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Deanna Spingola
May 15, 2010

The USS Maddox was allegedly assaulted by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin on August 2, 1964, followed by an incident on August 4, 1964. There were no U.S. casualties in either incident. However, President Johnson obtained the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which was co-authored by brothers McGeorge and William P. Bundy (both members of Skull & Bones). William P. Bundy was the chief architect of the Vietnam War.[33] At the request of CFR Chairman, David Rockefeller, William Bundy served as editor or the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs from 1972 to 1984.[34] Those who arrange all wars propelled the U.S. and her citizens into an expensive, bloody, devastating, lengthy war against a country that hadn’t actually attacked us, a fact that was revealed by declassified documents in 2005. Author James Bamford states that Lemnitzer advocated nuclear war in Vietnam. In terms of lives, the war cost the lives of almost 60,000 U.S. citizens and four million Vietnamese and Cambodian (secret bombing) residents.

The U.S. has found it more expedient and less expensive to train and arm “local cannon fodder” or “indigenous ethnic or religious groups” to slaughter each other. The U.S. did this in Vietnam. Green Berets trained the Montagnards, the people in the southern highlands. The CIA’s Air America flew arms and other supplies into the remote Hmong villages and flew opium out – “to supply American troops fighting in Vietnam” and the vast international market. [35]

False flags, including the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty with blame to be placed on Egypt, the first attack at the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, 9/11 followed by two U.S. invasions – Afghanistan and Iraq, the anthrax scare (origin – Fort Detrick), the numerous threats and allegedly failed terrorist attacks – the Christmas bomber, the Times Square bomb incident perpetrated by accused bomber Faisal Shahzad, an alleged member of a British MI6 and the CIA-controlled terrorist organization who,[36] apparently after extensive training from the Pakistani Taliban, created a dud bomb incapable of exploding. Consequently, Senators Joe Lieberman and Scott Brown, along with Representatives Jason Altmire and Charlie Dent want to pass legislation that would eliminate, without due process, the citizenship of anyone even suspected of affiliating with a “foreign terrorist organization” with the exception of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).[37] The Jewish Defense League (JDL), according to the FBI in 2001, is “a right-wing terrorist group.” Also, according to the FBI, the JDL has plotted numerous terrorist attacks within the U.S. The organization, founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane, is no longer categorized as a terrorist organization. So, apparently, U.S. citizens, some with duel citizenship, involved with either the IDF or the JDL will not have to forfeit their U.S. citizenship.

Another person who purportedly went off the deep end and perpetrated a massacre at Fort Hood, Texas on November 6, 2009 similar to Columbine (April 20, 1999). Other questionable catastrophes, not currently categorized as false flag events, still provide the exploitive circumstances for the imposition of tyrannical legislation and regulations. For as Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”


These catastrophes include the US Airways Flight 1549 being ditched in the Hudson River adjacent Manhattan, New York City, on January 15, 2009. Polish President Lech Kaczynski, along with numerous other opposition party officials, died in a mysterious plane crash in Smolensk, Russia on April 10, 2010. This “accident” probably had more to do with Kaczynski’s opposition to a $100 billion dollar contract with Russia’s Gazprom Gas deal than with problematic weather. It would have made Poland 100% dependent on Russian gas for the next 28 years.[38] See the remarkable digital enhancement of the amateur plane crash site footage.

There was the 9.0 earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean region on December 26, 2004 with the resultant tsunami which killed approximately a quarter of a million people. Americans and their European allies were immediately aware of this earthquake due to location of various seismic stations and satellites. The officials, including those at one of those bases, Diego Garcia failed to notify the predominantly Muslim countries in the path of tsunami.[39] Diego Garcia, the U.S. military base in the Indian Ocean, from which the U.S. stages bombing assaults in the Middle East, which was directly in the path of the tsunami experienced no apparent damage.[40] Then there was the cataclysmic earthquake on just half of an island – oil-rich Haiti, followed by militarized aid. In other words, selective assistance to the survivors based on their obedience.

Rhetoric about the Times Square bomber has preempted the more devastating news about Deepwater Horizon, owned by Transocean Limited, the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, and leased to BP, which caught fire on April 20, and exploded killing 11 people. It was insured for $560 million.[41] This crisis resulted in the worst oil spill in history – 5,000 barrels of oil spilling into the sea each day.[42] The Rothschilds own a controlling share of the BP stock. BP, despite an egregious safety record, got an exemption and a cap on damages from the National Environmental Policy Act rules on April 6, 2009 and then lobbied to expand those exemptions just eleven days before the explosion.[43] BP, according to a law passed after the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill limits cleanup costs liability to no more than $75 million although legislation is being introduced to increase liability to $10 billion, retroactively.[44] BP is also responsible for the biggest oil spill ever to occur on Alaska’s North Slope.[45] The Rothschilds, by lending money for Halliburton’s clean-up operations will make profits. The failed cement casing had been installed by Halliburton and this is the second time within a year that a Halliburton casing has catastrophically failed on an oilrig.

As if Katrina, which hit the Gulf Coast the end of August 2005, didn’t do enough economic damage and forced relocation of residents in the gulf coast states, this oil spill only furthers the devastation. Louisiana’s fishing industry, according to Business Week, has a retail value of $1.8 billion while others claim it is even higher. Louisiana supplies a third of the nation’s oysters and a quarter of all its seafood. The industry employs some 90,000 people in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the “accident” coincides with the opening of the shrimp season, May 16. Mississippi and Alabama are also very dependent on the fishing industry. [46]

On April 30, 2010, the press reported that President Obama has reversed his decision to lift the moratorium on certain offshore drilling. No new oil drilling will be authorized until authorities discover the causes of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig. Deepwater received a safety award in 2009. Lindsey Williams claims that the Gulf incident was sabotage and states that the technology was too advanced for such explosions to occur.

Former Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, a globalist pawn for the Nature Conservancy, thought nothing of seizing land from Colorado ranchers in the purported interest of conservation; he was confirmed as Interior Secretary on January 20, 2009. Since April 2009, hundreds of farmers in the San Joaquin valley in Central California have been targeted by U.S. government domestic terrorists who turned off the water in the formerly fertile Fresno area which is about to be turned into a desert. This created forty percent unemployment in the valley. Farmers in the San Joaquin valley grow about 25 % of the Nation's food supply. These decisions caused hundreds of millions of dollars in crop losses.

On May 2, 2010, U.S. Interior Secretary Salazar said, “Our job basically is to keep the boot on the neck of BP.” Interestingly, the Bureau of Land Management, under the direction of the Department of the Interior, conducted a surprise inspection on the oilrig two hours before it exploded.

In 1969, Dr. Richard Day, an admitted “insider” delivered an invitation-only lecture about the “new world system” in which he defined the changes, according to an actual timetable, that would be accomplished by the year 2000 which included the following:

• Travel restrictions will occur. It will be considered a privilege! People will need permission and a good reason to travel. An under-the-skin implantation device will be developed, coded specifically to identify each individual to accommodate government surveillance through radio signals.

• More airplane and auto accidents will occur contributing to a general feeling of insecurity. This will also initiate more government regulations.

• Manufacturing will be curtailed in order to give other countries a chance to build their industries in order to compete against the United States. Our heavy industries will be deliberately cut back while the same industries are developed in other countries, notably Japan.

• Food supplies will be centralized and come under tight control. If population growth doesn’t slow down, food shortages can be orchestrated to scare or starve people into accepting the theory of overpopulation. Personal gardens and perhaps small farms will be eliminated.

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• Dr. Day said, “We can or soon will be able to control the weather…“I'm not merely referring to dropping iodide crystals into the clouds to precipitate rain that’s already there, but REAL control." And weather will be used as a weapon of war, a weapon for influencing public policy or perhaps habitation patterns.

• Terrorism, once thought unnecessary in the United States, will be used by necessity if the United States does not move rapidly enough into accepting the new system.[47]

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Thursday, May 6, 2010
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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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In 1969, Dr. Richard Day, an admitted “insider” delivered an invitation-only lecture about the “new world system” in which he defined the changes, according to an actual timetable, that would be accomplished by the year 2000 which included the following...



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