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The Communist Plan For Women









by Alan Stang
May 15, 2008

Last week we looked at a couple of the horrors of our fascist system. Of course there are many others. Monster corporations control that system, and they have long since proved that they will do anything they can get away with to maximize that control, even including the murders of millions around the world. Is there anything we can do to defeat concentrations of power so vast?

Consider that these fascist corporations have a large, soft, vulnerable Achilles heel. Yes, they are in bed with the government – their top executives go back and forth between both sides of the bed – to such an extent that it no longer is possible to tell who is impregnating whom. But there still is a difference.

When you approach the governmental part of Washington’s version of Mussolini’s “corporate state,” or when it approaches you, you are obviously outgunned. Its minions are well armed. It stinks of overweening, malevolent power, bristling with authority designed to intimidate.

Not so the corporate part of the “corporate state.” However big and powerful it is, it still must maintain the impression, often a fiction, that it is a business, that you have a choice. Often you don’t. You have next to no choice with Big Money (the Fed), Big Dentistry (fluoridation, which is forced medical treatment, a Nazi specialty), Big Fuel, etc. The Achilles heel in all this is that corporate fascist factotums must leave the protection of the barbed wire surrounding their headquarters and meet with the people without armed bodyguards; often they must even pretend to be “salesmen.”

Learn from the experts. What does shakedown artist Jesse Jackson do? What does preposterous clown Al Sharpton do? They organize. They confront the management of these monster companies and make demands. They threaten. They hold a press conference and warn that if they don’t get what they want, there could be a conflagration that could incinerate the nation.

Yes, I am perfectly aware that such thugs succeed in those demands because they are plugged in at the top in the District of Corporatism; they are one leg of the dialectical materialism that is squeezing our people into slavery. You are not, which certainly would make what you want harder to get. But it would not be impossible. And you do not want money. You want something else: freedom.

The outcome depends on whether enough Americans will admit that the real war we are in is a war against the corporate state, against the fascism that has perverted our Free Enterprise constitutional system. Zombie Republicans will not admit that, but it is true. It is a war that will end only when one side is destroyed, when Americans are openly enslaved or the Fascist system is cast off and dismantled.

That is how it must be because winner-take-all is what the corporate state wants. We must recognize that. One is reminded that, at First Manassas, the Americans totally routed the alien Yankees. Had the conflict really been a “Civil” War, in which both sides were contesting for control of the federal government, the Immortal Jackson and the other American commanders would have pursued the fleeing Yankees and seized it, hanged the nation’s first Communist President – an ardent champion of slavery – and restored the Constitution.

Instead, they went home, assuming that they had now proved their point and the enemy would leave them alone. After the alien victory, the Immortal Lee said that had he known at the beginning what they were fighting, had he known what the alien enemy would do, he would have fought on to the last man. He didn’t know soon enough. Today, Americans are fighting the spiritual inheritors of Yankee monsters like Sherman, the Beast of Atlanta, whose invading degenerates raped American women, white and black.

Because of the Achilles heel I have mentioned, these Mussolini corporations are vulnerable. Pick one. Certainly one of my favorites is Monsanto. As I pointed out last week, this is a horror movie corporation that is literally trying to monopolize the world’s food. The recent Vanity Fair exposé made clear that it is conducting a reign of terror in agriculture. In India, thousands of farmers, driven into poverty, have committed suicide.


When the Monsanto “seed police” find their seed growing on a farm that hasn’t bought it, they intimidate the farmer and, if that fails, take him to court, even though the seed may have blown off a passing truck and installed itself; even though the farmer may not want it and may not even know it is there. Like many doctors confronted by Nazi medicine, many such farmers cave, in the belief that if you can’t fight City Hall, you certainly can’t fight Monsanto.

But now here comes a hero, Canadian Percy Schmeiser. Beside him is a heroine, Louise. Remember that a hero is not someone who is paid millions to play a game once a week or to make a movie. A hero is someone who lays it all on the line. W. Barrett Travis, who drew the line in the sand, was a hero. Jackson and Lee were heroes. Ron Paul is a hero. The Schmeisers are heroes.

They have been canola farmers in Saskatchewan for almost 60 years. They have five children and fifteen grandchildren. They have sold farm equipment and Percy has been active in local government. He was a member of the provincial legislature. For many years, he was the Mayor of Bruno. Click here for the full story. Remember that the Scarlet Pimpernel was a Percy.

The trouble started when Monsanto spies trespassed on Percy’s land and found canola sprouting from Monsanto Satan Seeds, which are GM (Genetically Modified) horrors. How they got there, Percy didn’t know. He didn’t want them, didn’t buy them and didn’t know they were there. Maybe a flatulent wind blew them in. They could have blown off a truck.

Whatever, Monsanto launched a campaign of legal intimidation and demanded money from Percy, no doubt expecting him to fold as had so many others. Monsanto didn’t know that Percy Schmeiser is a hero. Percy decided to stand and fight. What is it like to confront a monster corporation that in some ways has more power than a government? Percy tells us:

Percy and Louise “were faced with the fear of being watched constantly, as they had been stalked both at home and farm by private investigators hired by Monsanto. Monsanto representatives had taken every effort to discredit Percy Schmeiser and ruin his reputation through unfounded rumors and gossip in his own community. Monsanto has publicly boasted about their toll-free snitch line and how they would go after farmers . . . .”

So you are talking about a literal reign of terror. There is also the fact that for fifty five years, Percy had used his own canola seed; he developed his own variety, which the Monsanto Satan Seed, released without controls into the environment, has destroyed by polluting the canola genetics. “Percy is now unable to use his seed again, and views that as one of the hardest things to happen and accept as a farmer. His lifetime of work is gone and has been taken away.”

The battle went on in the courts for years. No problem for Monsanto, which is a corporation and therefore immortal, but the Schmeisers blew their retirement, almost half a million dollars on legal fees. They faced the possible loss of their farm. Finally, on March 19, 2008, Monsanto Satan Seeds and the Schmeisers settled out of court.

Percy Schmeiser’s site says this: “Monsanto has agreed to pay all the clean-up costs of the Roundup Ready canola that contaminated Schmeiser's fields. Also part of the agreement was that there was no gag-order on the settlement and that Monsanto could be sued again if further contamination occurred. Schmeiser believes this precedent setting agreement ensures that farmers will be entitled to reimbursement when their fields become contaminated with unwanted Roundup Ready canola or any other unwanted GMO plants.” Roundup is one of Monsanto’s pesticides.

In short, the Schmeisers won. The settlement should have been banner headlines around the world. It wasn’t no doubt because as we saw last week in the firing of talk show host Derry Brownfield, who refused to cave, the media are as intimidated by Monsanto (advertising revenue) as the farmers are by the terror.

Indeed, the Monsanto terror campaign continues around the world. A report from the Center for Food Safety in 2005 says that Monsanto Satan Seeds had filed lawsuits again 147 farmers and 39 farm businesses in half the American states. By 2005, farmers had paid the Monsanto Monster $15 million. The Center says this: “No farmer is safe from the long reach of Monsanto. . . . Farmers have been sued after their field was contaminated by pollen or seed from someone else’s genetically engineered crop . . . . It does not seem to matter if the use was unwitting or a contract was never signed.”

But remember that the heroes in Canada have shown us the way. What must you do? Monsanto has succeeded – so far – because of the terrorists it sends to intimidate the farmers. You must learn from them. You must do the same. You must make them more afraid of you than you are of them. Remember, like Lee and Jackson you have no choice. If you do not win – if you do not exterminate Monsanto Satan Seeds, it will exterminate you; it will control the world’s food.

First, second and third you must organize, organize and organize. Then, when the Monsanto terrorists venture forth from the barbed wire, you must be waiting to paper them, to serve them. You must sue them for contaminating your farms with their Satan Seeds. Do not allow the Monster to continue the outrageous pretense that the Satan Seeds they discover on your farm have any value. They are a toxic pollutant that is poisoning our food. You must demand damages and clean up. Can you do it? You don’t have any choice.

Such constant, wall-to-wall lawsuits should be merely one step. You must demand that your state legislatures punish the Monster for polluting the environment. You must take your campaign to the local media. Don’t bother with national radio hookers like Laura and Limbag. Stay local.

When the terrorists come to town you should be ready for them. For instance, you must follow them everywhere and videotape everything they do. Local businesses should refuse to deal with them. Conduct press conferences at which you nail the Satan Seeds. Students and mothers should be especially receptive to your message. Again, a corporation like the Monster is vulnerable, if only you will realize that. The power of the Satan Seeds comes entirely from bluff. Eventually, you will meet with them, when they are ready to give up.

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By the way, all of this of course only applies to farmers. If you live in the cities, and get your chow at the supermarket, it has nothing to do with you – unless you intend to keep eating. If you don’t, forget the whole thing.

Death to Monsanto!

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Consider that these fascist corporations have a large, soft, vulnerable Achilles heel. Yes, they are in bed with the government – their top executives go back and forth between both sides of the bed – to such an extent that it no longer is possible to tell who is impregnating whom...