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Deanna Spingola
October 14, 2006

The movement currently known as the Religious Right did not suddenly emerge from nowhere. One World Order proponents recognized that to fulfill their nefarious plans they would have to manipulate others to accomplish certain tasks - the destruction of the Republic and the Constitution via faulty interpretations, abuse and imbalance of power, executive orders and other legally prohibited activities. To facilitate the objectives, individuals or organizations that had already secured the confidence of the American people would be used. Overt activities and obvious lies would never suffice. As it was with Judas, someone familiar and trustworthy would seldom create doubt. But half truths about genuine issues, combined with messages of hope and faith, lead the passionate masses to accept and act upon repetitive misinformation. Useful idiots, knowledgeable minions or ego-driven, power-hungry individuals have always proven valuable to the establishment of the one world government.

Ostensibly the Religious Right is a social movement comprised mainly of evangelical Protestants, fundamentalist Christians and other conservatives who embrace the same religious goals and viewpoints regarding United States government policies. Allegedly the movement is not partisan. However, most participants are associated with the Republican Party. A cartoon character on the front cover of Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber's book Banana Republicans says to the other: You're either with the Republican Party - or you're with the terrorists! There's no middle ground! Don't you agree? Despite claims to the contrary, GOP does not stand for God's Own Party![1] This meaningful phrase, used by Jesus, has recently been mangled and politicized to evoke support for long term warfare. "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad."[2]

Theological conservatism does not make an individual a member of the Religious Right. Up until about 1975, Christians, focusing on their own sins, typically avoided the corrupt world of politics but were persuaded that they have a civic, as well as a religious, responsibility to participate. Now there are hundreds of Religious Right groups of various sizes and visibility. Some concentrate on a single issue and derive their finances through fundraising efforts and are incorporated as 501 (c) 3 or 4. A tax exempt status of 501 (c) 3 prohibits political activity and candidate endorsement. To skirt this prohibition, some organizations create legal departments and house a stable of lobbyists to conduct those efforts.

Interestingly, selective prosecution enables the government friendly groups to perform otherwise questionable activities. Conversely, anti-war preachers who vocalize their concerns jeopardize everything. Here are a few "approved" groups:

  • Christian Coalition of America: Founded in 1989 by Pat Robertson. He resigned in 2001. There are 30 chapters throughout the country. Robertson also founded Operation Blessing, a cover for other activities?
  • American Center for Law and Justice: Founded by Pat Robertson in 1990. Jay Sekulow is their Executive Director and Chief Counsel.
  • Citizens for Excellence in Education: Founded by Robert L. Simonds. Against the separation of church and state. They have nationwide chapters.
  • Concerned Women for America: Founded in 1979 by Beverly LaHaye. 500 regional groups across the country. This group is against separation of church and state. LaHaye is a trustee of Falwell's Liberty University. CWA supported the Nicaraguan contras.[3]
  • Coral Ridge Ministries: founded in 1974 by Rev. D. James Kennedy, an ardent opponent of separation of church and state. "CRM has the greatest number of TV station affiliates of any religious program in the U.S. Altogether, nearly 3 million people listen weekly to CRM programming on radio or television."[4]
  • Eagle Forum: Founded in 1972 by Phyllis Schlafly to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment. Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund, the Eagle Forum's foundation. Affiliate Groups: The Eagle Forum Collegians, a network for conservative college students. The Eagle Forum PAC contributes to right-wing political campaigns.
  • Focus on the Family: Founded in 1977 by Dr. James Dobson who is broadcast daily on more than 3,000 radio facilities in North America and other places and reaches over 200 million people every day. Dobson has been very influential in Republican Administrations as a "family" expert. Donald Paul Hodel, FOF's President, is a former Reagan Administration official who served as U.S. Under Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Secretary of Energy, and U.S. Secretary of the Interior. He also served as the president of the Christian Coalition from 1997 to 1999.
  • Family Research Council: This group, located in Washington DC, was founded in 1981 by Dr. James Dobson. It was originally headed by Gary Bauer. It is now headed by Tony Perkins. Their objective is to establish a conservative Christian standard of morality in all of America's domestic and foreign policy.
  • National Legal Foundation: Founded in 1985 by Pat Robertson and funded by Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (no longer affiliated). "The mission of the National Legal Foundation is to prayerfully create and implement innovative strategies that, through decisive action, will cause America's public policy and legal system to support and facilitate God's purpose for her."[5]
  • American Family Association: founded in 1977 by Rev. Donald Wildmon, a United Methodist minister. The original name was the National Federation for Decency. The focus of this group is media criticism. Wildmon called for a shutdown of PBS. They also attempt to restrict businesses that do not discriminate against such things as homosexuality. They perpetuate misinformation regarding the separation of church and state. They have 100 employees and five full-time lawyers. The Center for Law and Policy is an AFA affiliate. They sell a variety of books on their web site.
  • Traditional Values Coalition: The largest church-lobby in the United States Founded in 1980 by Rev. Louis Sheldon. Claims over 43,000 churches nationwide representing 12 denominations.
  • Chalcedon: Founded by the late Rousas John Rushdoony, father-in-law of Gary North and the creator of an 800 page explanation of the Ten Commandments and their cultural application for today. It is the original, defining text of Reconstructionism. Reconstructionists pattern their strict theological ideologies after John Calvin.

Many of the issues these groups have embraced have captured the attention of other religious congregations who share their concerns. However, their commonality is that they are absolutely and mistakenly hostile to separation of church and state. Most of the movement's ambitious, charismatic leaders claim biblical inerrancy and actively call for a fundamentalist return to the Bible and seek to impose their far-right positions on everyone else through the political process. The skillful leaders emotionally marshal the masses through radio and television. They realize that their greatest success is in building bottom up support. Rather than focus on the White House or Congress, they encourage participation in local politics. Any successful movement must begin in the local neighborhoods.

This mobilization did not alter their primary goals - influence court appointments, elections and government policy with regard to a variety of social issues: pro-life, pro-family, home-schooling, prayers in school, anti-gay, etc. Why would anyone question a pro-family stance? Focusing on other people's sins draws attention away from our own. Hatred isn't inherent; it is learned and institutionalized by otherwise good citizens. Abhorrence of sin is often transferred to the sinner generating bigotry and often violence - that same sort of violence that enables otherwise good people to kill men, women and children conveniently labeled as terrorists. War results in big profits, dead bodies and traumatized military personnel.

Prohibition did not diminish drunkenness any more than a marriage amendment will curb homosexuality. The merging of religion and politics, a lethal mixture, may produce a Taliban-like tyranny. Some religicrats are attempting to create a sinless society by imposing restrictive regulations. There is a certain attraction, for many, in contributing to a cause. This appeal, accompanied by money, rarely changes individuals. Man rarely changes from the outside in but from the inside out. Dutiful contributors might feel heart swells while increasingly wealthy recipients shield their elite positions in tax exempt foundations. The best way for responsible individuals to make a difference in society is best accomplished by living honest, respectful lives and teaching their children respect and integrity, rare characteristics.

The implementation of legalized abortion set up the perfect environment for thousands of outraged Christians to be manipulated into thinking they could fight this moral monstrosity which a stacked Supreme Court passed. The Constitution guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore the government has an obligation to protect the most vulnerable of all its citizens - the children. They deliberately failed - setting up a hostile circumstance for the morally manipulated.

The thoughts of our own sweet children produce outrage towards abortion. This justifiable compassion brings moral people, easy targets, into a movement they may otherwise not comfortably join. Christians should easily understand that aborted, martyred children return, in glory, to God. The blood of the innocent shall stand as a witness against the perpetrators. Bystanders, though powerful, often cannot intercede.[6] These precious children are often discarded in the same violent manner that Christ was. However, God, not individuals, will judge all circumstances. Abortion will always exist despite big contributions and efforts to anti-abortion groups. One on one, we might inspire better choices. Mass opposition, often accompanied by violence, does not typically succeed. We must ask - what is the ultimate goal of this or any other social movement?

"The single greatest threat to church-state separation in America is the movement known as the Religious Right. Organizations and leaders representing this religio-political crusade seek to impose a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint on all Americans through government action."[7]

"Religious liberty and separation of church and state are the cornerstones of the American way of life. The Framers of the Constitution designed the First Amendment's religion clauses to embrace two key concepts: the government will not endorse or oppose any particular religious viewpoint (or religion generally), and will not interfere with the right of citizens to practice their faith. As Thomas Jefferson put it, the American people created a 'wall of separation between church and state.'"[8] The word "separation" is not mentioned in the Constitution but is well defined in the First Amendment.

Cultural conservatism has been the goal of the Neo-Right since the Reagan years. Americans witnessed the birth of a bevy of highly visible Religious Right preachers with a similar agenda. By 1990 the Free Congress Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in July 1974 by Paul Weyrich and Joseph Coors, had both sufficient members and money to target and defeat opponents at will. Chairman Paul Weyrich's agenda as stated in Dallas in August 1980: "We are talking about Christianizing America. We are talking about simply spreading the gospel in a political context." This sounds like a lofty, benign goal unless you evaluate exactly which brand of Christianity, among the many denominations, he is promoting. And what if you are not Christian?

When a government accepts and promotes one religion over another and adjusts laws to accommodate that religion, they are interfering with the most basic human right: to worship or not worship God according to one's own conscience. The Savior did not work through the government to compel individual righteousness. His disciples did not engage lobbyists to travel to Rome to financially reward acquiescent government officials in order to force people to stop committing sin. His disciples did not procure armor and horses and preemptively attack the "evil axis" of their day. They did not encourage their version of our CIA to assassinate non compliant foreign leaders.

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His message was a message of peace even to the point of turning the other cheek. Have you personally ever done that? It works - loving your enemy changes his or her heart. Praying for our enemy changes our heart. Religion is feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and visiting the sick. Charitable contributions should benefit individuals who have authentic needs. We shall always have the poor among us. It is up to religious leaders to inspire individuals to keep the commandments according to denominational ideals and principles; if Christian, then follow Him. Rather than focus on the many evils of society, we must each focus on our own sins. We all have them - it is just a matter of degree. I believe in a just God who takes our individual circumstances into account. The proper path to redemption does not require a political trip to Rome or Capital Hill. One begins the genuine journey with a broken heart, humble self-evaluation, repentance, personal obedience, and love of all others. This ultimately brings us peace and leads us to God.

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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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To facilitate the objectives, individuals or organizations that had already secured the confidence of the American people would be used. Overt activities and obvious lies would never suffice. As it was with Judas, someone familiar and trustworthy would seldom create doubt.