination. Indoctrination is the representation of one point of view… the process is often distinguished from education by the fact that the indoctrinated person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Outbreaks 2014

Here is a study proving that the pertussis vaccines does not protect and may be the #1 source of the outbreaks. September - October 2000, Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases. Vol. 6, No. 5, “Vaccinated adolescents and adults may serve as reservoirs for silent infection and become potential transmitters to unprotected infants. The whole-cell vaccine for Pertussis is protective only against clinical disease, not against infection. Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.” AKA, recently vaccinated adults can infect unprotected infants.

June, 2009 - A study reported in Pediatrics, they imply that the outbreaks are predominantly from the unvaccinated but look at the findings! They show that 92% of the children who got pertussis were vaccinated. “After examining the records of juvenile whooping cough patients over an 8-month period, the doctors discovered that 81 percent of patients had received the full series of whooping cough shots, and 11 percent had received only some of the shots. The remaining 8 percent had not received any immunizations for whooping cough.” Pediatrics 2009 June; 123(6): 1446-1451.9 Here is the title of the actual article, Whooping cough outbreak linked to “unvaccinated children” Clearly, the majority of those with outbreak were vaccinated but that is not how they title the report.

2009 New Jersey had huge whooping cough outbreaks and 100% of the children had been fully vaccinated. That was almost 15 years ago and that should have been a sign that the vaccine was failing to protect.

[Vaccine Ingredients]

In 2012 research, reported by Reuters, reveals that “Whooping cough outbreaks are higher among vaccinated children compared with unvaccinated children”. Dr. David Witt, infectious disease specialist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Rafael, California, 2012

2013 - National Academy of Science, US discussing the study, Tod Merkel of the Food and Drug Administration said, "It could explain the increase in pertussis that we're seeing in the U.S.”

Around the world we see the same trend: Israel - Pertussis cases increased 16 fold between 1998-2004 even though majority of the children were vaccinated. 2003 – Cyprus had pertussis outbreak in spite of 98% vaccination rate.

A more accurate title of the headlines should read, “Majority of the Whooping Cough Outbreaks linked to the Vaccinated but those titles would draw attention to the vaccine failure.

Measles Outbreaks 2015

Measles outbreaks are also in the news. Measles is a trivial illness for 99% of the people who get it and yet our media is calling it a life-threatening illness…causing deaths. They are referring to deaths in 3rd world countries lacking in clean water, nutrition and sanitation. They also do not discuss that in the last 10 years, we have had 2 deaths in America from the wild measles illness but 108 deaths from the MMR vaccine. (VAERS)

Measles for 99% of all people is trivial and at most, inconvenient. The benefits of the measles infection are life-long immunity which is not possible with the vaccines. The best time for the natural illness is between the ages of 3 and 9 when these illnesses would ocure naturally the way they did in the 1940s to late 1950s before the vaccine was introduced in the early 1960s. Only then were people told the illnesses was, “life threatening”. Young adults who got the vaccine no longer are protected because vaccines do not offer life-time immunity. No surprise to me that we have adults that are having outbreaks of measles which can be more difficult in adulthood.

In 1987, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) documented a measles outbreak that occurred in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the spring of 1985. Fourteen adolescent-age students, all of whom had been vaccinated for measles, contracted the disease despite having been injected with the MMR vaccine. Researchers noted that more than 99 percent of students at the school -- basically all of them -- had also been vaccinated, with more than 95 percent of them showing detectable antibodies to measles.

This highly revealing study completely contradicts what we hear today in the media, claiming that unvaccinated individuals are responsible for disease outbreaks like the one that reportedly began at Disneyland. 100% of the students in Texas who contracted the measles 1985 were vaccinated and virtually all of their peers were also vaccinated. Consequently, so-called "herd immunity," which would have been activated based on what health authorities claim as indisputable immunological fact, was also shown to be an unsubstantiated myth. To falsely accuse the unvaccinated because vaccines fail to protect is wrong.

MMR Vaccine Deaths

In the US, the death rate for measles in the last 10 years is minimal, approximately 2 people have died. This does not warrant a national frenzy involving our CDC, FDA, IOM and every media outlet across the country. According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) there have been 108 deaths for the various MMR vaccines in the same 10 year period. Congressional Hearings in 2000 documented that only 10% of all vaccine injury and deaths get reported to VAERS. When you consider that the death rate from the MMR vaccine could be 80-90% higher, it is clear that the vaccine is more deadly than the disease.

Pediatricians are Dangerous

We can thank our pediatricians for perpetuating the fear factor for these illnesses. As long as people are fearful, they will continue to run into medical clinics for their booster shots. It’s a sick system that can only survive by deception. It starts with the well-baby visits. The well-baby visits are guaranteed income for the pediatricians. I ask parents why they feel the need to take a healthy baby in for a check-up every 2 months…there is no law stating that we must do this. Dr. Robert Mendelshon, famous pediatrician, said it well when he wrote in his book, How To Raise A Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, “The purpose of the pediatrician is to vaccinate your child…indoctrinate them into a life-long dependency on medications.” Talk about guarantee income!

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Fire Your Pediatrician

Pediatrics started in the 1970s as a profession that would treat severe childhood diseases but has transitioned to the gate-keepers of public health. I believe that the decline in our pediatric health is directly linked to the use of pediatricians. They have been in charge of our children’s health since the late 1970s and every year, our children’s health declines and is worse than the prior generation. We now have 54% of your youth suffering with some form of chronic illnesses that require regular medical treatment. I call this medical failure.

� 2015 Mary Tocco - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Tocco is currently managing/owner of Vitalityhealth LLC, in Charleston, SC and I work with my daughter, Dr. Renee Tocco, who is a chiropractor and the clinic director. I have been working in the chiropractic field since April of 1981. I have organized workshops outside the office on health topics and have been public speaking on health issues for the last thirteen years. I attend yearly vaccine conferences sponsored by the state of Michigan as well as other conferences on issues pertaining to vaccines.

Mary's studies have included natural cooking, natural birthing, home births, breast-feeding. I have had four home births and have successfully raised our five children outside the medical model utilizing a vitalistic healthcare approach (no drugs or surgeries). I have researched vaccines/immunizations for the last twenty-seven years and in August of 2006; I released my DVD called, �Are Vaccines Safe?�





It never ceases to amaze me how lies and manipulation keep the pro vaccine circus going! The mainstream media falsely reports that the whooping cough outbreaks and measles are due to the increasing exemption use for public school attendance.