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by Alan Stang
May 29, 2008

Every time the Love Priestess and I see the FLDS people on the news, we cannot help but shudder. Maybe scripture is the reason. But one need not be a Bible scholar to know that these folks are creepy crawly. That is the reflex polygamy produces, heightened by the stilted, halting way they answer questions. The utter weirdness of their practice apparently infuses everything they do.

But, guess what? However weird they are, and whatever my wife and I think about it, is totally irrelevant. These are the united (sic) States. Did you remember? This is where you can be as weird as you like. This is where the Constitution guarantees that right. Of course, I do not expect Members of Congress to know that, but you do.

That is what makes the recent mass kidnappings in Texas so outrageous. Texas used to boast that it surpassed every other state, which was true – for instance, if you melt Alaska down to its true size, you would have an area about the size of Taxachusetts – but the kidnappings are strike two and three strikes are out.

Texas was also the site of the Waco horror, in which alcoholic bull dyke Janet Reno, rapist Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, and switch hitter Hillary incinerated mothers and children to “protect” them from a man who said he was God, they said. The federal government acted because it believes it is God and will jealously allow no one to worship any other God before it. When Washington finished “protecting” them, almost a hundred were dead, cremated in the house the FBI had turned into an oven, reminiscent of the Nazi Holocaust.

So it is that as I watch and listen and read about this new horror, I hear the tramp of many boots. I hear many voices singing the Horst Wessel. (The Nazis had such great marching songs and uniforms.) I hear the moaning. I used to believe we fought World War II because we hated Nazism so much. I should have known better because that is what swindler, traitor and mass murderer Roosevelt said. Of course, the truth is that we love Nazism so much we don’t want anyone else to enjoy it.

You don’t need to know more than a few facts to know that this latest fiasco is as phony as a one dollar bill. For instance, the “probable cause” for the raid was the call to the police from the “frightened underage child” who was “being abused” by her mature husband. She turned out to be thirty three years old, she was not in the Texas “compound,” but in Colorado, she was deranged – her hobby was making such phony complaints – and the cops knew all this before the kidnapping took place, but the kidnapping proceeded anyway.

And guess what? This deranged woman has now conveniently “disappeared,” so she can’t tell us about the fatal call to police that sent the kidnappers to the polygamist “compound,” and the combined investigative might of U.S. law enforcement so far can’t find her. The only thing we know about her, aside from her bizarre “hobby,” is that she may be an Obama delegate or supporter.

It is now almost two months since the mass kidnappings, and no one – no one – no one has been charged. Is there some part of zero you do not understand? We are told that the kiddos were kidnapped because at some unknown point in the future, someone could commit a crime if they were not. So, if you let this go down, you will have installed the legal principle that you can arrest someone because years from now he may commit an unspecified crime. Are you sure you want to do that?

Not only has no one been charged, but the hundreds of moms and kiddos the kidnappers found at the ranch were hauled off – all of them – because one “underage girl” was allegedly being abused by her “husband.” If you let Child Protective Services incorporate this bizarre legal principle into our system of jurisprudence, the cops could conceivably arrest people who accidentally happen to be in the vicinity of a crime. Indeed, it would mean that if you have children in Texas, there is always the danger they could be hauled off – if a nut bag in some other state makes a call – even if you are not a polygamist. Is this what you want?

What should have been done had the operation been conducted by people genuinely interested in protecting the children? You don’t have to be Dr. Laura to figure it out. The men at the ranch offered to leave. The women and kiddos would have been safe. CPS could have searched for the mythical caller and investigated in peace, without separating the moms and the kiddos. But CPS turned the idea down.

What is happening to the kidnap victims? First, as sure as algore did not make little, green apples, CPS has been vaccinating them. We now know that this will probably trigger some cases of autism, damaged immune systems and possible serious illness maybe years in the future, which, under the new, legal principle the kidnappers want to install, is a crime for which they should be locked up.


Next, the victims no doubt have already been thoroughly narcotized with dangerous drugs. This is standard policy in the nation’s government schools; it is certainly the policy where the victims are government hostages. By now we know that all the schoolboys who have killed their classmates and others – in at least one case, their own parents – around the country, starting with the horror at Columbine, were loaded with such drugs.

Remember also that Texas Governor Rick Perry, is a Big Pharma front man. It was sleazy scumbag Rick who ordered that Gardasil be inflicted on the state’s little girls. Gardasil has already killed many women, but Rick is plugged into Merck, the company that makes it. Traitor Rick is also fronting for the Trans-Texas Corridor. This treason will bring adulterated Red Chinese products, illegal aliens and illegal narcotics into this country, on their way up to the Mexican port in Kansas City.

Finally, you can bank on the probability that from the moment the kidnappers boasted the kiddos now belong to them, they subjected the victims to sophisticated interrogation, designed to convince them they have been “abused,” and prepare them to accuse their parents in public. We know this because this has become standard practice in one government child kidnapping after another. Again, after almost two months of brainwashing, die kindergrabbers have failed to bring even one such victim forward, and no one has been charged.

Yes, the appeals court has ordered the kidnappers to return them, and a few token kiddos have been returned, under CPS supervision, but all these things probably already have been done. And remember that the state of Texas has appealed, which will prolong the incarceration and separation of the victims.

It gets worse. The California Supreme Court recently endorsed faggot “marriage.” The cascading effect of that “legalized” buggery soon will be felt across the country. Sodomy not only has been “legalized,” it has been institutionalized. Pursuant to the long time sodomite plan – see my book, Not Holier Than Thou – it has been made at least as respectable as normal sexuality and maybe more so.

In view of all this, on what remaining legal basis can you make the argument that polygamy is illegal? Polygamists are moral paragons compared to faggots. They have many fewer partners than do the sodomites, they do not bugger each other; do not eat each other’s feces, and other horrors, etc. The answer is, you cannot. The “legalization” of sodomy has destroyed the foundation of any legal argument against polygamy, because, in this “multicultural” world, no belief or practice is better than any other.

Consider also the sex, conquest and robbery racket called islam. It includes female genital mutilation. It includes “honor” killings of females by family members. Because of Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh’s immigration (invasion) policies, islamic kook bags are now perpetrating these outrages here, without official condemnation.

Polygamists do not kill their females. Yes, their couturier and hair stylist should be excommunicated and jailed, but they do not kill their females. They do not mutilate their females. CPS is now trying to incite a hullabaloo because some sixteen year old girls were married with parental consent (which makes it legal). In the Islamic world, child molester Muhammad set the standard: eight years old.

In view of all this, what is the legal basis for keeping polygamy illegal? Answer: There is none. The madness of “multiculturalism” applies as well to polygamy as it does to islam and buggery. You can’t have it both ways. What do you want?

What is the origin of the latest horror in Texas? The mass kidnappings are the latest criminal act perpetrated by the satanic perversion of feminism. It has happened because CPS and the family courts are overrun by these feminoid itchbays. This is what happens when women run things. Isaiah 3:12. Remember?

Finally, why is this happening? Here is why: TITLE IV—GRANTS TO STATES FOR AID AND SERVICES TO NEEDY FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN AND FOR CHILD–WELFARE SERVICES; Part E—Federal Payments for Foster Care and Adoption Assistance; Sec. 474. Payments to States; Allotments to States.

That’s right. It has little if anything to do with protecting children. The CPS itchbays committed the kidnappings because each child they grab is immensely lucrative. Uncle Scam pays them to do so and the more kiddos they kidnap the more they get paid. There are all kinds of payments, medical assistance (the dangerous, addictive narcotics we mentioned), foster care, adoption services, “administration of the State plan,” etc. Where would you guess die kindergrabbers prefer to put the kids?

Okay, let’s see, we have (about) 462 kiddos times the average of $20,000, which multiplies out to $9,240,000, not bad for a day’s work. Again, child stealing is a very lucrative racket. And remember, that the traitors at the top encourage all this because it implements their plan for der new vorld order.

Die kindergrabbers have been rumoring that the FLDS polygamists take welfare, some form of public assistance. As far as I know, they don’t. As a church, they could exempt themselves from property taxes but they pay those taxes voluntarily. FLDS pays $450,000 a year, which makes it the biggest property tax payer in Schleicher County. And they don’t send their children to the government schools their taxes entitle them to.

Consider also that, as far as I know, those 462 kidnap victims are universally white, some blond and blue-eyed. Such kiddos are very rare commodities – very valuable commodities – in the world of child adoption. And here are 462 of them, a literal treasure trove! The CPS itchbays knew that; the FLDS folks apparently did not.

Return with me for a moment to 1836. Not so long ago, historically speaking. The Alamo. W. Barrett Travis. The line in the sand. Crockett and the Tennessee long rifles. Bowie and the knife. A handful versus a regular army of thousands. The electrifying defeat that led inevitably to the smashing victory at San Jacinto and the independent Republic of Texas.

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You know what they would have done about the shame we are discussing. You know what they would have done about the kidnapping of the kids. Today, instead, we have Rick The Skunk Perry, a smiling son of an itchbay with an expensive haircut, who actually said in public that he knows nothing about the North American Union, which he helps to run.

The real question is: How p***y whipped are you?

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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You don’t need to know more than a few facts to know that this latest fiasco is as phony as a one dollar bill. For instance, the “probable cause” for the raid was the call to the police from the “frightened underage child” who was “being abused” by her mature husband. She turned out to be thirty three years old,...