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Deanna Spingola
October 30, 2010

By 1953, the CIA had 7,200 people working on covert actions, activities that took 74% of the CIA’s yearly budget.[1] The CIA always recruited their leaders from the elite class – businessmen, credible journalists, Ivy League scholars and Wall Street lawyers and bankers. Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare, and William F. Buckley, Jr. were connected to the CIA.

George Washington, in his farewell address, advised Americans to avoid an “unnatural connection with any foreign power” and “to have with them as little political connection as possible.”[2] Apparently, future leaders ignored that advice. By June 1953, the U.S. government had given Israel $293,000,000 with an additional of $200,000,000 as Export-Import bank loans. The New York Herald-Tribune of March 12, 1953 reported that, in the first five years of Israel’s existence, including gifts, the total amounted to $1,000,000,000. This was in addition to the money they extracted from Germany.[3]

Beginning in 1953, Irving Kristol (CFR), “the godfather of neo-Conservatism,” and a former Trotskyite (opposed Stalin’s focus on Russia in preference of a worldwide system), co-edited the magazine Encounter, published in London and financed by the CIA. It was the voice of the CIA-funded Congress for Cultural Freedom and regularly promoted Fabian Socialism and the Labour Party. Kristol was also the editor of Commentary (1947-1952) and the editor of The Reporter (1959-1960). Kristol moved his family back to the U.S. by 1960. Daniel Bell (CFR) and Kristol founded The Public Interest (1965-2002), a publication of Freedom House, under the direction of George Field, its executive director. Field was also chairman of the RAND School for Social Science which was owned by the American Socialist Society and financed by the Garland Fund. Both Bell and Kristol were subsidized by the CIA, through the Congress for Cultural Freedom, the same organization that funded some of Gloria Steinem’s social engineering activities. Bell worked for Henry Luce (S&B, CFR) and advocated the dissolution of all borders and local governments.

Irving Kristol founded and published The National Interest (1985-2002). He was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the American Enterprise Institute and a John M. Olin Distinguished Fellow (1988-1999). He contributed a monthly column to the Wall Street Journal (1972-1997). He served on the Council of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1972- 1977). From the 1950s forward, chaos, in various strategic places, has reigned, perpetrated primarily by the CIA in conjunction with foreign intelligence agencies.

In 1954, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles ordered the CIA’s Saigon Military Mission (SMM) to engage in guerrilla warfare operations in Vietnam. Dulles told these “agent provocateurs” to “raise hell.”[4] The turmoil was then blamed on the local citizens, who were now referred to as the insurgency. CIA Director Allen Dulles assigned Edward Lansdale and his CIA cohort Lucien Conein, to engage in unconventional warfare in Vietnam where they created the Vietnam Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG).[5] In June 1954, the SMM established a campaign of undercover military and psychological warfare. They had unlimited U.S. taxpayer dollars and engaged in political, psychological and terrorist activities against the native population in the northern regions, especially in Hanoi and in the surrounding Tonkin area. They polluted petroleum supplies, sabotaged the railroad, tried to destroy the largest printing business in the North, bombed the post offices, and distributed millions of propaganda leaflets to incite fear and vast amounts of counterfeit money which created calculated inflation.[6]

When the Tonkinese villagers, mostly Catholic, were sufficiently frightened and intimidated, the CIA offered to transport them from the north to the south. The CIA manipulated the Catholic hierarchy who then urged thousands of Catholics to evacuate.[7] Those resistant to relocation were told that the U.S. was going to use the atomic bomb on them if a civil war erupted between the north and the south.[8] Weapons and agents were left in the north with an abundance of CIA-supplied counterfeit currency to continue the economic destabilization.[9]

Tens of thousands of the terrorized citizens fled on foot. The CIA transported the remainder via their Civil Air Transport Airlines (CAT) and U.S. Navy ships at a cost of about $100 million. The Catholics were moved into a predominately Buddhist population which intentionally created religious, civil, and economic strife.[10] The CIA and the Mossad are expert in population relocation in order to provoke civil and religious strife. The deliberate decimation of Mexico’s peso in the mid-1990s (and Bush’s de facto North American Union) created an influx of desperate Mexicans into the U.S, in conjunction with the drug cartel’s operations. Zionists expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland in 1948; forced another 350,000 to flee Gaza in 1967 and forced another 147,000 Syrians from the Golan Heights in order to repopulate the areas, without compensation. Of course, the media suppresses these terrorist activities. Also, U.S. warfare in the Middle East caused thousands of dispossessed Muslims to flee elsewhere. This ongoing clash of cultures, the foreign incursion into America’s diminishing economy and deindustrialization (by corporate outsourcing for cheaper labor) creates tension. The media incites religious and economic outrage while concealing the cause and effect activities of the real culprits who prey on all of us.

In 1954, Israeli agents working undercover planted bombs in several Egyptian buildings, including a U.S. facility. The Israelis were trying to flip U.S. support of Egypt to Israel. So they planted evidence implicating the Arabs. However, one of the bombs detonated prematurely. The Egyptians captured one of the culprits who revealed the identities of the other members of the Israeli espionage group, some of whom were from Israel and others were local Jews. Often Israelis move to other countries, hold dual citizenship, and engage in dubious activities while working in government positions and other influential positions, in opposition to the best interests of the host country. The Israeli media immediately denied all culpability and claimed that it was a scam perpetrated by “anti-Semites,” a convenient oft-used ruse to silence justifiable criticism. However, in a subsequent trial, individuals produced clear-cut evidence that proved Israeli involvement in the bombing. Top Israelis blamed Israel’s Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon; he resigned. The operation is known as the Lavon Affair or Operation Susannah. Regarding anti-Semitism, Norman G. Finkelstein wrote, “The new anti-Semitism actually incorporates three main components: (1) exaggeration and fabrication, (2) mislabeling legitimate criticism of Israeli policy, and (3) the unjustified yet predictable spillover from criticism of Israel to Jews generally.”[11]

On December 11, 1955, the Syrians captured five Israeli soldiers who were in the process of installing a wiretapping apparatus on the Syrian telephone network. The Israeli’s version of the event was that the five men had been abducted in Israel and taken to Syria and tortured. Public opinion was skewed in Israel and in the West in favor of Israel. By then, Israel had diverted the flow of the Jordan River at the expense of the area’s other inhabitants. On October 1, 1955, the U.S. government, through the CIA, gave Israel the “green light” to attack Egypt.[12]


I was in Israel in 1999 when our group received special permission to visit a specific site on the Jordan River which was little more than a tiny stream of putrid water. It was, at that time, guarded by several gun-toting Israeli soldiers. Our tour group was repeatedly warned not to discuss Christianity with any Israeli citizen as they have disdain for Christians. According to the Talmud (Traditions of the Elders), Jesus led Israel astray; his mother Mary was an adulterer and a whore and Jesus is in hell, in boiling excrement. The Talmud states that Christians will also be in hell for eternity in “boiling excrement” if they oppose “Judaism.” Jewish sages encourage their followers to daily recite the following “Blessed be thou who hast not made me a goy.”[13] Goy is a negative term for gentile; some say it means cattle.

In October 1960, just prior to the presidential election, John F. Kennedy visited with his good friend, Charles Bartlett, a journalist. The previous evening, Kennedy had been the dinner guest of an elite group of wealthy, influential Jews at the New York home of Abraham Feinberg, chairman of the American Bank and Trust Company. Their spokesman told Kennedy that they recognized that his campaign was in financial difficulty. The group then offered significant financial help if Kennedy as president “would allow them to set the course of Middle East policy over the next four years.”[14]

Bartlett recalled, “He said if he ever did get to be president, he would push for a law that would subsidize presidential campaigns out of the U.S. Treasury. He added that whatever the cost of this subsidy, it would insulate future presidential candidates from this kind of pressure and save the country a lot of grief in the long run.” Congressman Paul Findley (1961-1982) inquired further and discovered that Adlai E. Stevenson had a similar experience in 1956.[15]

<p>Findley wrote, “Ethnic group pressure is an ever-present part of U.S. partisan politics, and because the president of the United States is the executor of all foreign policy, and the formulator of most of it, pressures naturally center on the people who hold or seek the presidency. When the pressure is from friends of Israel, presidents—and presidential candidates—often yield.”[16] This has been the case since Truman’s presidency (1945–1953). Condoleezza Rice once said, “We have an Israel-centric foreign policy.” Regarding Iraq, Findley said, “Our forces invaded because Israel wanted us to topple Saddam. Two religious communities – one consisting of a combination of secular and ultra-Orthodox Jews and the other of misguided Christian fundamentalists – control U.S. Middle East policies.”[17]

By 1977, Washington Post journalist Carl Bernstein said that over 400 journalists, distinguished reporters and foreign correspondents were CIA employees. A high-level source told Bernstein, “One journalist is worth twenty agents.” Pulitzer Prize winner Arthur Schlesinger, a former OSS agent transferred to the CIA.[18] The CIA, before 1990, paid college professors to write at least 1,200 propagandistic, anti-Communist books about places like the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China, Cuba and the Congo.[19] Columbia University, along with other schools, is a CIA recruiting ground. The Communists recruited Whittaker Chambers when he was there.

Prior to 1967, Islamic fundamentalism was a relatively small movement. Osama bin Laden, supported by the CIA, headed the al Qaeda network. Al Qaeda, referred to as the database, was part of a CIA operation after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on December 24, 1979, part of Columbia professor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s plan to destabilize the Soviet Union. Brzezinski (CFR), the founding Director of the Trilateral Commission and a Rockefeller minion with CIA ties as early as 1959, was President Carter’s National Security Advisor (1977-1981). By 1984, the CIA supplied textbooks for Afghan students through USAID, a CIA front group. The textbooks were written under the direction of Dr. Thomas Gouttierre, head of Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska where the books were published. Dr. Gouttierre is friends with Zalmay Khalilzad (CFR), U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq (2003). Khalilzad, an Afghan-born Muslim was a former adviser to Unocal and was an Assistant Political Science Professor at Columbia University (1979-1986) where he worked closely with Brzezinski.

The textbooks were designed to create a militaristic populace in order to provoke resistance to the Soviets and future enemies. The book’s illustrations included tanks, land mines and missiles and promoted hatred.[20] The U.S. supplied these incendiary textbooks (1984-1994) under Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush (S&B). Bush was Vice President under Reagan (1981-1989). All CIA records regarding Bush and his company, Zapata covering 1960 to 1966 were destroyed when he became vice president in 1981. Bush was CIA director (1976-1977).

In 1982, President Reagan created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in order to acceptably manage CIA activities. Freedom House, the group created in 1941, became a part of this network. NED helped to finance Freedom House. Paul Wolfowitz, in the early 1980s, along with his neoconservative allies, collaborated with numerous Trotskyites. With the hidden funding and under the cover of conservative think tanks, the U.S. government can influence the public and conceal its interventions in foreign politics.

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At least six million people had perished by 1987 as a result of the CIA’s covert operations. Not only is the CIA not an intelligence agency, it distorts information and perpetuates misinformation and disinformation to justify its own goals. This wide-range deception has resulted in organized terrorism throughout the world. Using the CIA, our government routinely dismisses or ignores national and international laws under the guise of “national security.”[21]

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Deanna Spingola has authored two books on quilt design, an activity that required methodical analysis and mathematical exactness. She has also engaged in extensive family history research through which she acquired an understanding of public and private records and an appreciation for accurate documentation and history. An understanding of our past is essential to our comprehension of contemporary events. She Investigates government and corporate corruption as it relates to the faltering liberties of American citizens and the war-targeted population of other countries. She is not afraid to address controversial issues. She is the author of When the Power Elite Rules, a Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation a three-book series. She also has a new radio show on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

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In 1954, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles ordered the CIA’s Saigon Military Mission (SMM) to engage in guerrilla warfare operations in Vietnam. Dulles told these “agent provocateurs” to “raise hell.” The turmoil was then blamed on the local citizens, who were now referred to as the insurgency.



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