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Deanna Spingola
August 31, 2006

In 1996 �Lesley Stahl asked the previous U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright about the half million Iraqi children that died. � �That is more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?� Not so bright Albright answered: �I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.[1] �THE PRICE IS WORTH IT?� Killing other people�s children would certainly provoke anger. Apparently Albright and Powell, who was not concerned with civilian numbers, have much in common.�[2] In 1998, double-speak expert Albright said: �I am willing to make a bet to anyone here that we care more about the Iraqi people than Saddam Hussein does.�[3]

Lacking humility, will we ever apologize to the parents of those 500,000 children who starved as a result of our sanctions? Quite the contrary, we justify ourselves and claim that it was worth it: In addition, will we ever apologize for the birth defects, accelerating cancers, or other toxic diseases caused by our depleted uranium weapons of mass inhumanity?

We have not only lost our humanity, we have lost our humility, an accurate perception of our relationship to God and the other people who inhabit an increasingly contaminated earth. �Since the advent of the Nuclear Age, everything has changed but the way people think, thus, we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe.� Albert Einstein

Though understandable if it were the Iraqis, they did not perpetrate the �shock and awe� of 9/11. Purportedly fifteen of the highjackers were from the One World Order compliant, Bush family friendly Saudi Arabia which consequentially makes them our allies. Perhaps that is also the reason we could make fifteen of their citizens� our patsies?

Shifting the blame for misery is affective. Wretchedness is the goal of economic destabilization. We blamed the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and Castro for the economic woes in Cuba. George H. W. Bush easily blamed the serious post war health problems on Saddam Hussein. However, we purposely destroyed their entire infrastructure, their electrical capacity and their water supply which is egregious and completely against the Geneva Convention. This is evidenced in a document dated 15 November 1991.�[4] The �art imitating life film� The Manchurian Candidate may enlighten us to the farce trials of Moussaoui and Saddam Hussein.

Hussein killed Iraqi citizens. This also occurred during the time that he was our CIA collaborator when our government installed him and then assisted him in murdering thousands of the opposition; we even supplied the munitions for his war with Iran. It is easy to gain acceptance for deposing a tyrant by opportunistically publicizing their heinous atrocities against others when it conveniently supports our own atrocious actions.

One puppet pundit, subtly attempting to associate Iraq with the events of 9/11, recently read the following on her talk radio show regarding the skeletal remains found on the edge of the Ash Sham desert: �The man was thrown backward by automatic weapons fire, his eyes blindfolded and his arms tied behind his back, his skull jerked upward at the neck, his fleshless mouth gaping, his two rows of teeth stretched apart, as though in a primal scream.�[5] And then she craftily compared this man�s evident horror to the terror of those who jumped from the buildings on 9/11. Other hate-spewing pundits are merciless in their evaluations of anyone, such as the 9/11 widows, who dares verbalize opposing opinions.

Do not be deceived; had Hussein been compliant, he would have remained in power. Tyrants are absolutely tolerated if they are our tyrants and serve the elite international banking interests. The war that cost billions, wreaked havoc on our economy, decimated Iraq, destroyed the health of the Iraqis and our military and took the lives of tens of thousands was really about the unconsummated oil proposal between Rockefeller and Hussein.[6]

But for propaganda purposes, the vanquished, toppled tyrants, actors, patsies or whomever, face a tribunal or jury! And if a tribunal doesn�t work, air strikes effectively silence the alleged accused, as well as make a point and distract the masses.[7] �Abu Musab Saddam Osama al-Zarqawi, the extremely elusive if not entirely mythical terrorist mastermind responsible for every single insurgent action in Iraq except for the ones caused by the red-tailed devils in Iran or the stripy-tailed devils in Syria, has reportedly been killed in an air strike in Hibhib, an area north of Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki announced Thursday.�[8]

Just exactly why are we hated � it shouldn�t take a genius to figure that out? The American government, without distinction to either political party, has a lot to apologize for. We have become a giant propagandized war machine, complete with all the unconstitutional, brutal, covert CIA style entities, abuse-of-power presidential directives and the elimination of the majority of all constitutional congressional responsibilities. Political power, pensions, perks and other unprincipled payola are obviously exceptional. America is the biggest bully in the world�s playground and big bullies rarely exhibit regret or contrition.

We demand that other countries open their facilities for weapons inspections. These countries would never rationally assault us � it would be suicidal. The country which consistently uses weapons of mass inhumanity on civilian populations is the United States. The United States has signed international treaties, trashed in 2001, to halt the testing, manufacture and development of chemical and biological weapons. Thus we are required to allow United Nations inspectors to verify our compliance to the treaties. �In defiance of the treaties' provisions, the United States Senate passed a bill in 1997 allowing the president to deny international inspections of U.S. weapons facilities �on the grounds of national security.��[9]

A government that does not value the life of its own citizens yet claims to demonstrate their compassion and concern by the �humanitarian bombing� of a populace in a foreign nation thousands of miles away is practicing extreme hypocrisy and devilish deceit. Unsurprisingly, governments consistently lie, including our own. This is particularly true as we experience the obvious farce of spreading democracy while consequentially killing thousands of Iraqi citizens. There have been close to a million citizens killed during the entire length of the Iraqi War. �There is only one way to deal with people like this, and that is you have to kill some of them, even if they are not directly involved in this thing.� --Larry Eagleburger, appearing on CNN, Sept. 12, 2001

�Since World War II, American military actions, in one form or another, have caused more death and destruction around the world than have the actions of any other country.� I understand that the government doesn�t tabulate civilian deaths but the survivors do. Josef Stalin once remarked: �One death is a tragedy, but a million deaths are merely a statistic.�

Orchestrated opposition enables a predetermined result. It is thesis versus antithesis which results in synthesis, used repeatedly. The Establishment�s goal (synthesis) is the One World Order. Opposition in all things is also a gospel principle and is frequently cited as the purpose of our existence � to experience tribulation in order to obtain strength through our diligence and faith. Lucifer is apparently also familiar with the function of opposition but applies it deceptively. Absent controlled conflict, this achievement could not be met. The unplanned actions of individuals within any society would not lead to this synthetic synthesis � it has to be created and highly calculated. Enter the International Banking cabal (including American firms), always receptive to mega profits at anyone�s expense. They have made billions in blood money by backing the Nazis, the Soviet Union, North Korea, North Vietnam, and the list goes � all against the United States.[10]

It is military musical chairs as the circumstances and the alleged villains have changed and the orchestrated opposition continues under a variety of justifications. The goal remains static: One World Order!!!! Making the world �safe for democracy� is as old as Woodrow Wilson�s promise when he led the United States into the First World War after attacks on American ships. �The State Department reported that the number of �significant� terrorist attacks reached a record 655 in 2004, up from 175 in 2003.� Terrorism begets more terrorism! How long are the wealthy and their minions going to use that double-speak justification for bloodshed and mass murder? Democracy is rule by whoever has the weapons, the opportunity, and the motives to bomb others into compliance and submission.

Nuclear bombs, formerly known as atomic bombs, made a huge statement to the rest of the world. Towards the official end of World War II and months after the Japanese offered to surrender, we used atomic bombs on the civilian population of two cities with a Christian majority. A small military flight crew with a bomb is a highly efficient killing machine � more so than ground troops. The official rationale for bombing instead of ground troops was to save Americans lives. Apparently Japanese lives have less value than American lives � what is the ratio, I wonder?

Collective guilt is much smoother to digest if one even acknowledges or shares the responsibility of the actions of their rogue government despite the fact that we finance those actions. Group-think is much safer and engenders less culpability than independent thinking. Thinking �outside of the box� takes one out of his/her comfort zone and might additionally bring criticism or loss of status.

History is replete with tales of the conquering hoards who explore, discover, confiscate and kill the citizens or merely leave them to die in desperate poverty. The principles of exploitation are eternal. �Imperialism is an institution under which one nation asserts the right to seize the land or at least to control the government or resources of another people.� John T. Flynn[11]

There is a major difference between what happens to insiders and anyone else: sports figures, some movie stars and politicians often remain unscathed by their behavior. A commoner like John Walker Lindh was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is serving time. Liar Martha Stewart served time. Her biggest mistake is being an unconnected successful business woman. Liar Sandy Berger, Clinton�s national security adviser (the very height of irony), claimed to make an �honest mistake,� stole and then destroyed government property (evidence), paid a fine but served no jail time.[12] Their lies were significantly different. But then, politicians lie incessantly and only appear to suffer legal consequences when it serves the Establishment�s purpose and/or to distract attention from foreign bombings by the United States.

Give up reality television and recognize that concentration camps, a censored press, a dictatorial secretive government, preemptive war against non-threatening countries are all genuine reality. As a youth I was outraged by what the Nazis did to the Jews and others. Why would the general population allow the inhumane torture, death and destruction directed at the citizens of their own country? Why did they invade Poland? My youthful anger at the Germans for not standing up against governmental tyranny and brutality was passionate, despite their claims of ignorance. How could they not know? Why do Americans tolerate the same behavior from their government?

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George W. Bush remarked: �When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and you knew exactly who they were. It was us vs. them, and it was clear who them was. Today, we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they're there.� Well phrased, Mr. President! But, I think some of us might have it figured out.

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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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A government that does not value the life of its own citizens yet claims to demonstrate their compassion and concern by the �humanitarian bombing� of a populace in a foreign nation thousands of miles away is practicing extreme hypocrisy and devilish deceit.