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by Alan Stang
May 9, 2008

What form of government are we supposed to have? The Founders of this country bequeathed us a system we used to call Free Enterprise, in which the government was supposed to leave business alone. Because of that system, endorsed by scripture, we became the greatest nation known to history.

Now, what kind of system do we actually have today? Because the original system has been perverted – first by ordinary criminals, then by the conspiracy for world government – the system we have now, the perversion, began as “mercantilism” and today is best described as Fascism.

“Mercantilism” was the system the Founding Fathers designed our new country to reject. In part, it meant government control of the economy and colonies controlled by force of arms. One example of a mercantilist enterprise was the British East India Company, which ruled that country for the Queen. Another was the Dutch East India Company, which, at the height of its power, had forty warships.

A man named Benito Mussolini renamed this system and installed it in Italy after World War I. He called it “Fascism.” Remember that Fascism had nothing to do with oppressing Jews. Mussolini came to power legally in 1922, after the infamous March on Rome, when no one had ever heard of former Corporal Hitler. Hitler would not become Chancellor, legally, for another eleven years, not until 1933. Both Mussolini and Hitler were basically street thugs, but, again, they took control of their governments legally, within the constitutional frameworks of their respective countries.

What was and is Fascism? Mussolini is the expert. Would you believe him? According to Mussolini, Fascism is an amalgamation of the monster corporations and the government, which gives the former the force they need to impose their will and gives the latter the power they crave. Indeed, Mussolini’s system also became known as “the corporate state.”

In the beginning, there was considerable admiration for Mussolini’s system in Washington, District of Corporatism. Yes, he was a thug, and, yes, his followers wore black shirts, but he certainly did “make the trains run on time.” Indeed, there was even some enthusiasm in the District for Adolf’s typical German efficiency at the very beginning, before the discovery of the Holocaust.

There is considerable reluctance among patriots to call our present, perverted system “Fascism,” because that is what the Communists traditionally have called it, and a patriot rightly shrinks from parroting something the Communists say. That reluctance should be dismissed because the difference is that the Communists want to replace Fascism with their version of Socialism, which is of course Communism, while patriots want to replace the present Fascist system with the original system of Free Enterprise. Patriots want to revive the dormant Constitution.

This is important because no other term defines the present system in the United States better than Fascism. Under el presidente Jorge W. Boosh, the federal government has become nothing else but a tool and weapon of the Big: Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Fuel, Big Physician and on and on. That is why we are presently in Iraq. Marine Corps legend Major General Smedley Butler – two Medals of Honor – wrote about it in War Is a Racket, which you can read on line.

And the situation he wrote about in 1935 is infinitely worse today, infinitely more Fascist. Big Pharma runs the Food and Drug Administration, which is supposed to regulate it. Our Fascist system routinely shuttles bureaucrats and executives back and forth between them, to such an extent that it is realistic to consider them two legs on the same bug. Big Pharma/FDA is presently using government force to outlaw vitamins, via Codex Alimentarius, coming soon to your local “health food” store.

Big Food includes companies like Monsanto Chemical, a monster straight out of science fiction alien horror. With help from the government, Monsanto is literally trying to monopolize agricultural seeds. If it succeeds, it will control food. It is presently conducting a reign of terror against the world’s farmers, many of whom are committing suicide. The Monsanto monster will not stop until it kills us, so the only solution is to destroy it. See F. William Engdahl’s new book, Seeds of Destruction, the Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, published by Global Research.


In a piece by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, in the May, 2008 Vanity Fair, you will learn that Monsanto is pressuring the Federal Trade Commission to force dairymen to stop saying on their labels that their milk does not contain a dangerous Monsanto bovine growth hormone. If successful, Monsanto would succeed in repealing the First Amendment.

Barlett and Steele also say this: “. . . Monsanto relies on a shadowy army of private investigators and agents in the American heartland to strike fear into farm country. They fan out into fields and farm towns, where they secretly videotape and photograph farmers, store owners, and co-ops; infiltrate community meetings; and gather information from informants about farming activities. Farmers say that some Monsanto agents pretend to be surveyors. Others confront farmers on their land and try to pressure them to sign papers giving Monsanto access to their private records. Farmers call them the ‘seed police’ and use words such as ‘Gestapo’ and ‘Mafia’ to describe their tactics.”

Now comes word that rancher Derry Brownfield has been kicked off the network where he has conducted a daily talk show for thirty five years, because Derry dared to expose Monsanto’s satanic machinations. Monsanto used its advertising clout for the purpose. That is why you see nothing about Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Medicine, etc., in the media.

You already know about Big Banking and Big Oil. Today let’s look at Big Science. A book that got by me because it has received even less media coverage than Dr. Ron No Such Candidate Paul, is The China Study, Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health (Dallas, BenBella Books, 2005), by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., who stands at the pinnacle of world scientific research. He is Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell. He has authored more than 300 research papers and has received more than seventy grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding.

Conducted by Dr. Campbell, the twenty-year China Study remains the biggest study ever conducted of what people eat. Dr. Campbell adds to it a mountain of enough other scientific studies by other scientists high enough to daunt Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Everest.

The enormous body of findings proves that a plant-based diet – a vegetarian diet that excludes meat (including fish and eggs) and dairy (including cheese) – not only produces sensible weight loss; it also arrests and even reverses killer diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. (Remember, we are talking about a medical treatment, not about ordinary vegetarianism. I am not arguing for or against it.) Indeed, he says, it is a better cure for those diseases than any of the orthodox, government-endorsed treatments presently available.

That is why I had never heard of his book. My point is not whether you agree or disagree. It isn’t whether or not his ideas work for you; it is that Dr. Campbell’s findings have been suppressed in our Fascist system by a corporate monster that includes Big University, Big Federal Grants and Big Food, because those findings would turn that system upside down. Imagine what would happen to behemoths like McDonald’s and the dairy industry were his findings generally known.

Here are a couple of examples of what happens in our Fascist system when doctors implement the findings in The China Study. John McDougall, M.D., reports that he asked one cardiologist to let him show a McDougall patient the scientific literature on the subject after the cardiologist recommended surgery. The cardiologist refused, saying the information would just “confuse” the patient.

Other physicians would send their own wives and children to see Dr. McDougall, but would never refer a patient to him. It is one thing to be ignorant. This is quite another. I believe such a physician is committing a criminal act. He should be publicly humiliated, stripped of his license to practice and thrown into prison. Because such quacks are literally killing people to maintain their lucrative rackets, I also would not be upset were survivors of the deceased to apply tar and feathers and run them out of town.

Dr. McDougall says these medical monsters were fearful of the blowback when their patients came to see him. “. . . They’d come to me with heart disease or high blood pressure or diabetes. I’d put them on the diet and they’d go back off all their pills and soon their numbers would be normal. They’d go to their doctor and say, ‘Why the hell didn’t you tell me about this before? Why did you let me suffer, spend all this money, almost die, when all I had to do was eat oatmeal?’ The doctors didn’t want to hear this.”

See my book, Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? at, for another manifestation of the fact that these quacks are not at all men of science. A man of science would be on fire to learn what Dr. McDougall does to produce these results. Instead, he says, the quacks hurry the recovered patients out of their offices so they will not have to hear more.

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., is a distinguished surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. Ess, like McDougall, treats with diet, so, however distinguished he is, the men who run the hospital won’t take his calls. They won’t install his program at the Clinic, but they eat meat and dairy and come to him for treatment. Dr. Ess says as follows:

“I have now treated a number of senior staff with coronary disease at the Clinic – senior staff physicians. I have also treated a number of senior staff trustees. One of the trustees knows about the frustrations that we’ve had trying to get this into the Clinic, and he says, ‘I think, if the word gets out that Esselstyn has this treatment that arrests and reverses this disease at the Cleveland Clinic, and it’s been used by senior staff and he’s treated senior trustees, but he’s not permitted to treat the common herd, we could be open for a lawsuit.’”

A lawsuit would be lenient. Get out the horse whips! Again, please understand that I am not suggesting you stop eating dairy and meat. I am not a doctor and don’t know whether you should do that. As always, I am arguing in favor of your right to get the medical treatment you want, be it vegetarianism or something else. The Nazi medical horror you will read about in The China Study is an inevitable product of our Fascist system, including Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Government, including the federal grants that keep researchers in line.

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Someone who opposes Fascism would be working to dismantle this totalitarian system. Notice that the Socialists – including the Socialists who run both major political parties – do not, despite their professed hostility to Fascism, because Fascism is one of several versions of Socialism and they are Socialists. Remember that Hitler called his movement Nazism, “National Socialism.

Death to Monsanto!

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Barlett and Steele also say this: “. . . Monsanto relies on a shadowy army of private investigators and agents in the American heartland to strike fear into farm country....