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by Mary Tocco

January 16, 2008

Vaccinations can cause toxic injury in children and adults in several ways. Live or attenuated virus vaccines can actually produce the infection that the vaccine is supposed to prevent. Because vaccines are usually injected into muscle tissue, the major organs of the body may be exposed to the additives and preservatives in vaccines that are toxic as well as the viruses. When we change the method of exposure to the illness, we also change the way the immune system responds to that illness. Normal infectious illnesses do not get into the blood system. Hugh Fudenberg is one of the world�s leading immunologists and 13th most quoted biologist of our time who studied the Flu vaccine given to adults. He found that the aluminum and mercury in the flu shot can accumulate in the brain and lead to Alzheimer disease.

Boyd Haley from the University of Kentucky has done extensive research on the brain and mercury exposure. He believes that the childhood vaccines given up to 2004 with mercury are directly related to the autism epidemic in this country. The live polio vaccine has been known to cause polio in recipients and care givers of children recently vaccinated. That is why since 1999, the live polio vaccine is no longer recommended. The chickenpox vaccine, Virecella Zoster, has shown to cause family members to break out in shingles or herpes simplex. The new rotavirus vaccine for infant diarrhea, RotaTeq has been associated with intussusception of the colon which is a swelling, inflammation of the colon causing restriction and many times results in immediate surgery to correct. Fifty-two babies died in the trials before the vaccine was released and they say the cause was SIDS. Many vaccines can cause shock, seizures, type 1 diabetes, asthma and death. There are also possible, but unproven links between the MMR vaccine and juvenile diabetes and autism. Vaccines are linked to Gulf War syndrome and much, much more.

The second, and probably the most important theory of vaccine injury relates to allergic reactions and the development of an auto-immune response, stimulated by the vaccine and its adjuvants, which assist in stimulating the immune response. Vaccines always contain adjuvants, which are substances known to amplify the body's response to the vaccine. These adjuvants are known to sometimes cause allergic and auto-immune responses on their own. How would a parent know if their two month old infant is allergic to any of the products in a vaccine? Unfortunately, most vaccine reactions are overlooked and dismissed by the doctors. As the child gets more shots the problems get worse and often the injury is in process and takes many months to discover. I personally know medical doctors whose own children were injured by vaccines and they did not see it coming.

Consider this extensive list of vaccine ingredients listed on this very informative web site called WAVE, World Association for Vaccine Education by far the most complete list of vaccine ingredients available to the public. Click here to see this extensive list of vaccine ingredients, not all are listed.

Questions you need to ask yourself before considering vaccinations: Have I thoroughly researched all the ingredients in the shot and do I understand the toxic risks? Is there a history of auto immune problems in the family because many researchers believe children may be genetically hyper sensitive to the adjuvants in the vaccines? Do I understand the difference between natural immunity and vaccine immune response? Is my child at risk for the illness I am vaccinating for? Is that illness really a health threat?

Congress passed the Immunizations Assistance Act in1965, assisting the drug companies in mass vaccine programs. At that time they recommended that all 5 � 6 year olds be vaccinated before going into school. They start vaccinating infants day 1 immediately after birth and continue until adolescents. Now, if you or your child suffers any injury from the vaccines, the vaccine manufacturer is protected from any litigation. As you know, we have an epidemic of autism, learning problems, and chronically sick children in the country and the government refuses to fund the necessary research that could prove the vaccine connection. The CDC and the FDA admits that mercury is one of the most toxic elements known on Earth and yet they claim that the mercury in vaccines is not related to the catastrophic increase off neurological problems plaguing the children of this country. (The amount of mercury �thimerosal� in childhood vaccines until 2004 was 40 to 60 times the EPA safety level. By 6 months, the average child received 187.5mcg of thimerosal from their vaccines. FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research)

Every new vaccine recommended and mandated by the CDC exposes your child to more toxic ingredients increasing the risk for toxic injury. According to Barbara Fisher, President of The National Vaccine Information Center and Vaccine Advisory Committee Member, between 1964 and 2002, the U.S added eight new vaccines totaling 23 doses of 13 diseases. Now almost every year, new vaccines are added including the Flu shot which still contains 25 mcg of mercury, RotaTeq the rotavirus vaccine and the HPV Cervical cancer vaccine for young girls, totaling 18 different diseases given in multiple vaccines. Ted Koren, chiropractor and vaccine researcher, analyzed the vaccine cocktails and states that our children get 74 injected bacterial/viral components by age of 6. This does not even consider all of the un- natural, carcinogenetic ingredients found in vaccines.

We live in a very toxic environment and it is our responsibility as parents to protect our children and to try to reduce our toxic load. There is much that we do not have personal control over, but vaccinations are one area where we can take control and make informed decisions. If we do not get actively involved in making these decisions, we will eventually lose our rights. How will you feel when you no longer have the right to say �No� and the government forces vaccines or you go to jail like a common criminal? The vaccination program in this country is not about health, it is about profit. Greed and power have been fueling this industry for many years. We must wake up and realize that as long as we passively allow the government to make our healthcare decisions; we do not own our bodies.

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Parents must understand that they have the last say as to what gets injected into their children. All states allow exemptions to vaccines but most parents are not informed of their rights. In fact, we are told that our children cannot attend school unless they are fully vaccinated. That is only part of the story. Each state has its own vaccine requirements and most have religious exemptions, medical exemptions and some have philosophical exemptions available. Your local health department will have a copy of the written law which is available for you by request. If you do not know your rights, you are no different than a slave! Education is the key to making sound decisions and our children are counting on us to make health decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Please, do not make vaccine decisions out of fear! I go over this and many more facts extensively in my DVD called, �Are Vaccines Safe?� which is available from

Parents note: If any mandatory vaccine will cause injury or serious side effect, you will be responsible for the medical bills. Laws have been passed and signed making the vaccine manufactures, doctors, federal, state and county health departments immune from prosecution. In other words, you will be stuck paying the bills.

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Mary Tocco is currently managing/owner of Vitalityhealth LLC, in Charleston, SC and I work with my daughter, Dr. Renee Tocco, who is a chiropractor and the clinic director. I have been working in the chiropractic field since April of 1981. I have organized workshops outside the office on health topics and have been public speaking on health issues for the last thirteen years. I attend yearly vaccine conferences sponsored by the state of Michigan as well as other conferences on issues pertaining to vaccines.

Mary's studies have included natural cooking, natural birthing, home births, breast-feeding. I have had four home births and have successfully raised our five children outside the medical model utilizing a vitalistic healthcare approach (no drugs or surgeries). I have researched vaccines/immunizations for the last twenty-seven years and in August of 2006; I released my DVD called, �Are Vaccines Safe?�













Questions you need to ask yourself before considering vaccinations: Have I thoroughly researched all the ingredients in the shot and do I understand the toxic risks.